Rogers Officially Releases Their New Simplified Pricing Plans


Rogers has officially announced their new ‘Simplified Pricing’ plans on the Rogers Redboard. These plans were leaked early on the web and detailed yesterday:

That’s why today, we are introducing new plans that better reflect how our customers are using their devices in 2012 and into the future. We’ve redesigned and simplified our price plans with you in mind and are introducing Unlimited Talk and Text with new options for Wireless Internet. Most customers can now get more wireless internet and unlimited calling for only a couple dollars more than they are paying today.  These plans are available to new customers starting November 7th, but existing customers can update their plan to one of these great new options at any time at no cost to migrate.

Check out the graphic below detailing the new plans:

rogers simplified pricing

How to know which plan is for you? Well, just read how Rogers describes each plan. If it fits your description, then get that plan right?

  • If you’re just getting into Wireless Internet and may surf a few web pages from time to time , you’re probably an OCCASIONAL customer
  • If you’re doing a bit more online: accessing wireless Internet for browsing, Facebook updates, email and some photo uploads, you’re likely a SOCIAL customer
  • If you’re an app lover, spending time online to stream music, download and upload video and play online games or use your smartphone for work, you’re most likely a STREAMER customer.
  • And, if you’re online most of the day, share Internet access between your tablet and your smartphone; download and upload photos, videos, music; send large attachments in emails and/or spend time accessing online or cloud storage, you’re definitely a CONNECTED customer.

Do note caller ID and voicemail are not included with these new plans but are available through Value Packs. Which plan are you getting?



  • Dan

    If it doesn’t include call display it isn’t “simplified” It’s like charging people extra to see the “from” field in their email.

  • trancen

    Hummm??? $95 Unlimited but they have to put in, unlimited evenings and weekends? Which is it, is 9-5 not unlimited?

  • haha these plans are horrible. Once again “Robers” is not listening to is customers. I switched to Wind and I miss my iPhone so much, but I’m so happy to be paying a reasonable amount.

  • londonfish

    who really needs unlimited text ?iMessage is free, Whatsapp and other apps are text international ! And more ppl are texting than talking, 1000mins is silly, still giving me one thing I don’t need, meanwhile still charging caller and vm and only 200MB….

  • Jay

    Ripoff if I’ve ever seen one!

  • Sam

    These plans are BRUTAL for anyone that actually uses the MY10 Canada wide.

  • Many thanks to Rogers for simplifying their method of gouging customers!

  • Justen

    “Value” plans? Ugh. Completely inaccurate use of the word. With Virgin, I’m paying’ $58/month for 100 Canada-wide minutes, unlimited texts, and 2GB of data. Compared to what I was paying in the UK, I’m still being disgustingly overcharged
    This is how Canadians use their phones now: high data, low voice. How many really need unlimited voice as a priority now? Reasonably-priced data is what I want and what no one in Canada (with iPhone-capable networks) will provide.

  • Nick C

    It’s like going to the movies an paying for concessions. I don’t see you complaining about that. You all wanted ‘Unlimited’, well now pay for it. And enough with the comparison of pricing with other continents. The same comparison can be done with other goods as well.

  • JPro

    Can we compare with Telus then? They are including Call Display and VM.
    The point Dan is making is that it’s not “simplified” as Rogers is trying to say in their press release.

    These new Rogers plans are absolute garbage.

  • Calvin

    Roger is a thief !!!

  • Mike

    Roger is a ripoff!!!