Rogers One Number Launches Today to Allow Free Calls from your Computer


Rogers has officially announced the launch of its new Rogers One Number service, to allow customers to make free calls from their computers using their their existing number. This includes long distance to any Canadian number:

Introducing Rogers One Number. This new service exclusively from Rogers lets you talk, text and send picture messages, and video chat with other Rogers One Number users, all from your computer using your existing phone number. By using Rogers One Number, all calls to Canadian numbers, video chats with other Rogers One Number users and outgoing wireless text messages are free.

We covered the beta of Rogers One Number previously, and will have a further in-depth look at how the service works coming up soon. In the meantime, check out the promo video below:

Customers can sign up for the free service at Are you going to use Rogers One Number?


  • Alex Sebenski

    Tried signing up. It never sent me the PIN.

  • Is this available for Fido customers? Tried registering with no luck.

  • Anonymous

    I don’t see the point

  • Anonymous

    No thanks.

  • Z2

    Not available for Pre-paid customers. Lol, no point for it.

  • Jd2157


  • ssarmazi

    Tried to signup. Got all the way to the end, and at the last step…”
    We apologize but a problem was encountered when we tried to register you with Rogers One Number™. Please contact 1-877-856-9554.” 
    Tried calling the number, it’s French-only. Finally, a rep answered, didn’t have a clue what I was doing, sent me to iPhone support. iPhone support told me to call the phone number above. Pretty pathetic! Still unresolved…

  • Ro

    Anyone having problems with synching contacts? Though the iPhone app 1 Contacts?
    I spoke with an online rep and he said I couldn’t sync my contacts because they were already synching with iCloud.. I would get a message saying synchronization completed but it would say 0 were synched in the history. I turned off my iCloud contact synching and trying again, now I get a different error message “Synchorization partially OK”.. and nothing is synched

  • Anonymous

    Most of my Contacts sync to my enterprise exchange account, and they won’t sync with Rogers 1 – even though they show up in the app (I need them in the Windows software – not on the app!). I have, over time, added 4 or 5 contacts directly to my ‘Contacts’ app and those 4 or 5 show up in the Rogers 1 app. And I don’t sync to iCloud at all. Maybe that’s your issue as well?

  • Customerservice

    does not work.

  • Disappointed

    Only works once in a while, my contacts sync then dissappear from computer, this needs a lot of work! Since yesterday I can seem to only get message saying ‘looks like we’re having trouble setting this rule, please try again’ well I’ve been trying ever since and still get same message. Not worth it!

  • Paul

    Hmm, I’ll have to give this a look see.

  • Guest

    Its like Skype but uses your existing ph#. Pretty good reason right there.

  • Paul Graham

    Meh, it looks like its only onenumber to onenumber. Not Skype at all. NVM.