Rogers Price Drop: 32GB LTE iPad 4 Now $349.99 In-Store


If you’re looking for a cellular iPad 4, Rogers has price dropped 32GB models in both black and white in-store to $349.99. The news comes from this thread over at RedFlagDeals, where users have been able to purchase these new iPads contract-free. 

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Normally-priced at $699, a corporate memo indicated a price drop to $349.99 effective April 8. As for stock, right now “your mileage may vary” as odds of picking one up depend on your area and availability. 

Some have been able to buy the iPad outright, while others have been charged the $15 activation fee as part of signing up for a month-to-month plan, which will be $5. So technically this iPad could cost you $369.99.

If you’re a deal hunter, this might be your chance to get a deal on a cellular iPad 4. A brand new 16GB LTE iPad 4 costs $529 new from Apple. iPad sales are starting to become common in anticipation of new models coming out this fall. 

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this. I suggest using the free app TalkTo to contact multiple stores for you.


  • Westben

    Rogers typo, item has been pulled (as priced at 349.00) and is no longer available, those who ordered online from Rogers have received retraction emails cancelling, fast & smart shoppers took the April 9th web page to bricks and mortar store that do price matching (i.e. future/best buy etc) and got it for 349.00
    All done – everyone go home, nothing to see

  • hehe

    Actually, one store locally responded today they have 1 iPad 4 left in stock for the $349 price. So definitely YMMV.

  • :)

    Picked up one today at Rogers store.


  • well done! it’s a good deal for sure even though new iPads are around the corner.

  • :)

    Indeed. Don’t think I could have done it without your link to TalkTO though so thanks for that – must have hit 25 stores with it and only 1 had 1 in stock so thanks Gary!

  • You’re welcome! haha yes, I love TalkTo. It truly is an amazing service.

  • Just grabbed one from the store in Pacific Centre here in Vancity – wife did all the leg work. Married the right woman I think.

  • Nice! These were pretty hard to find. Only one store in Victoria said they had stock, which was only one.