Rogers Price Increase: ‘Connection Fee’ Jumps 20% to $25


It’s not getting any cheaper to be a Rogers wireless customer, as the company has quietly increased its “connection fee” by 20%, jumping from $20 to $25, according to an internal document seen by MobileSyrup:

Rogers has increased its “Connection Fee” from $20 to $25. This change went into place last week and impacts those signing up for a new account or existing customers doing an upgrade.

Savvy customers can get this “connection fee” waived if they activate online, but for those setting up new lines or upgrades over the phone or at retail, the charge is unavoidable. Rogers says the one-time charge is related to “shipment and activation” fees.

Rogers introduced this “connection fee” four years ago at $15, a move it said would “bring customers more value”, replacing the former $35 Activation Fee. In early 2015, Rogers planned to increase the fee from $15 to $20, and fast forward to today, it has jumped again from $20 to $25.

Last month, Rogers and Bell increased the cost of data overages by 40%, jumping to $7/100MB or $70/GB.

If you’re not happy with the way wireless prices are increasing, OpenMedia has created an easy form for you to share your comments to the CRTC.

Are we ready to see this “connection fee” increase back to the glory days of a $35 Activation Fee?


  • Gyarados

    Gary, Rogers also increased the price of Roam Like Home and Fido Roam, effective today. What is wrong with Rogers? So many price hikes!!

  • Bill___A

    Looks like they increased the RLH in the US at Rogers, but not other destinations, so now Roghers RLH in the US is $6 per day and Telus is $7 per day. The bigger overage fees for data are likely designed to get people to buy the plans they need rather than “go over” every month. However, I think this could have been achieved at a price point less than $70 a gig. Note that Telus easy roam has more countries than Rogers’ roam like home. Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, for example, and there are quite a few more. Rogers was the first in the roam like home space in Canada but they’ve fallen behind. They should have a Canada/US plan.

  • Gyarados

    I have a feeling they will increase the price to $7/day eventually because of no competition. I don’t think it will cost them that much when we are roaming in the US. Usually US does not count as an International destination.

  • Palmvim

    I also noticed that I dont get to top-up my data with 2 GB, ont 7$ for 300 megs or 15 $ for one GB.

  • einsteinbqat

    That’s why I buy SIM cards when I travel.

  • MleB1

    The worst thing a new subscriber can do is visit the retail stores. The CSRs there have no real power – you need to call in to get any real service. The retail outlets are a consumer scam – a PR stunt. There’s no such thing as a ‘connection fee’ – any more than the old ‘activation fee’ (when they implied it was a government-required fee), and its the first thing they’ll dump if you call in to get a new plan, especially if you have competitor’s plans in your back pocket.

    To charge $25 for a CSR’s keystroke is unacceptable – and if you’ve got a real problem with that (or frankly, anything else that you feel is dodgy), I would encourage you to go straight up the food chain. Reflect that their new CEO has said he’s obsessed with customer service – so write a well-reasoned, business-like letter expressing your concerns, and send it to him –

  • Brenda

    As someone who changes my plan a few times a year, this would stop me from dealing with Rogers ever. I left a few years back over a plan I had cancelled and was still being billed for (the device was paid for) and that took several months and $$$ to resolve. I used to deal with them at work too. Same poor customer service. Now a new CEO supposedly dedicated to customer service and not much has changed.

    Why do people choose Rogers over other service providers?

  • It’s Me

    He was hand picked by the Rogers family. Guy wasn’t anti-customer enough, so now we have Joe. Do you honestly think emailing him will do anything? I assume he’ll never see them, but that they would provide hours of laughs if he did.

  • It’s Me

    Bell already charged $35 activation fees. Telus doesn’t anymore but does charge for SIMs.

  • Brenda

    Yes, they charge for activations, but not for upgrades to your plan. This wouldn’t be a wise move for any company.

  • MleB1

    Well, I doubt Joe will ever see the email, its’s true – but theres always a minion tasked to get thru the stuff. And you’d be surprised what that can mean…

    Meanwhile, I gather thru the deepest, darkest boardroom grapevine that Guy might have actually expressed disagreement with the Widow Rogers and told her how badly the company deals with things. So not anti-customer enough was the least of his problems.