Rogers Prices Jumping $5/month for Some Legacy Plans in August


Rogers appears to be increasing wireless plans again, this time by $5 per month for some users with grandfathered plans, such as the 6GB data plan for $30.

According to iPhone in Canada reader Chris, Rogers sent him the following letter last week informing him of an upcoming bill change.

He explains: “I’m on the old 6GB/$30 plan and got this in the mail today. So my total bill is gonna increase to $72 a month from $67 including shared data on an iPad.” Chris says despite the “annoying” increase, his older price plan is still  a “good deal”.

Rogers price increase

The Rogers letter explains, “In order to support the continuing service improvements, as of the date of your first bill on or after August 24th, 2016, the monthly service fee for some wireless plans is increasing by $5 (per line plus applicable taxes).” Share Everything plans and/or other wireless plans added to accounts after July 2013 are not affected.

Rogers explains those on older fixed contracts are protected from price changes, but their bills will see a $5 increase, to be offset by a $5 discount until their term ends. Once your contract expires though, bills will increase by $5 per month.

Back in January of this year, the Big 3 increased wireless rate plans by $5 per month, “because they can”, according to Internet advocates OpenMedia.

Anyone else receive this letter? What do you think about this $5 per month increase to continue and support the expanding Rogers network?


  • Chase

    I just got off a 30 minute call with Rogers and I will be switching to another carrier. Although it is only $5 + tax/month, I feel that having been a Rogers customer for roughly 15 years I don’t deserve to be treated like this. They certainly didn’t care when I said the charge needs to be reversed or I will leave. Other carriers carry a far better plan than I get for about $10/month more than what I already pay. Is this how you treat customers? Gouge them for years, then decide that upgrading your infrastructure costs your investors too much so you push it out on your customers? Good job Rogers. Shall we never meet again.

  • Jay

    Its 3-6 month there seems to be an increase. While I do boast about being on the Rogers network, great coverage and speeds. These increases are getting to a point where its like “Whats the point in even having a phone”. Luckily I have a double the data promo from 2013 holiday season and won’t be experiencing the increase (10GB+10GBGB for $140) but they need to do something with the costs.


  • Zul Rizvi

    BS..these 3 carriers are bullies. Unless there is more open competition to be allowed, consumers will suffer

  • Zul Rizvi

    I am also waiting to switch to wind as soon as there service is more reliable and they have LTE

  • artooro

    Try Public Mobile myself and many friends of mine have been having good success with them. They are technically owned by Telus but the plans are pretty simple with no catches.

  • slicecom

    I’m also a member of this elite club that gets to pay Rogers an additional $5 per month.

  • Zul Rizvi

    I would rather not go to telus or bell or any of their companies. Thet are all crocs.

  • Zul Rizvi

    I do have some discounts and my plan is given by customer retention but still a lot to pay every month specially when i have 3 lines.

  • Tim

    “I feel that having been a Rogers customer for roughly 15 years I don’t deserve to be treated like this.”

    consumer loyalty hasn’t meant anything in a very long time

  • jmcd102

    Haven’t received the mail yet but expect to.

  • kabsalsa

    I received the letter. When I took a look today, my iPhone value pack went up by $2 in the last month or so as well. With taxes I will be paying about $86. The prices keep increasing and I haven’t been able to get an phone upgrade and have had to buy my phones outright for a couple years. Even though I am annoyed, I can’t see a better alternative without risking a small carrier

  • FragilityG4

    Got my letter. Exploring options. Rather pay someone else more money than them. If only they treated their customers with the same respect as the shareholders ……

  • Bafoon

    lol – while this is such as dick move by Rogers (and others), I love the hullabaloo that accompanies it on this site and others of its kind.

    As someone who has been with the “cheaper alternatives” – Wind and Mobilicity, I’d rather burn my money than go back to them. Or, you know, do what this revolutionist commenter down below wants to do – go commando style, no phone or cell phone! Yeehaw

  • Lisa

    To upgrade the network costs Rogers lots of money and time. Plus the rate of inflation keeps going up. Rogers is trying to run a business, not some charity. I don’t mind paying the $5 increase. I get better reception and download/upload speeds on my phone are excellent. Rogers beats other carriers by a huge margin in terms of network speed and reliability.

  • karinatwork

    Well, this increase and the fact that my credits will expire next month made me explore my options too. But I’ll end up back with Rogers, because my husband is entitled to a discounted plan through his work. It will have to be a dreaded share-it-all family plan. Oh well. It was nice for as long it lasted. Farefell, 6 Gig data. I’ve had you since 2008 for $30/month…

  • Zul Rizvi

    You def sounds like a Rogers employee in disguiise… lol

  • Jackie

    Although my plan is different then the one you have mentioned, my plan is grandfathered as 2 Rogers agents have confirmed. I have filed a complaint with the CCTS (Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services) they are looking into my complaint and will be contacting Rogers.

  • ericball

    I received the same mailing from Rogers. Given I have 3 phones on my grandfathered Friends & Family (voice+text) plan, that’s $17/mon of additional cost without any identifiable benefit. (Especially since I’m only paying $18/mon for the 2nd & 3rd lines – so this extra fee is over a 30% increase.)

    While there are alternative providers who have lower cost plans the lowest I could find with unlimited Canada (which is what I’d need to replace the My10 part of my current plan) is from Chatr ($35/mon).

    So I called up Rogers and firmly made my complaint that the increase had no identifiable benefit to me, was essentially a 30% increase on my non-prime lines, and could be interpreted as a cash grab – possibly to pay for the Mobilicity acquisition.

    I also questioned the “in accordance with the CRTC Wireless Code” statement. *

    Net result – I got a credit equivalent to 6 months of the increase. Not a complete victory, but I’m still paying less than I would elsewhere. This has also inspired me to review my current plans and usage and see if I can’t trim a few dollars off my monthly bill.

    * From my reading of the Wireless Code this statement is not technically correct. The Code makes no statements regarding rate increases or requirements to increase rates. The closest it comes is under section D. Changes to contracts and related documents which states the provider is not allowed to make changes to the contract *during the commitment period* unless they are to the obvious benefit of the consumer. As Rogers is providing an offsetting credit to anyone on a “fixed term contract”, they are essentially negating the change and complying with this requirement. (Doesn’t help me as I own my phones, so I’m no longer under contract.)

  • LadeeDa

    Everyone check your statements now. The new price plans are out. Also some customers got almost a $10 increase.

    Good luck with the crtc. There is nothing in the terms of agreement that says Rogers has to honor grandfathered plans.

  • LadeeDa

    You’re full of it. Don’t become a cry baby when Rogers lays you off.

  • LadeeDa

    They’re just waiting to send you a form email saying you’re s ol

  • LadeeDa

    You got a good will credit because you have so many lines with Rogers. Most people get this just by calling in once a year

  • Tina Louise

    We already pay some of the highest rates in the world for cellular phone usage, which makes no sense. It should be decreasing and companies use all these excuses to ding us more, when in reality they aren’t satisfied unless they are making more and more money. Each year big corporations believe there has to be further growth despite the fact they make huge amounts of profit off the little guy who’s struggling to pay basic living expenses. It’s corporate greed; no amount is ‘enough money ‘ anymore. It isn’t right during this time where times are really tough already. Prices will go up and up and force those star customers (who should be given the special deals and treatment for their loyalty) on older plans, out the door-right to the competition who will welcome them until they increase theirs also. (perhaps I am wrong) These businesses know it too, as they are closely competitive to keep rates up for as long as the government allows.

  • Tina Louise

    I would hope they would have the decency to give their valued long-term customers a couple months heads-up anyway to give them time to shop around. All utility companies give written warnings so I would expect they do the same. It’s almost unfair that customers cannot change the old plans anymore like they used to but the PHONE company can change the agreement whenever THEY want. I bet the majority of their customers are paying full pop. I say give NEW customers the higher rate and cherish your faithful ones and leave it as it was when it was initiated.

  • Tina Louise

    Perhaps by accepting the 6 month credit, you effectively agreed with the changes. Is there anyone who can ask a lawyer if this is legal? (I’m sure they’ve done their homework though, but it’s also up to the consumers to do their due diligence and seek answers.) IF I can reach my lawyer, I will ask and post it.

  • Ming Lee

    I will check and compare with Freedom Mobility. If Freedom offers the
    same plan for cheaper rate, they get my business. Not Roger’s. I do not
    think their reason is justifiable. Plus the fact the big three are doing
    it, implies that they are into price fixing to rip of consumers.