Rogers Promo: Ignite Gigabit Internet + Popular TV Bundle for $99.99/month


Rogers has a Black Friday offer where for $99.99 per month on a two-year term, new and existing customers can get Ignite Gigabit Internet plus the Popular TV package (middle tier). An upgrade to the Premier TV package costs $129.99 on contract.

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The offer includes a free Rocket Gigabit Wi-Fi modem rental and HD PVR for free for two years, while a $14.99 connection fee will apply, but install is free, according to RFD.

The offer launched yesterday and the code to get this is β€œU63”, only available in Ontario, and expires on November 30, 2016.

Rogers Ignite Gigabit Internet (launched last December) offers speeds up to 1Gbps download and 50Mbps upload, and on its own costs $149.99 per month, with unlimited usage.

Let us know if you’re going to jump on this!


  • Moleni

    I have a deal with rogers right now that is 500mbit/sec (‘half gigabit”), with a TV package called “extra plus”, which includes TMN and HBO, for $99. I need to see whether or not this new package works out given the cable contents. I guess we’ll see.

  • MleB1

    …and still its probably about double what its really worth.

  • Keep us updated if you do!

  • Michael Skinner

    Can you get this offer from first tier Rogers staff when you call in, or do you have to deal with Retentions?

  • Parksy

    Deal doesn’t seem to be available

  • I believe you can call in and ask the first line, let us know, since it’s a BF offer.

  • Parksy

    At least they wouldn’t give it to me since they say I already have a deal. Since every Rogers customer is on a “deal”, this is really only for new customers.

  • Mark Holoubek

    The Red Flag write-up points out that by “Existing customers” they’re only counting those who already have either TV OR home internet with Rogers. Not both. You must be adding at least one new service. πŸ™

  • Michael Skinner

    On phone for over an hour, including Retentions. They’re claiming they don’t know anything about this promo. After a lengthy conversation, was offered new pricing for cable/internet/cellular worse than package that just ended (previous retentions call two years ago). I haven’t committed to anything. May finally be time to switch away from Rogers entirely.

  • Guy Fournier

    I was able to switch out my current 100U+VIP TV for this deal at the $99.99 for two years. When I spoke to Retentions the agent knew the plan I was talking about, however their department can not offer it. The agent noted the account and transferred me to the ‘Rogers Inside Sales’ department as they are the ones who have this plan available to add/switch. All in all took about 20 minutes, helped that Bell came to my house last night to offer me a very similar plan/price so I used that as leverage.

  • Nice work

  • Sean Kannegiesser

    I did the live chat with an agent. Took me 10mins.

    Getting the following.

    POPULAR TV – 143 channels, 1 HDPVR box included – Gigibit internet (1gbps unlimited usage) modem included – free installation, 3 months free netflix. price guarantee $99.99 per month on the 2 year term

    That is what they offered me. Coming Sunday afternoon to install and I’m an existing Rogers customer for internet only.

  • Nice!

  • Gary Croxford

    I couldn’t quite get this offer from them – they did Gigabit, TV as above, and home automation for $114 plus tax. The chap on the phone said the details online were in error? Either way, 114 is still a very good deal and only a tiny bit more than I was getting for 250Mb so happy still! πŸ™‚

  • Martini

    Just had a live chat and the Rogers rep was not able to find that offer on there website.
    I referred this link to them and was again not able to get this offer.

  • Steve Moro

    Just called Rogers and Tried Chat and they said Deal is not available.. LOL I guess to many got deal and now they have pulled it.

  • Si2k78

    I’m a cord cutter myself. But deals like these make it awfully tempting

  • Lakh Jhajj

    On the phone with Rogers right now. The retention lady is denying this promotion. She said it’s only for customers who add a new service to their current services or if it’s a new customer. This sucks for me cause I already have 3 services with Rogers can’t add anything ????

  • Chris J

    I gave it a shot since I was currently on Ignite 250u, which was $110 after taxes. I’m not a Cable Subscriber (cut the cord a while ago), and with having faster Internet, and TV, for almost the same price as to what I’m currently paying, I thought why not. This only works if you already don’t have one or the other (i.e. Have Internet, not TV, or Have TV, but no Internet). Also, the rep I spoke with let slip that it will change probably tomorrow…

  • Zul Rizvi

    They have pulled the plug today for existing customers. It still available but for new customers only. Too bad i tried.

  • Rich Baker

    Took me a while but finally spoke to retention manager and got the deal. Those telling you it doesn’t exist are misinformed. When I went to pick up the modem I saw a whiteboard in the back of the Rogers store outlining the deal. Don’t just accept what they say at face value. Take control and tell them you know it exists and that you want it and you eventually will get someone who can make it happen. Why shouldn’t existing customers benefit from deals non customers get? Demand it!

  • Nice one Rich. I agree, be persistent and it’ll pay off.

  • JJJameson

    Don’t take no for an answer. I called and they flat out refused saying it’s not available. The key is call twice. I called a second time and got a completely different retention person, told them about my first call plus referenced this site (I even read out the URL!) and was able to get the deal. I guess it depends on who you talk to. It shouldn’t be so difficult, but companies like Rogers make it so hard because they hope you just give up.

  • Nice work!

  • Zul Rizvi

    Ya i got the same way. First person i talked to refused flatly. So i called again and got it. I said since i only have internet and dont have cable with you so i should be considerd and the lady i talked to second time agreed. Dont know if the plan worth it or not as i really dont watch cable tv. My current internet is 250U and i pay 88 including tax. So i am debating to go ahead with new plan or not.

  • Dave m

    Just on the phone with rogers for 40 minutes with 2 reps. The promotion was available yesterday but not today, at least that is what I was told. Typical Rogers.

  • jim

    I had 3 different rogers people contact me today offering me this package

  • andrez1

    I can confirm that this deal is available, and to existing customers. I am in Ontario, and have only Rogers Internet. I tried to get the deal on the phone, and the girl tried really hard, but couldn’t find it. She suggested I go to a Rogers store as they have better deals sometimes. I went to the store yesterday, and the helpful clerk knew exactly what I wanted, and gave it to me right away. He used the same code mentioned above, and there was not even a connection fee.They install it tomorrow. Included was one PVR. for $5 more per month they are giving me an HD digital box for my second TV. So $104.99 including the second TV.

  • Zul Rizvi

    Try again or try in store. I am sure you can still get it

  • Noiccceee!

  • Martini

    Can you share the store address in Ontario that did the deal?

  • andrez1

    Centrum in Ottawa

  • Char

    anyone get told “your postal code does not qualify”.. Im in the GTA and they try to tell me only CERTAIN parts of GTA can get it??

  • Rich Baker

    Yes they told me that but I asked them how that was fair. Just tell them you are being marginalized because of you postal code. Worked for me after being persistent as I got the deal.

  • Rich Baker

    You also may have better luck going to a Rogers Store. When I went to pick up the new modem I saw a whiteboard in the back outlining this deal.

  • jimbo

    Success! It took 2 long phone calls where I was given the postal code excuse then I popped into a Rogers store and asked if I qualified for the promo for codes U63 and/or U64. It worked. Tech is scheduled to come by Tuesday pm to hookup the TV. Thank you iPhone in Canada for bringing this to my attention!

  • Sweet! Cheers, way to keep pushing for the deal.

  • montymon

    Was told that this offer only applies to existing customers that are adding one of TV, Internet or phone. I have all three, she said I don’t qualify. She put me on hold to try and find something she could do to lower what I have… Line dropped while I was on hold.

  • montymon

    Called back after a while when they didn’t call back after I was disconnected. New guy checked and said yes, I was eligible. Then he tried to set it up and his system was having “problems”, he said that was likely the problem the female agent had as well. He suggested calling back “later”. That was last night.

    Tonight I called again, different agent again. This guy first told me I wasn’t eligible because of my postal code. I told him the guy last night had checked my PC and said I was eligible. Then he told me he’d have to bypass the system to give me the package. Next he told me he’d have to scrub the entire account and rebuild it. After much back and forth, he said my old home phone plan wasn’t available and I’d lose US calling. Then after all was said and done, he had me set up with everything and a savings from what I’d previously had of $41.77/month, Gigabit internet instead of 100u and premiere TV. As far as I can tell, the only thing I lost was US calling, and I rarely call the US anyway.

  • Nice

  • xusil

    Any chance this is still offered?