Rogers Promo: No Activation Fee, this Weekend Only


If you’re about to do a hardware upgrade to the iPhone 5, Rogers is waiving the activation fee for this weekend only. Here’s what they emailed us to share with you all:

From September 28 until midnight on September 30, Rogers will waive the activation or administration fee on all consumer and small business activations or hardware upgrades. Customers who reserve a device on the Rogers Reservation System, and who perform a HUP on that device, will also have their upgrade administration fee waived, regardless of when they do the HUP.

We’re also still offering our two-week guarantee with our Rogers Reservation System. Reserve a device using the system, and if it doesn’t ship within two weeks, we’ll give the customer a $50 credit on one of the customer’s next two invoices following the activation of the reserved device on their account.

Anyone jumping on this ‘deal’? Are you still waiting for your iPhone 5 pre-order?


  • jabohn

    I will only do this if they also waive their stupid early upgrade fee.

  • gtasscarlo

    Talk to retention. They can usually wipe it down 50%

  • TKG .

    These fees are a cash grab. Rogers go FUCK yourself

  • how can I take advantage of this when I pick up my iphone 5? I’m still waiting for my device through the registration system so it wont be here this weekend.

  • Alex

    True story; got 70$ off 143$.

  • QN52

    Is this the$35 fee? We just HUP on Thursday night. If we waited a day it would’ve been $45 cheaper? Really? Fuck off.

  • Zii

    I am guessing you mean waving not waiting activation

  • Calvin

    Ya did the same thing

  • fahad

    haha, got the exact same deal $70 flat…. but i got an S3… SORRYYY :$ … its for 0$, y wudnt u get the s3 instead

  • MleB1

    Ha , ha! Talk about serendipitous – the weekend they offer free activation coincides with one of Rogers most recent major blackout of services – internet, cable, 3G – with reports coming in (when they can) of no / intermittent service across southern Ontario and other parts of Canada.

    Sure, you can free activation – because you won’t be able to get service anyway…

  • draz

    It was a DNS routing issue. It should be all fixed though.
    Switching your DNS to another one (like Google) worked for many.

    Glad TPIA providers who use Rogers, such as Teksavvy, were not affected 😉

  • Holly

    Rogers lost me as a customer, wouldn’t do anything for me to reup another three years, wouldn’t even put me through to retentions, so I switched to Telus, a very sweet deal via a business plan (more then covered my early cancelation fee), so long ROBBERS.

  • draz

    If your phone is not here this weekend then you cannot take advantage of this offer.

  • The last line of the first paragraph seems to state otherwise, no?

  • draz

    Yup looks like you’re right =

    I wonder if you cancel your reservation and re-order, would you get the HUP fee waived? lol

  • Hahaha I bet thats what it would take. I’m going to call tomorrow and hopefully get it waived.

  • jenn

    boo. i was told b/c i reserved my iphone last sunday that this deal doesn’t apply – only good if someone is reserving today or tomorrow

  • gtasscarlo

    Its Robbers! try and call and see if you can it adjusted.

  • Jesse p

    Telus pays out your cancelation fee?

  • Whoops. Thanks. Fixed. :/

  • Muzanji

    Um.. I put a new (free) LTE nano sim in my iPhone 5 by myself and the process didn’t cost me a penny. Aside from the actual cost of the phone of course. Activation fee?? Administration fee??? Seriously, WTF???

  • Holly

    Yes, as a credit, my sister and I did this together, we each get $350 in credit, so no cell bill for mths 2 through 6 (and into 7). More then covers the cancelation from Rogers and helps pay for the new iPhone 5 from them.

  • gtasscarlo

    Someone has to pay the big three ceo salaries.

  • Hyperextension

    We had 5 lines with Rogers and decided to switch to Bell and keep our numbers. Bell gave us a $400.00 “port over” credit on each line for moving. This basically paid for all of our new iPhone 5. We were with Rogers for over 10 years and they just kept getting worse and worse. By far the worst carrier in Canada.

  • MleB1

    Re: DNS switch: Yeah draz, but he ‘average’ user wouldn’t be expected to know that – nor should they have to. And, during the meltdown, wouldn’t necessarily have had access to the instructions on how to do that. Besides, for a time, all three of their core services were being affected – cable, internet and their wireless services – the wireless, I suspect, as people tried to bypass the first two or call into Rogers. The system should ‘just work’, but, as shown with an even larger tech company in the past week or so, often it doesn’t despite that goal. Rogers never takes ownership of a problem and they most certainly won’t offer an apology / refund / explanation.

    My personal favourite when dealing with Rogers Internet tech support is the offer (when on hold) to speed up the process by going to Support online. Really, it is to laugh.

  • draz

    This is the $35 fee that you pay when upgrading your device though the hardware upgrade program. If you obtain a device through other means such as buying it outright from Apple store or getting one from your friends then this fee does not apply and you can get swap sims and you’re all set

  • MleB1

    Sunday afternoon, 430pm – restored (eventually) last night, but its struggling again. run in downtown Toronto showing it fluctuating between 1.5 and 9 Mbps. Rogers (like the others) covers it’s a** by saying ‘up to’ 18 Mbps on my particular service – but I’m not sure no service to 50% can really be justified without explanation / apology / refund.

  • GamingSV

    +1, Rogers lost me as a customer because a $10 discount had expired and they wouldn’t renew it. Switched to Telus for a better/cheaper plan. Loving it.

  • unhappyRogersGuy

    Which number did you call to get this deal?