Rogers Reduces Visual Voicemail Storage Rules


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If you are a Rogers customer, have an iPhone 3G/3GS and use Visual Voicemail service, I have some bad news. I hope you do not rely on your voicemail storage capacities too much.

Effective October 1 2009, Rogers will be reducing the storage capacity of your Visual Voicemail inbox in both days of storage and amount of voicemails stored.

Since this is a few months out, I will likely not be re-reporting this in the Fall. So keep this in mind.


Current Rogers Visual Voicemail Storage Rules

Storage of unheard messages: 30 Days

Storage of heard messages: 30 Days

Number of messages stored: Up to 50 Voice Messages at 5 minutes each.

Just to explain the days thing a bit, once you receive a voicemail, it is stored for 30 days. If you do not touch it for 30 days, it is automatically erased. If you listen to it, it is stored for another 30 days at which point it is erased. As the user however, you can delete the voice message anytime you want up to 30 days of receiving the message or up to 60 days after listening to the message.

New Rogers Visual Voicemail Storage Rules – Effective October 1 2009

Storage of unheard messages: 10 Days

Storage of heard messages: 10 Days

Number of messages stored: Up to 35 Voice Messages at 5 minutes each.

Just to explain the days thing a bit, once you receive a voicemail, it is stored for 10 days. If you do not touch it for 10 days, it is automatically erased. If you listen to it, it is stored for another 10 days at which point it is erased. As the user however, you can delete the voice message anytime you want up to 10 days of receiving the message or up to 20 days after listening to the message.


So there you have it. Your visual voicemail storage capacity in terms of storage days is slashed by 67% (20 days) for both unheard and heard messages. Your visual voicemail storage capacity in terms of stored messages amount is slashed by 30% (15 messages).

So make sure to keep these new limits in mind because if you fill up your voicemail inbox, no one will be able to leave any more messages. In other words, delete messages that you do not need.

Oh, and when the change occurs on October 1 2009, here is great “thanks for being our customer” message from Rogers:

On the day the changes take effect, any message that has been deposited in your voicemail box more than 20 days prior, will be deleted. Messages beyond the maximum number of 35 allowable, but less than 20 days old, will remain, but you will need to delete messages to allow for any new additional messages.

The real amusing thing here is that most normal companies increase storage for these types of services. Look at Google and Microsoft with their Gmail and Live Mail services. Both, in the last 5 years, have increased their inbox storage limits. Rogers boggles the mind.

Also, it seems at this time that regular and enhanced voicemail services are unaffected.


  • itsikromano

    I don't get it, we are tied to contract and can not break it whatsoever, and if we do, we must pay fines…. Rogers constantly break their agreement by changing their rules, how come we are not at lease getting a discount?I mean if I sale a litre of milk for $2 and now I decided I will give you only half of a litre for the same amount to the rest of your contract….. Doesn't the gov needs to interfear and do something…..we are being bullied by our contracts and services we get here compared to the states it's unbelievable ….. Just for this example do you know how much is a 3.78 litre of milk in the states? – $1.99 …. You know how much is a 4 litre of milk in Montreal – $6.50 – wow….

  • Dusty

    Number 12, DOH! 🙁

    I agree with the milk comment lol
    Milk now a days is damn expensive for 4L, at least u get $0.25 back from bottle depot now 🙂

  • dudemaster

    This is going to be a problem. I tend to go out of Canada for 2-3 weeks at a time. I do not check VVM because of data roaming charges. What the heck!

  • visco

    wow, continually making their service worse. I can see this list getting up to 16 by the end of the year.

  • dudemaster

    Is there a special address for Rogers where I can sent a proper written letter of complaint?

    Is there a Government Regulatory office that I can write to about the Voice Mail issue?

  • karmaworld

    Thank you for this and all your updates about Rogers, it is really a valuable service you provide and genuinely very much appreciated by all! You are the de facto “Canadian Cell Provider Watchdog” IMHO – wish the monthly system access fees on our 4 accounts wrere going to you 🙂

  • Nick_Abby

    i dont remember receiving notice of this yet again Rogers is cutting costs and not passing on the savings to their customers as well..

    I just dont understand, as previously stated by people, they can change the terms of service on our signed and documented agreement

    What Bill would i have seen this message on!

  • josheesh

    Something unrelated but still related to Rogers.. Did anyone's time go back an hour last night? I have it set automatically and I'm about 10 hours from the next time zone. I was an hour late for work thanks to Rogers network time!

  • jcd23

    WTF!! A typical vacation for people is 2 weeks (14 days). If I go on vacation I'm not likely to be checking my voicemail but WOULD when I got home. Now those messages will be gone. I can see reducing the overall number of stored messages and I'm ok with dropping to 35 but the days should remain at 30. 10 is FAR to little to be of much use if you ever want to travel!!

  • I find it humorous that Rogers actually does have a complaint process. However I feel our words fall on deaf ears. Regardless, I would still say something.

    Here's the info I found:

  • I know what you mean. Unfortunately, only the voice plan is covered under contract and not addons. This means Rogers could change these terms at will.

    However, you can try to quote condition 15:

  • TK09

    QUESTION; will changes 1-12 result in a huge reduction of the bill every month ??
    I agree that if we “change” our end of the contract , there's a penalty but should Rogers change the
    signed contract it's ok… all is good…
    **** How much $$ profit does Rogers inherit in fees from upset customers feeling
    no choice but to cancel / heading to the competition in the fall????

  • rorypiper

    I don't use this feature, but this is crappy for folks who rely on their stored voicemail. Just another knife in the back from our freindly neighborhood iPhone dealer.

  • rorypiper


  • itsikromano

    BTW – i don't want to say you read it first here….but….it looks like they are slowly moving into charging us per voice mail as well…..every voice mail that stays on your account for more than 24 hours will be charge 0.25 per day and will be deleted after 5 days….at least give us the option to save them to our system somehow, and be able to transfer them to our computer….what if my lawyer needs a voice mail to play in court….?

    for those young parents…..a large box of diapers that costs here around 38,00 is 15.95 in the states…..just so you know how well we are being ripped by everyone in Canada….

  • Cody

    Ughh, I wonder if there is anything we can do. I can see this continuing and god for bid we reach the price of Japanese cell phone networks (although SoftBank is leading the way in proper pricing).

    I'm very reluctant to sign up my partner on Rogers now. Might have to get her on Fido with my old iPhone 3G.

  • Cody

    For a “non-power user” I think it's the better choice for her. Then again, the Rogers my5 could be an option as well.

    Come to think of it — the year I was with Fido I never got Visual Voicemail to work….

  • Rogers keeps taking things away because they are too cocky with all the new customers the iPhone garnered for them. Down the road they will lose them all if they continue this way.

  • Sevael

    I can understand the time limit on unretrieved messages (assuming your phone is turned off or you're in an area with no service), but the messages you've already retrieved are now *on your phone*. It's not like I'm dialing in to Rogers to hear them; they play back *immediately* when I hit the play button. The proof is that with Airplane Mode on or even taking the SIM card out completely, I can still playback these messages.

    I have some VVM messages in the 'Deleted' section on my iPhone that are well over 30 days old. They are stored on my phone, so Rogers doesn't need to keep a copy of every VVM message and overburden their servers. They should just delete them immediately once you've retrieved them, just like POP3 email. There you go — server overburden issue solved. Then they could let the unretrived ones sit there longer so that people like dudemaster won't be inconvenienced when they are out of the country for more than 10 days at a time.

  • Yeah, I can only imagine people who run businesses and they rely on voicemail. Rogers is just having some fun with us here…

  • 10 days is too low, I'd say 30 minimum, but yeah realistically they should be increasing their pathetic storage. Where's that competition we heard so much about…I'm not even a Rogers customer and they make me mad. 🙂

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  • Glenn

    This applies to non visual voice mail (i.e. server based), not to iPhone visual voice mail

    Visual voice mail is iPhone based – messages are automatically downloaded and stored in the iPhone, not in the server, thus the 10 day limit does not apply. One caveat: as long as the iPhone can connect to the server and download the messages within 10 days.

    You can verify this for yourself easily – while you have no service (say, in an underground parking garage or a hospital with cell blocking technology), satisfy yourself that already downloaded messages are still available.

    I do agree that moving from 30 days to 10 days is very customer obnoxious, by the way – not smart…. And just in time for Bell and Telus's launch of the iPhone….

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  • This is so interested! Where can I find more like this?

  • That's the great article! I just pass 'n read it, two thumbs up! 😉

  • That's the great article! I just pass 'n read it, two thumbs up! 😉

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  • GrandpaBambu

    @itsikromano… If you are unhappy with Rogers, when your contract is done, trade-up to the competition… 😛