Rogers: Refer A Friend & Receive Up To $500!


Looks like Rogers needs to get a few more subscribers on its network, but if you help them out (*cringe*), you can score up to $500.

Starting today (and expiring on September 3, 2010), any existing Rogers customers who have My5 plans or any new Rogers customers that were referred to Rogers by an existing Rogers customer, will be contacted by Rogers to refer additional friends to the company’s network.

How It Works

Rogers will contact you suggesting that you refer both friends and family to join Rogers. Remember, you have to either be an existing Rogers customer with a My5 plan or a new customer that was referred to Rogers.

When the new customer (person you referred) joins Rogers, both the referrer and new customer will receive one of two reward choices:

  • $50 bill credit or
  • $100 wireless box office credit to use towards concert tickets for use on

A maximum of 5 people can be referred per Rogers customer.

What To Do

To refer friends to Rogers, follow the steps below:

1.) Existing My5 customers and new customers who were referred to Rogers will be contacted via email or text directing them to a unique website where they will enter a maximum of five phone numbers of friends and family they would like to refer.

2.) Those five friends and family members will be forwarded a message, directing them to Customer Inside Sales (CIS) where they will activate their new wireless plan.

3. Once the new customer(s) activate a new wireless plan, the existing MY5 customer (the referrer) must go back to the website and enter in their family/friend’s new wireless number(s).

4.) Both the customer making the referral and the new customer that was referred will be informed that in 60 days they will receive their referral reward, permitted they are in good standing.


Rogers MY5 Customers:

  • Must be an existing Rogers wireless customer

New Customers:

  • Must be have been referred by an existing Rogers wireless customer
  • Must activate a new ‘postpaid’ wireless number
  • Can be on any price plan, any term and any wireless device
  • Must activate to a voice or voice and data term plan by September 3, 2010 in order to receive their reward

Business Rules:

  • If the new Rogers wireless activation is an additional line to an existing Family Plan or other multi-line account, the $50 account credit will be applied to the overall account bill, not the new line specifically.


  • jagoe

    Why refer someone to Rogers when they cant even get an iPhone for existing customers.
    They tell you to order the iPhone from yet you cant order it online from the site
    They are not taking orders for the iPhone 4 at 611 as they are out of stock, (Here is a clue, how about take orders so you have a concrete number of units you need and ship them out by working off the pre-order list)
    Oh, I know head into a Rogers store location so you can get attitude from the staff. hmmmmmm
    Yay Rogers!!

  • Diegese

    Bah… by the time this ''offer'' expired, I'm pretty sure Rogers will not have received a second batch of iPhone 4, which makes this offers useless for a lot of people I know.

  • Jam

    I guess lot of people purchased unlocked iphones and Roger's is trying to shackle them back to hell. Yeah right.

    I wonder, how many iPhone Canada readers purchased iPhones unlocked…and what plan did you use/negotiate?

  • Bob

    Can I keep my existing number? I don't want a new number.

  • Bill

    lol i was just talking with Telus and they were like “where did you get your unlocked iPhone and how much?” as if they knew i easily could switch carriers

  • Jay_hawtin

    does anyone know if toronto is currently out of stock on iphones?

  • Bobby

    i know this is irrelevant, but can someone tell me if i should leave the phone to deplete its battery then do a full charge for first time? thanks!

  • Montréaler

    I have a question regarding “deals” or negotiations with cell phone companies. I know some customers, namely people who have been with a particular network for many years, have received discounts or certain features “on-the-house”. I have been with Fido now since it started, and they've never really cut me any slack. I'm looking to get an iPhone 4 (well, I will, there's no doubt about it), but before I sign into an extra 3 years of contract, I want to see if they can give me some added incentive to sign with them for another 3. My Question — has anyone on here has had any luck in getting bill cuts or discounts from their cell phone providers (maybe even a Fido-related story) — and if so, what's the best way to go about it? THREATS! Who doesn't love threatening their cell-phone companies.

    Any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    iPhone lover — Montreal, QC

  • Vince To

    i'd say to call them and ask about their plan options, and try to describe to them how you've been a long-time loyal customer, and the wireless plans seem to be a bit pricey. maybe u can mention somewhere in there that if they are unable to give u discount, then it may be better to take ur business elsewhere, like bell (bell seems to be a better bluff since rogers & fido are together). the fido person may give u some discounts or direct u to the retentions line where u may be able to negotiate a lower plan so that they may keep your business. i did this with rogers recently and got a $15credit to my bill every month… ive heard of much better deals, but i guess its better than nothing

  • Guest

    Ok here's the secret. You can't call and talk to customer service. You have to speak to te cancellation department. Only the cancellation department has access to special deals. To start of tell them you want the 17.50 retention deal: 200 mins and free eve and weekends at 6

  • Vince To

    is that for fido only? or does that plan apply to rogers as well?

  • Montrealer

    Awesome! Thanks for the valuable info! I had no idea… but this makes so much sense.

  • Montrealer

    Thanks for the info!

  • I will wait for Rogers to call me. I will place them on hold. While on hold i MIGHT ask my family if they want to switch to rogers. Pick up the phone to tell them there isnt anything i can do. if they complain i will place them on hold once again, Transfer them to my wife. She can act as a retention, and they can try and convince her to ask our friends a second time. On which my wife will make them Verify their information again to make sure its STILL rogers on the phone.

  • Ex


  • When will Rogers stores get more phones???