Rogers Reintroduces $30 6GB Data Plan For Business Corporate Customers Only


This week, Rogers Wireless has reintroduced their famous $30 6GB data plan, but only for Business Corporate customers. In other words, your account must have a MSD company code on it and the account type must be “Business Corporate” to qualify.

Details of Data Plans

  • The data add-ons are standalone Non-poolable options
  • Any data options must be added to a voice plan
  • The add-ons are not eligible for Freedom of Data promotion (1 month free data)
  • All data options are eligible for tethering


  • Business MSD Coded accounts with account type Business Corporate
  • Limited time offer available to new and existing customers activating on a 3-year term by March 31st, 2011.
  • Existing customers must renew on a 3-year term.
  • Data plan can be stacked with Small Business Heavy Up Program and Drive Fore 5 program which are based on quota allotment.

Not Eligible

  • Consumer Regular accounts and Business Regular accounts
  • $45/ 6 GB Rogers Blackberry (BES) plan excludes corporate accounts.

These offers will be available until March 31, 2011.

If you’re a Business Corporate account with a company MSD code, this is a good time to take advantage of the $30 6GB data plan!


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  • Fragilityg4

    3 year term … What a joke.

  • Bekk45

    I honestly don’t have a problem
    With 3 year contracts. Why do you need to upgrade your phone every year? I am perfectly happy with my 3GS right now and it doesnt kill me that i don’t have an iPhone 4. Suck it up, no amount of bitching is going to change anything.

  • S3c0nd4ry

    Tell me one company you don’t have to sign 3yr with to get a “promo”.

    Id like to hear from you FAGilityg4

  • iphonelover

    Hmmm, 3 year term is ‘what a joke’. Its the case with every Canadian iPhone carrier. Want your phone subsidized? Someone has to pay as Apple’s average revenue per phone is over $600 USD. The difference in price between subsidized and Apple’s revenue is made up in the monthly fee you’ve agree to pay over 3 years.

    The only gripe I have with this is that if you bring your own iPhone the monthly fee doesn’t decline at all.

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  • Fragilityg4

    Pretty clever remark from what seems to be pro Rogers individual … I would poke fun at your name but I’m older then fourteen and I have better things to do … Nevertheless I got my $30 6gig promo plan on a one year term … So I say again … 3 year term what a joke.

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