Rogers Relaunches $35 My10 Canadawide Plan


Citing recent competitive activity, Rogers has relaunched their $35 Canadawide My10 plan. The plan, originally expiring on December 31, 2010, has been extended “until further notice”.

$35 My10 Canada-wide Plan

This reintroduced plan from Rogers is available on a 3-year contract for an iPhone. With the voice plan and a minimum $25 data plan on a 3-year contract, customers receive promotional pricing on an iPhone 4 device ($159/$269).

For reference, the plan is detailed below:

  • Price: $35.00/month
  • Minutes: 150 daytime
  • Evenings/Weekends: Unlimited Weekends; Unlimited Evenings @ 6PM (normally at 9PM)
  • Features: Unlimited My10 Canada-wide calling/messaging and unlimited Canadian messaging (text, picture, video)

Overall, not a bad offer coming from Rogers, especially the 6PM evenings and included My10 Canada-wide.

If you’re looking to get an iPhone with Rogers service, this is probably one of the company’s best plans right now for My10.

Some quick notes:

  • Offer available to new and existing customers
  • Offer available for consumer regular and business regular accounts
  • Offer available nationally
  • Customer can activate on a 3-year term only
  • Offer eligible on all device types
  • Offer expiry is until “further notice”


  • Anonymous

    What makes me mad is they have retention deals as follows, unlimited local calling $35. And unlimited Canadawide talk and Ca/USA text For 50 bucks. But you have to threaten to cancel and be with them at least 6 months, for the privilege of this plan.Why can’t they offer this across the board.

  • RR

    THIS PLAN IS ONLY AVAILABLE IF YOU SIGN A NEW 3 YEAR CONTRACT… Unless I was misinformed by the Rogers representative (very possible) the only way you can get this plan if you’re on an existing contract is to resign/restart your contract on the day you change to this plan… Apparently on Rogers the plan you signed on your 3 year contract is what you will have to keep until your term is over or you will have to renew your contract to get a lower monthly plan

  • So there wasn’t any real confirmation last time of whether the ‘& unlimited messaging’ part of that plan was to everyone or just your My10 numbers. Anyone know?

  • RR

    You can have both My10 & Unlimited messaging but beware you will have to restart your contact when you choose this plan!!!

  • Ex

    It includes both

  • Usm

    Good plan but the iPhone not available??

  • Peter

    I have this plan.
    Just to clarify:
    -it works with the iPhone
    -you DO NOT need to restart your 3-year contract (at least I didn’t)
    -it includes BOTH unlimited messaging to your My10 and EVERYONE else

  • Who cares? The date for your eligible hardware upgrade remains the same. Are you not going to need a cell phone 3 years from now? I am. I have been with Rogers for 12 years and don’t give a heck about contracts because I will ALWAYS need a phone.