Rogers Launches ‘Roam Like Home’ U.S. Roaming Add-On for $5/Day [u]


Rogers this morning announced a new $5 per day add-on to Share Everything Plans, which will allow customers to roam with their plans in the USA like they would be back home.

Company CEO Guy Laurence said this new move was made as part of their plan to “overhaul the customer experience” as part of Rogers 3.0, which is possible because “we’ve developed a new technology that lets our customers access their Canadian wireless plans while they’re in the U.S. It’s really simple and once you enroll it works every time you go.”

ROAM LIKE HOME as it’s called will cost $5 per day while you’re in the U.S., for a maximum of 10 days on any monthly bill. So the remaining days in your plan could mean you get to continue to roam for free. Essentially, it works out to $50 per month to roam in the USA with your existing Share Everything plan.

Also, you’re only charged $5 per day if you’re using your phone on a particular day while in the U.S.; no usage means no $5 charge. As for overages, they are calculated at the same as if you were in Canada. Users will be able to track usage via the My Rogers app.

Existing Share Everything subscribers can opt into this new U.S. roaming plan, starting November 10 by texting “travel” to 222. All new Share Everything plan users are automatically enrolled but can opt out anytime.

So, what do you guys think of this new U.S. roaming add-on from Rogers? Will you be taking advantage of the $5/day rate or will you consider alternatives such as Roam Mobility?

Update: Clarified to note new Share Everything plan customers are automatically enrolled, while existing Share Everything plan users will need to text to opt-in.


  • That is really awesome.
    I’m ditching Bell live, transferring my line to Rogers!
    This is going to kill Roam Mobility because Rogers has access to AT&T’s LTE network as well as T-Mobile’s network!

  • Jay

    Pleasantly surprised Rogers would do this.
    Re-read the article twice to try and find the catch

  • Tim

    Not bad, hope it comes to Fido tablet plans.

  • Lolorgator

    This would have saved me last week. I don’t mind Telus but they want $15 for 50MB. I open Safari and that is 50MB used.

  • JH

    All existing Share Everything plan users are automatically enrolled.

    Should say “New”
    You can then only Opt-Out – it should give you the choice each time you enter the US. What happens when you are close to the border and you keep picking up US towers?

  • Eric

    Not so sure about AT&T LTE while roaming. I was in Las Vegas last week with a Bell iPhone 6, roaming on AT&T and no LTE. AT&T said it was a Bell issue, Bell said it was an AT&T issue. I was stuck on 3G the whole time.

  • Shaun Conway

    Knowroaming is still much better for price albeit no LTE. But the price difference makes it worth it to stick with knowroaming.

  • Rogers has access to AT&T’s LTE network, not Bell.

  • Eric

    If that’s in fact the case, then it certainly explains my experience. Sucks though because I’m a big Roam Mobility fan, but given my iPhone 6 is less than 90 days old I couldn’t get an unlock.

  • Guest

    Is this per device? As a couple who have three phones and two iPads – That’s $25 every time you step over the border!

  • Fireeast

    What a joke, spend more then a week in the states and your better off buy a monthly plan from a carrier. How is it that WIND Mobile can charge $15 a MONTH for unlimited US roaming. You really need to set up.

  • Matthew Montano

    Rogers might actually be getting it. While the price is decent; it’s the simplicity of the offering that is impressive.

  • iamcdn604

    How is it better? $30 SIM card (that’s us dollars by the way) and horrible pay per use rates. You get throttled after 250mb too.

  • Shaun Conway

    I haven’t experienced any of throttling on the At&t network. I go for a week at a time and my usage costs $11-$15. All 3G speeds.

  • iamcdn604

    But you have to sign up for one of the Shared Plans which are horrible. At those prices the roaming should be included for free.

  • You still need to text ‘travel’ to 222 to enable the plan.

  • Parksy

    This is definitely a step in the right direction, however for some of us, using Roam Mobility is still the best option. I have the old 6GB Superplan which means I’m not eligible for this new service and it isn’t financially worth it for me to change plans as the new ones kinda suck. Roam mobility is only $4 a day vs $5 a day. The major disadvantage of Roam Mobility is that I essentially lose my Rogers phone number for the duration of my trip to the US.

  • ZeroC

    Make it $15 a month like WIND and its just as if I was at home and I’m in. When I head to the US I put in my T-Mobile sim and I have unlimited Talk/Text/Data for $3 a day. But this is way better then the $8.99 a day. Getting charged $9 for a data glitch using 3kb really sucks.

  • iamcdn604

    The catch is you need to sign up for a Share Everything plan.

  • iamcdn604

    I think it’s safe to assume it’s $5 per day per line. You share everything including the costs!

  • Kristina

    You can use Rogers one number. It’s an app that will let you use your number to receive calls and make calls/ text when you’re roaming. that’s what I use

  • Al

    That was unexpected.

    An advantage over Roam Mobility would be that you keep your number while in the US (and you don’t have to jump through expensive, tedious hoops to keep it, like you do with KnowRoaming).

    I assume the other companies will follow with similar plans.

  • Toronto Lane

    With my wind unlimited us roaming package I just go and can use data and text and minutes without worrying about ” 10 days ” maximum roaming limits… Or paying 4 times more for it all. And ontop of that.. I pay less a month for this feature which includes my home plan too!! 39 bucks for unlimited local and unlimited roaming in the usa!

  • JH

    I.e. you’re not automatically enrolled unless you are a new subscriber. Gary you misquoted the press release – check again.

  • Ah, you’re right. Updated with clarification, thanks.

  • RogersMichaelT

    It is $5 per device. However, why would you need three phones? Put two of them in airplane mode and just use one! 🙂

  • RogersMichaelT

    It’s $5 per day up to a maximum of 10 days ($50 total). The rest of the month is no extra charge!

  • RogersMichaelT

    Our customers will have access to LTE, we won’t throttle when you reach a certain limit, and our coverage is amazing. We’re definitely a better solution!

  • RogersMichaelT

    Our Share Everything plans are fantastic – you should take a closer look at them. They provide excellent value and my bill went down after I changed to one. No surprise fees, plus free Roger GameCentre LIVE for the season, plus unbelievably cheap roaming. I think it’s a great deal. 🙂

  • Toronto Lane

    No you’re not a better solution. You pay more for less!!! How’s that a better solution?? ive used lte in the states and also 4g and 3G speeds and it’s not worth paying premium for your lte . And I’ve never been throttled by wind and I’ve used more than 4 gigs roaming!

  • RogersMichaelT

    Take a closer look next time you’re down there. You may be surprised at what you find. Either way, it’s your choice, and we’re extremely excited about this new service.

  • Toronto Lane

    I don’t need to look closer because there are no problems with this service. Used it several times and I’ve even got LTE while roaming. Ive happily moved to wind in April from fido/Rogers and will never go back. I’m very happy with my decision and can’t beleuve how much money I was paying before. Can’t Wait till wind gets LTE in 2015…

  • gtasscarlo

    Yeap, $125 per month is a great deal! Do you really believe that Michael or you’re just a Rogers stockholder also.

  • gtasscarlo

    These are horrible plans.

  • RogersMichaelT

    You can get a Share Everything plan for less than that. Either way, can’t dispute the fact that my bill went down – I’m sure it’ll go down for others as well!

  • Wiggity

    So this includes data, replacing the previous $8/50MB?

  • gtasscarlo

    Yes, value in adding $60+tax extra to my plan. To get the same exact plan is real value.

  • xxxJDxxx

    So if you are on Rogers, but not on one of these terrible share everything plans, you cannot get this service? Does this mean that the existing US travel options are going to start to disappear? or get price hikes?

  • HY

    I’ve used Roam Mobility when I was in the USA for 7 days. Love it. But why does Rogers make their new services so complicated as in u must sign up for a share everthing plan. what if u dont have anyone to share the plan with???

  • Jezzah

    You sir, are delusional.

    With the launch of iPhone 6 I priced your “oh so great” share everything plans and just to get equivalent service to what I have now, I would have had to pay an additional $60+tax.

    Over $800 a year extra for the same service! In fact, these new plans are so terrible for the consumer that one of your very own store reps persuaded me to stay with what I had and rather buy unlocked. Best advice I ever got from Rogers.

    Restricting this new roaming service to the share everything plan is a petty and underhanded slap in the face to longtime loyal customers.

  • jerryGarcia

    Could not agree more. It’s absolutely insane that RogersMichaelT can say that with a straight face. I have an existing 6Gb superplan, and to “upgrade” to a new share everything plan I would be paying an additional $70 per month just to get the same features I currently have.

    I too went to a Rogers plus store and was told by a Rogers employee that I should keep my plan and buy a phone outright as I would save $1000 over the 2 year period by keeping my old plan. Fine by me, for once I get the advantage over Rogers.

    An underhanded slap in the face to longtime loyal customers for sure. I for one, will just pick up a prepaid sim and pop it into my unlocked iPhone next time I am State-side.

    It’s pretty unconscionable that Rogers would seriously think their customers would choose to pay more than double their existing plans just to get the most current in-market plans. Sorry, you’ll have to do a lot better than $5 roaming to entice me.

  • Guest

    So you’re suggesting we cancel two of our phones with Rogers as well!?! Or perhaps in the US I should lock myself to my partner so we can’t separate! (the third is a business phone).
    You can’t get away from the fact that Rogers encourages us to put everything on a ‘Share Everything’ plan which on my plan has 5 family phones and two iPads. If we were signing a new contract today, every time we stepped foot in the US as a family we would get dinged $35 a day. And the only way to stop it is to call customer service.
    Airplane mode: Try to use a hotel wifi and it slips on to LTE for 1-second – DING $5 – Rogers is not stupid, this may seem like a great deal but it is going to increase their income in the long run.

  • Guest

    What’s frustrating is that the unlocked fee went up dramatically from $35 to $50 month overnight with no reasoning!

  • andrewe

    You know, @RogersMichaelT:disqus isn’t wrong. Share Everything plans have improved.

    I currently pay $60 for a 6 GB Super Plan, limited daytime calling, unlimited long distance, caller ID, and iPhone visual voicemail. A new Share Everything plan would be $65. I have 1 GB more and visual voicemail, but I don’t have unlimited daytime calling and this new US roaming option.

    My promotional plan is less, but these new Share Everything plans are finally competitive with it.

  • andrewe

    Totally unexpected and reasonably priced. I will likely switch to one of the new, lower priced Share Everything plans just to qualify. They are slightly more than my current promotional plan, but this US roaming option would more than offset the difference.

  • Steve

    Is voice included in this or just data?
    I’m using know roaming and extrrmely happy with it.

  • iamcdn604

    Where do you see a $65 Share Everything plan that gives you 7GB of data?

    The minimum plan available is $70 per month with 500MB and BYOD.

  • iamcdn604

    This is talk, text and data. So you pay $5 per day to use your existing Canadian plan in the USA, and my understanding is that whatever you use while in the USA is deducted from your monthly (Canadian) usage.

  • youreallyhavenoclue

    Hey Michael, you seem to be new here, I suggest you look at the old articles on this site, specifically the one that has a very easy to read infographic showing how prices have gone up and what you get for that money is less. Case and point is the old $30 for 6GB a month. If you are saying your prices have changed dramatically and are now offering similar services for prices of 4 years ago great, I can’t wait to see my bill go down…should I be holding my breath or should my wife dial 9-1, then wait to hit the last “1”?

  • Jagger

    What happens after the 10 days… other u.s mobile telecom catches ur phone and charges extra? Is the $50 added on top of ur monthly plan?

  • Jagger

    Sorry for the obvious gramer faults, my typin is screwed up mobile devices, but u get the message that i am trying to articulate here

  • andrewe

    I was suggesting that —with my 6 GB Super Plan— I *currently* have 1 GB more than the 5 GB Share Everything plan for a similar price.

    However, you are right that actual minimum is $70. Rogers has cleverly hidden that the prices displayed are for more basic “Smart Picks” (not iPhones) — even though they are labeled as “Smartphones”. The actual price for “Smartphones” (iPhones) are hidden under the “additional line fees” button.

  • andrewe

    You were right. I am being displayed much lower prices when I am signed into — yet I do not qualify for these prices. Share Everything plans remain outrageously priced.

  • MisterSpiffy

    In my thinking, the only way you could have saved money RogersMichaelIT is if you had a grandfathered plan you hadn’t bothered changing since 1999, or you are calculating some employee discount Rogers gives you. So, RogersMichaelIT, please show us a customer scenario that can benefit from switching to these plans because there’s plenty of us reading this who are not convinced. Rogers sends me surveys every two months and every survey I complete I express my dissatisfaction and then comes the call a day later from the Rogers telemarketer in Louisville KY who wants to help me but can’t.

    The other thing I personally am very disappointed in Rogers for, is that all of the perks in this ‘new world order’ of customer service the bigwigs are dreaming up are only for the Share Everything (the ‘American cellular concept with outrageous Canadian cellular pricing’) customers: the NHL that can stream on your devices at no additional cost, and now this ‘roam like home’ plan. I am sure if I buy a phone on contract I will be forced to switch.

    I pay $100 unlimited talk, text, and 6GB data, and an extra $10 for public access IP for VPN. My wife’s line $64 for 6GB Superplan with texting to US and Int’l: $15. But if I do all of this on a Share Everything plan it would be $210 with add-ons, and that is not like-for-like — I lose 2GB in the switch over. So this adds an extra $50/mo or $600/yr to my bill and I don’t see value. RogersMichaelIT, please tell me where the value is?

  • znino

    For those of you not wanting to use this new service and are worried that you will accidentally slip onto a USA networked and get ‘dinged’ $5, I think simply leaving your Data Roaming option to OFF will prevent that. If it is off, your phone will never allow data to be used on a foreign network. Problem solved?

    Also, it is not that you can only use it up to 10 days. It is that you can only be charged for using up to 10 days per month, which essentially means that the other 21 days in the month (if you have already used 10 days that month) are free.

    It is a great deal. Still $1 more than Roam Mobility that I love and have been using but you dont have the hassle of changing your SIM, having to change your APN, and specifically going and buying days online etc.

    It is definitely a step in the right direction and I hope other Canadian carriers follow this trend.

  • ????Dennis

    I can’t dispute the fact that you’re a MORON! We are cell phone savy customers. Can’t spew your bullsh!t here. Rogers was crying when Verizon was rumoured to come here… Now you are just gouging us. Share everything my balls… Worst thing that happened to Rogers customers.

  • Max Power

    I’m disputing it. Please post pictures of your bill before and after share everything or I’m reporting you to every media outlet I can think of for making fraudulent statements.

  • Max Power

    Is RogersMichaelT on drugs? The share everything plans are the most expensive cell phone plans in Canadian history. And “unbelievably cheap” roaming is still more expensive than ROAM, TMobile prepaid, etc.

  • Max Power

    Whenever Rogers gets “extremely excited” something new and more expensive comes out that they force me to switch to.

  • Max Power

    I think you’re lying. I’m going to pass this along to CBC’s Marketplace to investigate.

  • Max Power

    It’s not a great deal because you can only bundle it with one of the brutal Share Everything plans that cost way more than previous plans to begin with.

  • JB

    Is your argument that $15/mo from wind is somehow NOT better than $5-$50/mo from Rogers?

  • Jay

    I have a share everything plan,
    Unlimited mins,texts,roaming and 6gb of data
    for 79.99

  • Rico

    I moved to Share Everything plan and my bill went higher. Ended up terminating one of my 3 lines just to lower the cost.

    Can you share with us the details (including the cost) of your plan before and after you move to Share Everything plan?

  • Chances are that when I travel to the US, I stay for at most a week. With T-Mobile $3/day, it will costs $21US. Even at current Exchange Rate 1.13, it still beats your $5 per day. No thanks!

  • Are you serious? By any measure, your Share Everything plan is just way too expensive. I am again very happy with T-Mobile $3 per day because I can use any plans.

  • Rogers is famous for telling lies. No Thanks. I am on a Telus Corporate plan. $60 per month, 6GB data and unlimited National Wide minutes.

  • Don

    I am not on a share plan. Too bad. I have to use the regular rip off roaming options. Rogers SUCKS

  • Don

    As I commented before, how can you expect the millions of Rogers wireless customers who are not on the new share everything plans to pay the expensive roaming options, while share plan people get a great deal? You will lose customers over this, me included, if this does not change

  • Kelowna77

    I am so hoping the Telus comes up with something like this because I really need it because I go to the states one day a week but I’m down for the entire day and can’t use my phone unless I find Wi-Fi so I would definitely pay five bucks a week to use my phone like I do up here and telus is losing out by not having something like this

  • John-Paul Bonadonna

    Based on the abuse you take, I for one appreciate your presence here. This thread is from pretty long ago, just confirming that Roam Like Home still includes data (along with talk and text)