Rogers Debuts Share Everything+ Plans, with Spotify, Shomi, Next Issue Perks


Rogers has launched new Share Everything+ plans this morning that offer revised data buckets plus new perks of either a free subscription to Spotify Premium, shomi or Next Issue for those on the new 2.5GB plan or higher ($70+).

Share Everything+ plans allow up to 9 devices per line, starting at $35 for a smartphone/basic phone on BYOD, or $10/month for tablets/sticks/hotspots and $10/month for wireless home phone.

Screenshot 2015 09 01 08 37 44

Below are the new Share Everything+ plans with unlimited Canada-wide talk (unlimited local calling is $5 less/month) on their Premium Tab (subtract $20 for BYOD pricing) two year contract (i.e. iPhone subsidy):

  • 500MB – $80
  • 1GB – $85
  • 2.5GB – $95
  • 5GB – $110
  • 9GB – $130
  • 15GB – $160
Note the 30GB option is no longer available, as is the 6GB plan. As for data overages, they will be charged at $5 per 100MB increments–or $50 per gigabyte (!).
As always, the fine prints says your first invoice will have a  “Connection Fee” of $20.

Screenshot 2015 09 01 08 59 21

Screenshot 2015 09 01 08 59 29

Rogers said in an email they “redesigned our data buckets with the family in mind so there is less worry while streaming on the go.”

Spotify Premium as a perk originally debuted on the company’s sub-brand Fido and now Rogers customers also have access, which includes three accounts. For shomi, six user profiles are included, while Next Issue allows five personal libraries with their Unlimited Basic tier. Unfortunately, streaming Spotify will still use your data plan, unlike Videotron’s recent unlimited music offering.

Anyone going to be jumping on these new plans?


  • Kellie

    Until Rogers starts charging reasonable rates for data again, no plan hopping for me!!

  • Steve K

    We our company discount these are great prices, I’ll be signing up tomorrow.

  • Tim M

    lol .. $110 for 5GB

  • Richard Neufeld

    plans for MB are way cheaper.

  • ml66

    Since the max. overage charges for data is $50/month I see why they changed it to take advantage of that by charging more per 100MB to easily hit the max.

    This got me thinking… I currently pay $170 (before tax on contract) for 2 lines with 8GB + unlimited everything else. Once my contract ends could I technically pick up the 500MB option and fork out the additional $50 cap for data overage every month? I would then be on a no tab agreement which would lower the base charge to $60 + $35 + $50 overage charge = $145/month for unlimited everything. Not sure if it would work but you never know! 🙂

  • “Clever girl…” (Jurassic Park reference)

  • 1His_Nibs1

    T-Mobile in the U.S. has 10gb plan for all or family plan. $30.00 & 10gb per line per month (max of 4 lines I think) . Canadian Pig3 are a fucking joke!

  • FragilityG4

    Basically they’ll give you anything but what you want.

  • FragilityG4

    And honestly what if I don’t want to “share everything”? Are there plans for that?

  • navin

    FYI Fido has change the min requirement for any combined voice + Data Plan (6GB) it it now 70 dollars.

  • kabsalsa

    I thought the $50 overage was a cap and Rogers would turn your data off until you called to authorize paying more?

  • mackman6151

    I don’t see where it says there is a $50 cap for data overages. The $50 cap is for roam like home. It just says $5/100mb