Rogers ‘Share Everything’ Plans Launch, Bonus Data on 1GB, 3GB Options


Just under a week ago it was revealed Rogers was set to launch Share Everything pricing and yesterday amidst Apple’s iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c hoopla, the company officially launched their new plans.

We’ve seen other carriers like TELUS launch similar shared plan structures with their SharePlus plans and now Rogers customers can also join in on the fun. All plans include unlimited Canada-wide calling, SMS/MMS, caller ID and Voicemail Lite.

The plans are listed below–note the 1GB and 3GB plans right now have a promo with double the data (TELUS added a similar promo yesterday for its 1GB-3GB plans).

Screen Shot 2013 09 11 at 9 48 03 AM

Unlike TELUS, there are no 250MB, 500MB or 2GB data options available; there is a new 15GB plan for $160 per month, however. Let us know if you are going to be switching to these new Share Everything plans. Promo video below:

Update from Rogers on the highlights of their new plans:

With Share Everything, Rogers customers can add up to 10 wireless devices to their plan, which is twice as many devices as other Canadian carriers. Customers can add smartphones, basic talk and text phones, tablets, as well as the Rocket stick, hub and mobile hotspot. Wireless Home Phone can also be added in select markets.

As well, our Share Everything plans include basic talk and text phones, which means you can share unlimited Canada-wide talk and text, call display and voicemail without sharing data. Our plans are the only ones to offer this type of flexibility.


  • Chrome262

    wonder if Fido will have this?

  • Rogers just responded via email to us: “Not at this time.”

  • codeblue009

    it seems these plans are looking more like Verizon plans… I guess Rogers wanted to throw in free market research for them.

  • thefunkie1

    These new plans are horrible if you ask me. I signed up for a 3 year family plan just before these 2 year plan came out…2 phones unlimited everything and 10GB of data shared. Total cost = $4320 over term of contract. Take a comparable plan now…$140 + $55 for second line = $195 per month. That is crazy. That is something like $4680 over 2 years. I understand rolling in the subsidy charges for the third year of 3 year plans….but not the service charges as well. They essentially took the price of a 3 year plan and divided by 24 months. The graphic above indicates only 1 smartphone line with the initial charge….so unless I’m reading something incorrectly, this is insanely bad pricing as compared to our 3 year plans.

  • thefunkie1

    Just to be clear, my 3 year family plan is $120 per month – forgot that in the original post.

  • JustToBeClear

    With these “new” shared plans, does that mean that I can no longer tether or use my personal hot spot to get my wifi only iPad online when I’m not in a free wifi area unless I have one of these share plans?

  • Al

    No – it doesn’t mean that. At least I wouldn’t think so. I have an existing Rogers share plan and I can still tether.

  • Kevin D.

    Plans in Canada are complete rip offs!!!

  • reformcanada

    I am moving to WIND. I know i’ll have to sacrifice on imessage and visual voicemail but I’ll end up saving a lot of money!

  • Jesse Hollington

    Sadly, you will lose Visual Voicemail if you’re not on a supported carrier. iMessage doesn’t require any carrier integration, however, so you’ll be fine with that on WIND.

  • Jesse Hollington

    Unlike AT&T down south, none of the Canadian carriers have yet restricted tethering, per se — it’s disabled on really small data plans, but beyond that there are no other charges for it. I can’t see that changing with these Share Plans; this seems to be more about sharing multiple data accounts, not routing all of your data through one device via tethering.

  • youreallyhavenoclue

    At first I thought this was a good deal. Should have known better.

    So technically I could get a 3GB + 3GB Plan for $105 with all the features listed there – then add my wife’s existing Rogers phone to the plan for an additional…how much exactly? Confusion…the norm with rogers apparently.

  • thefunkie1

    To add another smartphone is $55 per month….putting your total at $160 a month. Way too much…

  • ward09

    Absolute garbage.

  • youreallyhavenoclue

    Ya that’s a little much. Retention’s better have something positive waiting for me when I call in a month or so 🙂

  • Worthyofed

    It seems to me that all three carriers have pretty much the exact same “Share Everything” type plan.

    To sum it up, it’s basically unlimited everything for $55 per phone line, plus data ($50 for 3gb + 3gb). And you can save $20 per line if you bring your own phone. Bell, Telus, and Rogers all have the same plans. Am I missing something?

    So… two phones, 6 gb of data, if you bring your own (unlocked iPhone 5s, for example), all for $120 plus tax? Seems decent to me…

  • Worthyofed

    It’s only $35 to “bring your own” smartphone. I’m assuming this means if you have your own, purchased an unlocked one, or whatever.

    Maybe I’m crazy, but that seems decent to me…