Rogers ‘Share Everything Pricing’ Coming, Plus New 15GB Plan for $160/month


Rogers looks to be expanding its plans with new ‘Share Everything’ pricing, coming September 10, according to an internal doc, reports MobileSyrup. Essentially the new pricing model will allow customers to add various devices (such as another smartphone, tablet or basic phone) to their plans to share data usage; up to 9 devices in total can be added.

Customers will first pick a smartphone plan, which all include unlimited Canada-wide calling, SMS/MMS, caller ID and Voicemail Lite. These are the same plans Rogers introduced when they revealed two year term pricing, except with the addition of a 15GB plan which will cost $160 per month.

Once a plan is chosen, there is a ‘Device Connection Fee’ applicable to devices added, ranging from $10 to $55 (the same prices as TELUS), as seen in the chart below:


With the impending launch of ‘Share Everything Pricing’, Rogers notes all Talk & Text Family/SmartTeam plans will expire at midnight on September 9. Existing customers can stay on these plans and will not be forced to switch plans.

Let us know if you’ll be jumping on this new pricing structure.


  • This might be tempting for me to switch to. My wife and I are both looking to upgrade our phones and she hardly uses any data, but uses a lot of minutes. I’m the opposite, so a shared plan with enough data for me should be fine.

    It’ll depend on what they offer me to switch from Fido. I’ve heard before that Rogers will offer a switch from Fido with no penalty fees even if you’re still on contract. If they’d offer us that and free visual voicemail, I’d probably make the switch.

  • adam

    I dont know, it still seems like they just jacked the price up on us by about 30% and used the 2year thing as a scape goat. we used to get 60$ plans with 1gig and they subsidized iphones which cost them 15$. so really the plan was 45$ with 1gig. now if you byob, its 65$ for 1 gig. so they are making 20$ more a plan. makes no sense,

  • Still way more than anyone with half decent negotiation skills probably already has through retentions. Both my wife and I have unlimited everything with 6 Gigs for $75/month each. With these new plans we’d need at least the 10gig shared option (I use virtually all of my 6gigs every month and she uses about 3), so we’d be at $175, versus $150 we pay now.

    Meh. It’s clear Rogers is still trying to squeeze for every penny, except instead of squeezing with minutes like they used to, the new squeeze is with data instead. Sharing is a great idea, but with undersized plans and oversized prices, it’s clear they’re trying to make data their profit center now and have given up on the underlying calling plans.

  • MleB1

    Ha, ha, ha, ha! No, really. Let me wipe the tears of laughter from my face. Ha, ha, ha, ha!
    Really? These are deals, Rogers? Behold the lack of any competition in the wireless market and why all the money spent by the Big Three in their ads when there was the Verizon ‘threat’ garnered them absolutely no traction or sympathy with Canadian consumers. And now that threat is gone (and the Harper Government waffles), Rogers et al can go back to playing merry hell with ‘subscribers’.

  • James

    I would stick with fido, as the fido dollars come in handy. Moreover, if Rogers has this plan, chances are you’ll be able to get the same from Fido too.

  • awful

    i read this …. and weep.

  • Chris Mark

    Does it apply to subsidized iPhone 5 as well?

  • Chrome262

    Fido dollars have saved me boat loads on new phones. I buy mine direct, but my wife gets hers with her dollars. With our family plan by end of contract we will have close to full price on an iPhone, and with unlocking available now, she/or I can get a new phone and buy it out right with the dollars. It and per second billing are the reasons i have stayed with Fido.

  • I agree I like the Fido dollars, and I used to love the per-second billing, but now that our plans are unlimited calling, it’s mostly a moot point. I guess it probably still applies to roaming though, which is quite nice if that’s the case.

    For me it will likely depend on how much Fido wants from me to renew my contract early. We have $150 Fido dollars saved up, so that would be beneficial to use, but if they want something like $300 for me to get out of my contract, the switch to Rogers will be tempting. I’ll have to give them a call and see what my damage will be.

  • I would sure hope so for those prices. I assume it does.

  • Yes it should

  • Chris Mark

    So I would pay 2 X $199.99 for 2 iPhone 5 plus activation fee on spot and go home with $85 + $55 + tax monthly plan for 2 years?

  • I can’t confirm that, best to talk to Rogers. But according to the device connection fee, it says $55 to add a new smartphone. Then again, the iPhone is in its own league and there are monthly minimums.

    PS – Your avatar is really, really distracting.

  • Chrome262

    Make sure you don’t get nailed when switching, I know some of them will say its not a problem, but you don’t want a bill from Fido because they didn’t get the memo. remember you are dealing with Rogers, and they often “forget” to process stuff.

  • Chris Mark

    Sorry for the avatar. It’s my facebook profile picture, I logged in to disqus with facebook. I will replace it if you want.

    Thanks for the answer. I think the non-apple phones are called “SMART PICK DEVICES” or “SMART CHOICE”. That’s $45 for the second line. But no mention about the first line. Damn!

  • Umm.. No need to change it. :p

  • yo yo

    Why don’t people buy their phone out right from start? Are you guys that poor to get one?