Rogers, Shaw to Beta Launch ‘shomi’ Streaming Service on Nov. 4 [u]


Rogers and Shaw customers will be the first to try the new streaming service joint venture from both companies as shomi launches on November 4.

Shomi will be available on the web, select tablets and mobile devices (iOS and Android), set top boxes and later for Xbox 360 and Chromecast.

“For the past few weeks, we’ve had a rolling thunder of content announcements that position shomi as the ultimate streaming destination with the must-have hit titles you can’t get on any other video streaming service in Canada,” said Marc Dinsdale, General Manager, shomi.

Both companies have been inking content deals with various Hollywood and international studios, and claims close to 12,000 hours of content for the first year. Despite being a Netflix competitor, shomi previously announced it will partner with Netflix to distribute a new Canadian drama.

The service is priced at $8.99 per month and will be available to Rogers and Shaw Internet or cable customers first. Let us know if you will be trying out this new streaming service. For existing Netflix users–will you be willing to pay an extra $9 per month for this?

Update from Shaw’s press release:

Shaw customers get a one month free trial of shomi, with Shaw Internet customers getting an additional two months access through the shomi app and website.

Bell earlier announced its own TV streaming service called Project Latte, coming soon.


  • K3

    Netflix in Canada right now for what seems like the first time seems to be on par with Netflix in the US.

    Any chance this new service might have first month free?

  • miggy_smalls

    No word on a first month free promo, but that would be helpful even just to look at the catalog. Hopefully Rogers releases a list of titles, because right now it is hard to believe there will be any coverage that Netflix doesn’t offer.

  • Fireeast

    It depends, if they show new release’s (Day after or 6 months later) similar to Netflix I would get it espically if the content is truly different. I would also drop my cable package. Just saved like 80 bucks.

  • duffsurly

    its supposed to be launching for shaw and rogers employees only november 4th, i know thus because I’m a technician for shaw. the full launch is not until January.

  • navin

    didn’t it say to rogers and shaw customers? I think you need your eyes checked!

  • Yep, we stated it’s a beta launch for Rogers and Shaw customers.

  • FragilityG4

    Except you need a cable or internet package to get it and what they charge for data you might be doubling up on that price!

  • K3

    “For the first time on par” — I’m switching between US and Canada, finding allot of shows in the US now available here.
    It hasn’t been this good up until now.

  • youreallyhavenoclue

    I agree it’s getting better but there are some obvious ones like It’s always sunny that is still not on Canadian Netflix. Dude just look at the link, it’s literally 2x the amount of content in the US. It’s not even close.

    Funny to note that Shomi doesn’t name the number of titles, rather a vague “12,000 hours of content” I wonder what the Canadian and American netflix have in terms of content hours…

  • shawtsr

    clearly one of our better techs… get glasses