Rogers and Shaw’s Shomi Says They’ll Pay You $50 to Explain Why You Cancelled


Last November marked the (beta) launch of Rogers and Shaw’s Shomi streaming service, available for a free trial for the latter’s customers and beyond that, $8.99 per month.

While many customers did not extend their free trials (if you didn’t cancel yourself, you’d be billed automatically), many did.

It now appears shomi is targeting these customers as an email blast sent out today says they will give you a $50 prepaid credit card to “take you out to dinner,” if you agree to answer a 30 minute survey about your experience and “where you think we can improve.” All users need to do is reply to the email and someone will contact them.

Shomi survey

This spring, Rogers was extending shomi to two years for some customers, ahead of its public launch in Canada this summer.

Did you get this email from shomi? Are you going to participate in the survey?


  • It’s Me

    My free trial never ended and nothing new has shown up any of the bills past after the trial was suppose to end. Then again, I only watched shomi through the cable box for the first few months which didn’t require a registration, and only registered to use the app on Apple TV in the last couple weeks. Maybe the trial doesn’t count until you register and not while you only use it on the STB,

  • Spiridus

    HAHAHA! I so wish I got this email…would’ve had a blast explaining why I cancelled my Shomi subscription 1 day after it started! I don’t trust Rogers, flat out!

  • I cancelled it so I could get $50.

  • Are you on a higher-tier Rogers Internet package? My understanding is that shomi is included on the top two or three Ignite packages for a year or two beyond the normal “free trial” period. I still have it, but I’m on Ignite 250u, and I was expected it to stick around as a result.

  • It’s Me

    I actually switched to ignite 100 yesterday and the said shomi would be free for 2 years. But in feb I switched to hybrid60 and they said it was a 2 month trial. But it was never cut off.