Rogers Sends ‘Rogers Smart Drive’ Activation Emails in Error, Even Reaches Non-Customers


The Rogers social media team is working overtime on Twitter, as last night an erroneous email was sent out to customers noting they had signed up for Rogers Smart Drive, which caused some to think their account had somehow signed up for the service.

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The email sent out last night at 5:14PM PST read:

Now that you’ve received your Rogers Smart DriveTM device, we wanted to remind you how easy it is to start taking advantage of all its great features and benefits.

For more information on how to set up and use your device, check out this how-to video for some simple do-it-yourself steps:

It wasn’t until nearly 12 hours later did Rogers send out yet another email, to apologize for the confusion. This time, the email was sent from Raj Doshi, EVP, Consumer Wireless:

Last night you received an email regarding Rogers Smart Drive that was sent to you in error. Please be assured that no services or products have been activated without your permission.

Please accept our sincere apologies for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.

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Checking the timeline of the @RogersHelps Twitter account, they are responding non-stop to customers who are asking about the original activation email.

Some customers noted they received the email, despite not having an active Rogers account for over two years. In our case, we received the email and haven’t been a Rogers customer in years. Rogers currently has over 10 million wireless customers alone.

A Rogers spokesperson commented to iPhone in Canada, to say “Some of our customers received an email regarding Rogers Smart Drive in error. Customers can be assured that no product or service was added to their account. We have sent affected customers a follow-up email clarifying the error. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.”

Did you receive this Rogers Smart Drive email from Rogers?


  • David

    Yep! I wonder how the CRTC will respond given the CASL that is in place? They clearly did not have consent to send a lot of these emails.

  • colinbendell

    it’s an interesting marketing technique. sure there will those that will be frustrated about an unsolicited email. Others may be intrigued by this ‘supposed’ gaff.

  • Flash

    Yep I got it to two of my email addresses and haven’t been a Rogers customer in 8 years

  • Olivier

    Got the same email, i am a current customer.

  • Bill___A

    There is a difference between intentionally sending unsolicited email and making a mistake. If they did it repeatedly, I expect there would be some regulatory action, but since they accidentally did it and apologized, it is just a mistake.

  • Janet Jones

    So, If i make a simple mistake and run through a stop sign and hit another car I should be fine right? just a simple mistake. Mistakes have consequences .

  • Janet Jones

    I made a simple mistake and missed paying my phone bill… I was late. simple mistake. I won’t get charged a late fee right?

  • Of course it had to be Rogers..

  • Riley Freeman

    so what is rogers smart drive?

  • Bill___A

    I guess we’ll see what happens. I am not going to complain about it, and I got the email.

  • I also got it on a throwaway email that was signed up to their newsletter alerts. This may have gone out to….everybody

  • Agreed, it’s just an email, they apologized for sending it out in error and whoever is still complaining about it should find something more productive to complain about..Like Roger’s awful service.

  • FragilityG4

    I got it, did think much of it beyond being a mistake. Stuff happens.

  • Jay

    Theres an unsubscribe button in the bottom of the email.
    People annoyed can just have their email removed, the CRTC cant and wont do anything about this, falls withing Rogers’ rights to email subscribers, incredible the things people will get overly offended by its ridiculous

  • Mark Holoubek

    I have never owned a car in my life and received the email.

  • Bill___A

    Well, if you are not getting a good service from them, you should get it fixed. Where I live and where I go, I think any of the 3 main carriers work fine. Rogers gives me a little more versatility when I travel than Telus does as they allow wi fi calling and some other things that Telus does not out of Canada – although Telus offers roaming in more countries at the $10 rate. None of the carriers are perfect, you have to go with the best fit for you.

  • Jesse

    THANK GOODNESS! I was so thrown off when I got this email this morning..

  • Olivier

    Rogers service IMO has increaed significantly and I never have issues with them

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Did you read the article? It was sent to non-subscribers as well.

  • Aleks Oniszczak

    Maybe Rogers is trying out Negative option billing again.

    “A business practice in which a customer agrees to have goods or services to be provided automatically, and the customer must either pay for the service or specifically decline it in advance of billing”

  • raslucas

    I got it. Emailed back “What?”. Really wasn’t a big deal.

  • Riley Freeman

    thanks Gary

  • Patrick Bouchard

    I got this email. I’m blind, so obviously don’t/can’t drive. It made me chuckle. I figured it was an error, a quick login to the Rogers website showed me no new services on my account, so I wasn’t worried.

    People who got upset about this really need to reevaluate their priorities. It was obviously a mistake anyone could make. A mistake that caused no harm other than some mild confusion.

  • What is life without something to complain about? 😛

    Agreed that people need to find better things to complain about Rogers for.

  • Kate

    I’m not a Rogers customer and I received this.
    But the thing is: Where did they get my email??

  • Ken Dijkstra

    i got the email, i also got the followup email saying it was sent in error.
    HOWEVER, i’m now as of late thursday getting automated phone messages from Fedex saying a package from rogers is waiting for me to pick up.
    i’ve not been directly a rogers customer for several years, however i do have Teksavvy cable internet (which is just reselling rogers bandwidth,) could there be a connection?