Rogers Smart Home Monitoring Launches in Greater Vancouver


The Rogers Smart Home Monitoring service has launched in Greater Vancouver today, to allow customers to keep tabs on their home from the iPhone, iPad, computer or the web. The new offering will make its debut at the BC Home and Garden Show today.

The security system allows users to choose from packages that allow them to monitor their home and control smart lights, thermostats, door locks and more.

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Ian Pattinson, Vice-President, Rogers Smart Home Monitoring, said in a statement “Our Smart Home Monitoring system is a connected solution that gives customers peace of mind to know their home is safe and lets them interact with their home while they’re at work, on vacation or out shopping for the day.”

The service was first launched in Ontario back in 2011, while expansion hit Atlantic Canada, New Brunswick and Newfoundland in 2013.

The base plan starts at $19.99 per month but there is also a one-time $99.99 installation fee and/or $211.11 System Upgrader installation fee, according to the fine print.

For those with Share Everything wireless plans, the company says if you sign up for Smart Home Monitoring you will “instantly receive a discount on their Smart Home Monitoring service.”

Let us know if you’re going to be signing up for this or not.


  • matt

    How will it work? Is it just a third party service to allow the user to keep tabs on their home if they ALREADY have the technology, like a nest or electronic lock?

  • You buy or rent smart hardware from Rogers, which you can then monitor using the iOS app, the web and more.

  • matt

    Is it their own branding or do they offer things alike nest?

  • Check out their website for more info–it doesn’t specify.

  • CanucksGoal

    From what I know, it’s not a third party service. It is Rogers own brand and has been out some time ago on the east coast. I guess you can keep your existing equipments if it is the same technology. It would be cool if it can bundle with my Fido cellphone then I will be interested.

  • Alvin Singh

    The bundle is not available however there is a work around to make that happen for you. Call me (604)360-0054 and I can help. I am an SSR FOR Rogers Smart Home.

  • Alvin Singh

    My name is Alvin Singh and I am an SSR FOR Rogers Smart Home. For a free assessment or more information please call me at (604) 360-0054.