Rogers Announces Fido Customers to Get Free Spotify Premium Plans [u]


Rogers has announced it has partnered with streaming music service Spotify to offer the latter to Fido customers, in the form of a free 24-month premium subscription.

“We know our customers love to stream music and Spotify is the obvious choice for us,” said Raj Doshi, who’s the top dog at Fido.

Interestingly, the press release refers to Raj Doshi, the Rogers VP of product and hardware management of their wireless division as “the top dog at Fido”—this seems more casual that normal, possibly hinting at the company’s upcoming rebrand of the latter.

There’s no word on what will be required for Fido customers to get the free 2-year Spotify Premium plan, but our guess it will come with new contracts signed when the carrier’s rebrand launches in April, expected to target a younger demographic (which will also end the FIDOdollars program and offer new plans).

Update: According to journalist Peter Nowak, Spotify streaming will use your Fido data plan–which means more data burned (and overages):

Update 2, 11:00PM PDT: A Rogers spokesperson told us the following via email “We don’t offer zero rated plans, and we’ll be sharing more details will be released on how and when Fido customers can get Spotify Premium.” In other words, Spotify on Fido will use your data plan.

Sweden-based Spotify has a music library of over 30 million songs and is available in 58 markets worldwide, with over 60 million active users. The service officially launched last September in Canada.


  • Tim

    If it counts toward data use, then it’s obviously just a means to push more people into paying overages. Hardly “free”.

  • Mark Holoubek

    Can’t you download songs with a premium account for offline use though? So you shouldn’t have to stream off cell network. My question is why only Fido customers?

  • Joe Peplowski

    I know our carriers suck and everything, but it’s free Spotify. Spotify isn’t cheap. You don’t have to listen on your phone especially if your data plan can’t handle it. Cut them some slack when they’ve made a step in the right direction for once.

  • Rio

    I guess it is only free for smart people then. Maybe you should go and complain to Rogers and tell them not to offer their Customers free Perks like this.

  • Olivier

    I want this. Hope it’s not only for the new customers and that my 65$ plan with my iPhone 6 will be eligible. With the Playstation update with Spotify now, I really need a premium plan.

  • Tim M

    I have the 750MB plan and stream music over LTE every day and never pay overages to Fido.

  • Daniel MacGibbon

    wait, why are they not bringing it to rogers customers?

  • Anthony

    Lol there’s no way you stream music everyday and don’t go over with 750MB. Unless it’s for like a minute and then you shut your phone off the rest of the day.

  • Anon

    Probably to boost Fido signups. But all it will do is just piss off Rogers customers lol.

  • CanucksGoals

    I don’t usually go with the Big 3 but this is an add on for Fido customers like myself without extra charge. So IT IS FREE! People can complain anything these days.

    For Spotify premium account, you can download more than 3000 songs using WiFi and listen to them offline. It means you can listen to songs more than 10 days straight 24/7 without repeating one song. Google to learn if you don’t know how.

  • matt

    So has this been clarified? Will it count towards data? I like this move to give the subscription for free but ultimately, you’re still paying in terms of your data(if the data cap rumour is true)

    I have a plan with 2 GB of data so while I applaud rogers/Fido for making this move, I still won’t jump on it with the risk of paying overages on my plan if I do go over from streaming the music

  • Sorry for the late response but have updated our post, with word from a Rogers spokesperson. Spotify on Fido will use your data plan.

  • Probably to coincide with Fido’s upcoming rebrand, which is said to target younger customers. Looks like Spotify will be an added ‘bonus’ for signing up on a contract I suspect, but of course it will use your data plan.

  • matt

    thanks for updating, gary 🙂

    again, i acknowledge and appreciate their move on the free subscription aspect BUT i don’t find this “free” because, like i said, we are still paying in terms of whats in our data packs

    anybody know what the data charges are for streaming music anyways?

  • Tim M

    a track on Spotify is about 1MB per minute. With that said, I don’t stream for ridiculous lengths of time, only about half hour total a day, all other times, my phone is on WiFi

  • Anthony

    Ya you’d still be over, 30mb a day for 30 days. I have 6gb and I get close to mine 750mb is almost unusable.

  • Canucks

    What data charge? You can just download it under WiFi and play it offline. Read the comments below. 🙂

  • Fido is and always has been the younger, tech-saavy crowd customer base…and is growing faster than the Rogers brand. The Rogers brand has its own perks, such as NHL which Fido does not.

  • It cannot be zero rated in Canada due to our net neutrality laws. Therefore it MUST count towards data.

  • florence

    Hello here,
    I just renewed my plan with Fido and I have Spotify included. I just created an account on their website, but I’d like to know how am I supposed to get it for free. There’s no indication anywhere and I honestly don’t know the app. I’m on an Mac (and I’ll download it on my iPhone)
    Can somebody help me with this please?

    Thank you so much !!

  • Arianna

    So I have this plan and i signed up for it, but it only lasted two months, whats going on?