Rogers ‘suretap’ Mobile Wallet to Launch in Coming Weeks


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Word of Rogers and their NFC mobile wallet plans called suretap was first known last October, with a partnership with CIBC and MasterCard, powered by a Gemalto SIM-based NFC solution. Today, Rogers has announced its suretap mobile wallet will launch “in the coming weeks”:

“The arrival of our mobile wallet is a major step towards our vision of a mobile experience, where Canadians will quickly and securely access cards they carry in their physical wallet on their smartphone,” said David Robinson, Vice President of Emerging Business at Rogers. “We have built a strong foundation to deliver financial services and mobile commerce solutions, and we will continue to deliver mobile payments experiences that are beneficial for consumers and retailers across Canada.”

Rogers will also launch co-branded prepaid MasterCard available at various retailers for customers to fund their suretap wallet.

The suretap mobile wallet will allow customers to make small purchases up to $50 via compatible Rogers devices, such as a BlackBerry 9900/9790, BlackBerry Curve 9360, BlackBerry Z10 models, Samsung Galaxy S III, Galaxy Note II and LG Optimus G. The iPhone won’t work with suretap.

Anyone interested in the Rogers suretap mobile wallet?


  • PJC29

    way to go rogers.. no ios fail!
    researhs say ios poeople spend more then android..

  • djepsilon

    Uhh… That’s an Apple fail. iPhones don’t have NFC chips.

  • NotARogersEmployee

    iOS was excluded because iPhones don’t have NFC. Regardless, Android market share reached 81.3% as of Q3 2013 (Apple fell to 13.4%). To put it simply, there are 6 Android devices for every iOS device out there. Also, research shows that you’re probably retarded.

  • websnap

    Ok, of that 83% how many of those phones have NFC? How many of theses phones have new enough software to run this? How many of theses phones are used to make any purchases at all? Apple my have less global market share but everyone knows that is where the users who actually use the devices and spend money are. It was a fair question to ask why the mobile users with the most active spending habits were left out of a mobile payment scheme.

    Just with my starbucks app alone I purchase more with my phone than anyone I know with android or BB, never mind my other passbook cards.

    Also, there is no need to call people names just because they posted another view you don’t share and that wasn’t even aimed at you. Grow up.

  • PJC29

    You sir, are a class act…