Rogers Teams Up with Microsoft for Windows Phone 8 and Tablet Launch


Rogers announced today it has partnered with Microsoft as the “preferred Canadian wireless partner” for the launch of Windows 8, which will include the earlier announced exclusive offering of the Nokia Lumia 920, Windows Phone 8X by HTC and the Samsung ATIV Smart PC tablet:

“Rogers has a rich history of innovative firsts, and we’re excited to join forces with Microsoft to bring these great new devices to Canadians,” said Rob Bruce, President, Rogers Communications. “Our customers are accustomed to Rogers leading the way with exciting new mobile devices. Windows 8, powered by Rogers LTE and broadband networks, will continue this tradition and bring a powerful new multi-screen ecosystem to Canada.”

Microsoft is set to launch its Microsoft Surface tablet next week, alongside Windows 8.

The alliance between both companies stems on their history of working together on launches such as the debut of Rogers Anyplace TV On Demand on Xbox. Rogers also notes they will also have their own apps ready for Windows phone and tablets, such as Rogers My Account, Rogers Anyplace TV and Rogers One Number.


  • FragilityG4

    You may want to revisit that first paragraph … The first line is confusing.

  • Richard

    Rogers + Microsoft = Boring…

  • Cormang

    Anything Microsoft at this point is exciting for most of us. Esepecially those who work in the IT industry. Windows Phone 8 will change the Enterprise. You will see a massive shift from BlackBerry to WP8. I’d have to say anything Apple is “boring” at the moment which is probably why this iPhone blog is reporting more and more on Microsoft and Android. LOL. But, it’s all opinion of course.

  • FragilityG4

    “A massive shift from Blackberry” that’s not giving Microsoft much to go by since there’s barely anyone on blackberry anymore … Besides whenever Microsoft does anything phone we hear from their camp that it will be the next best thing …. So here’s to the same old song.

    iPhones boring to you yet your trolling on an iPhone blog site …. Hmmmm