Rogers, Bell, Telus & Fido Confirm Launch of iPhone 4 in July


Looks like Rogers has broken their silence on the status of the iPhone 4’s arrival in Canada. We know Rogers was the first to launch the iPhone 3G in Canada, will they be the first of the “Big 3” to launch the iPhone 4? As of now, Canada is only one of a handful of countries to offer the iPhone 3GS from three different wireless carriers.  Our sources also confirmed that Telus will also be launching the iPhone 4 in Canada as well (we can assume Bell will do the same Bell has confirmed along with Fido). Gee, what’s that saying again…”monkey see, monkey do?”

Just posted on their Redboard, they had this to say:

Rogers intends to launch iPhone 4, the thinnest smartphone in the world with the highest resolution display ever built into a phone, in Canada in the coming weeks.

As this is a brand new device – just announced today – we’re not ready to talk about release date or pricing just yet. We’ll announce the details here at the same time as our dealers and Care reps get them, so check back on RedBoard to learn more.

Upgrading Nightmares Soon to Come for iPhone 4

The problem with the wireless industry in Canada is the dreaded 3 year contract (akin to a life sentence to your cell carrier). For those who previously purchased an iPhone 3GS on a 3 year contract, what will be your eligibility options to upgrade to the iPhone 4 can real sticky. For that reason alone, I will be forgoing a renewal to my 3 year contract and buy the iPhone 4 outright. It’s a small price to pay for the sweet taste of freedom.

New Laws Could Enable Our Communication Companies Access to Foreign Capital

Could we be looking at improvements to our wireless network and services in Canada? From Business Week, regarding the lightening of foreign-investor rules:

“Having it as closed as it is now is starting to impede the ability of the players to compete, to innovate, to sustain the capital investment that is required for a modern, digital economy,” Industry Minister Tony Clement said in an interview at the Canadian Telecom Summit in Toronto today.

Canada’s mobile-phone penetration trails the U.S. as well as poorer countries like Algeria, according to the International Telecommunication Union, and the government wants to change that. Canada had 66 wireless subscribers for every 100 people in 2008, compared with 93 in Algeria and 87 in the U.S.

The only issue is when we will find out the exact iPhone 4 launch dates in July. The iPhone 3GS was launched on June 19th last year, a Friday. The iPhone 3G launched on July 11th, 2008. If history repeats itself, my guess is Saturday, July 10th for the iPhone 4 launch in Canada.


  • dash8311

    I'm with you Gary — I'll buy the new phone outright and won't sign another contract. With Moblicity coming to Vancouver there is no reason to.

  • Pat

    How much would outright pricing be? Don't say $700 🙁

  • Carlitos

    Moblicity is on AWS. iPhone 4 works on GSM 3G networks.
    Sorry, ur probably outta luck.

  • Chris Johnston

    I just called Rogers and they told me that I am early upgrade eligible for the new iPhone. I bought the iPhone 3G the first day it came out on July 11th, 2008

  • Randy

    iPhone won't work with Mobilicity, or any of the new carriers for that matter.

  • Drew

    I have a 3G and my contract won't reach the two year mark until late August, so I'm really hoping they'll just let me upgrade one month early.

  • dash8311

    I didn't realize Mobilicity didn't support it. Perhaps this will change?

    Anyway, being a 10+ year Rogers customer, I am ready for change from the Big 3. The poor support & pricing models Rogers provides, while locked into the world's longest term contract, has me thinking enough is enough.

    I have a novel idea: Have Rogers become an industry leader. Provide us, your loyal customers, with low-cost, industry leading plans. This means $50 max, and includes everything. I would like excellent value from my plan. The $103.90 per month I pay is not what I call 'value'. The aforementioned $50 'Everything Plan' provides unlimited everything the iPhone does, including data, text, and North America calling.

    You would have a massive increase in customers, and as such, make more money than you would now, guaranteed. And I know, from being your customer, you just want more money. Everybody wins.

    If this doesn’t work for Rogers, I’ll take my $3740.40 somewhere else.

    /Rogers rant…

  • shurcooL

    Would you need to renew the 3-year contract to do the upgrade?

  • chantellejoy

    I'm going to re-contract, but I'm fine with it, I actually don't hate Rogers as much as others. I love my current plan (which I use with my unlocked 2G) and will probably just add a data package to it.

    Which leaves me with just one item on my wish list for Rogers: OFFER THE 6Gb $30/mo Data Plan Again – or at least Similar Rates to the iPad packages.

    I'm sure we'll see some sort of iPhone package restructuring, I just hope this information is available sooner rather than later.

  • My 3G contract hits 2 years in Sept, so a new iPhone 4 may be a birthday present for me just like the 3G was 2 years ago. 🙂

  • Zilly

    No word from Sasktel yet ???? =/

  • Andy

    How come? The iPhone 4 is quad-band GSM and quad-band HSDPA, it should work on all carriers old and new here in Canada, should it not?

  • shawn

    i wonder if fido will be carring this

  • fido

    what a waste of money old features in a new body still no flash

  • Of course

  • crim

    New carriers are on AWS, therefore no.

  • Yes they will

  • Chris Johnston

    Yeah I definitely would. That's the only way I'd be able to get promotional pricing with Rogers. I was thinking about cancelling and going with Bell because their 3G coverage in Belleville is better and I am going to sell my 3G to one of my friends which would pay the ECF but I don't want to leave my 6gb plan so I am going to suck it up.

  • noah

    we are on the same boat. i am with Fido. we've been locked for almost 2 year now. it's the renewal time!!!

    hopefully, the upgrade price will remain the same to $200. however, later release makes me so sad

  • noah

    you know what. i just give up the idea of flash on iphone. it wont happen anyhow from the official.

    what u can do is getting a cool android phone or praying all the websites turn to html5 standard…

    that's a big lose for our customers. but that's the way it is…..

  • noahttic

    also, the sim-lock makes impossible unless those geeks make it unlocked. it takes time…

  • Don

    I plan on spending a lot of time in the US and at my cottage in Quebec where only the Bell network has coverage. I am not knowledgeable about all the different bands and compatibility issues. What I would like to know is if I can buy an iPhone 4 outright and then get sim cards with no contracts from Bell & AT&T and just activate and de-activate the cards as needed. Would the same iPhone work on both networks?

  • I'm afraid demand in the first launch countries will be so high that the Canadian release date will be end of July or even delayed to August. Apple has problems making enough iPads and adding another “hot” product that's made in the same factories will not help.
    Which sucks because I'm a developer and I need to test my apps on all hardware. I can't afford to go to the US and get an AT&T phone with a 2 year contract. I heard that even for full-price phones they are requiring a US credit card now.

  • Rocky

    I just got off the phone with Fido and they said there will be promotion for early upgrade to iPhone 4. It used be six month period before contact ends. But it will be 14 months

  • xxJDxx

    buying outright is starting to look like a better and better option. I'm sick of these ridiculous contracts, plus i like to change devices more than once every three years, usually after a year or so I'm ready to upgrade. I'll probaly buy the phone outright even if rogers does offer some kinda deal for those of us who bought the 3GS last year and re commited to 3 more years…

    But I have to ask, why the steep price, gonna be higher than Ipads with 3G from what I've read…..

  • Niall

    Why can't the phone just come out on the normal release date. I want to get one so badly but I leave for Europe on July 1. I hope they aren't sold out when I get back.

  • The iPhone 3GS is upgradeable to iphone 4.0 software. So you will still get the multitasking, folders, unified inbox, etc… 🙂 Just won't get the hardware improvements like the improved camera, 720p video recording with built in iMovie and front facing camera…. 🙁

  • Tamika

    🙁 I just got my 3GS in Nov. with rogers and would have loved to upgrade. I think you should be able to upgrade when ever you want as long as you are willing to pay for the up grade and renewing your contract. Sucks to be controlled like this.

  • Yup, I know the feeling. They wouldn't let me upgrade to the iPhone 3G initially when it launched, so I had to use my wife's account to upgrade. I'm not signing anymore contracts! I hate being tied down.

  • HTML5 is making huge leaps and bounds. Like they said, Flash is a big resource hog.

  • Most likely the same outright prices as the iPhone 3GS.

  • gtasscarlo

    Anyone want a iphone 3gs white so i can buy this iphone 4

  • Duc

    So say you buy the iPhone 4 full price from same carrier, cut the regular 3gs sim to micro sim size, put inside iPhone 4g and should work?

  • icemanyvr

    I'm going to buy outright, but I will wait until they are available factory unlocked in HK. I will not switch carriers as I am a 14 year customer with Rogers, and I receive a handsome discount on my bill 🙂

    Should be pretty much right away, just like with the 3Gs

  • Canadian carriers have to be doing away with the absurd 3-year contracts soon. It's absolutely crazy that they can tie you down to 3 years when technology moves this fast. It's ebay for me (sell my 3GS, buy iPhone 4). I refuse to sign another 3 year contract with anyone.

  • nosnoop

    But they would tag on the new contract on top of your old one.
    So if you have 14 months left, after the upgrade, you would now have 4 years and 2 months of contract left!!!

    If they retain this upgrade policy, you won't be eligible for another new phone until iPhone 7 in 2013… 🙁

  • Dustin

    That's not how it works. They tie you into another 3 year, not add on 3 + whatever is left.

  • nosnoop

    Maybe not for Rogers, but that's how it works for Fido!

  • Niall

    sasktel is CDMA i think, so they probably wont get the iphone until verizon

  • Unfortunately some of us can't afford to slap down $600-$800 on something like that… they have better things to pay for, like mortgages. 🙂

  • You know I am in the same boat. I know there is a lot of hate on Rogers but I've really had no issues for them. More than likely my wife is going to switch to Rogers from Bell as Rogers has US/Canada data plans and get the iPhone there… and I”ll suck it up and renew my contract to get the new iPhone at promotional pricing.

  • Oh Gary has a mortgage, but I make him buy the iPhone. Just like I guided him to buy the iPhone 3GS immediately on launch day

  • Carl

    I don't see $3,740 in that amount.

  • i'm also on fido, and got the 3G back in 2008. i have accumulated a decent amount of fido dollars to apply toward a new iPhone 4 🙂

  • I love our mortgage but of course iPhone 4 has taken the #1 spot for our financial priorities! LOL

  • I hope history will repeat it self this year around!

  • I too will be buying the iPhone 4 with no contract. I really despise those 3 year terms.

  • Back to Mr. Noodles

  • srdunn

    $109.90/month * 36months in contract+price of phone=3740

  • Gr3G

    Impossible, no company can tie you down for more than 3 yrs, therefore, they can't add 3 yrs to the remaining time on your contract, you'll just start a new 3 year contract forgetting about the months remaining to your actual contract.

  • KnightFire

    Just went to the Rogers website… is there a trick to selecting an iPhone 3GS without the 3 year term to see it's buy-it-now price? Or will I have to walk into a store to find out? Just prep'ing for the iPhone 4, I don't want a 3GS.

    icemanyvr: discounted Rogers bill?
    Been with them since Cantel/AT&T days and I don't see a discount.
    I do have a grandfathered 911 emergency account for $9 (total!) that has 30 minutes of local calling, that I gave to my son to use. But no discounts to entice me to add it to my wife's and my family plan.

  • noah

    i just checked my agreement with Fido. i have to say nosnoop is total right on fido. fido just simply added a new 3 year contract onto your current plan.

    i signed up a 3 year agreement with fido on sep. 2006. and then upgrade to iphone 3g on july 2008. if it's the case, my contract should end up on july 2011. however, on fido website, it says, my contract is gonna end up on sep. 2012….. and i can renew my plan on july, 2011.

    wtf!!! fido!! compare to the US, this is raping!! cannot believe those dudes in south are jealous because we have lots of carriers carrying iphone.. they think there're some kinds of competition down here. wtf

  • Al

    If I have an existing 3 yr contract with LG chocolate flip (i.e. 250 min, free unlimited text, free voicemail/caller id), would i be able to still use the plan on the iphone if i buy the iphone outright?

  • noah

    gotta say, i just feel like it will probably happen to us……

  • noah

    it won't work so far. there's no network frequency problem between those biggest carriers. however, the problem will be the sim-lock.

    only hope on this is iphone dev team just announced ios4 unlock will be released after apple ships iphone 4. let's pray

  • Rob C

    Correction: iPhone 3GS was released on June 19, 2009. Which was a Friday. I work at a Rogers Plus store and I got mine on my birthday June 20th. The next day after release.

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  • i have an iphone 3gs ..just had 3year contract with telus..i hope i can upgrade the phone without paying additional..i already paid $299 for the 3gs

  • I am with you, buying mine outright. My contract is up in a year and I'd rather be grandfathered with my current plan (and not be shackled for another 2-3 years).

    Correct me if I am wrong, but the iPhone 4 uses a micro SIM card, so buying involves also going to Rogers to get one? Also, do you know if your data automatically gets transferred to the new phone, assuming the SIM is connected to your current phone number?

  • CommonSense

    If you don't want to be in control, then buy it in retail price like I did with my 3GS.

    If you are too cheap to buy it full price or don't have the money (loan/mortgage), just don't wait or don't buy it at all.

    Why do you get the newest iPhone?

  • Eric

    Why would telus or bell get the iphone? They are CDMA networks, the iphone is a GSM phone. There is no way they get an iphone before verizon. The only reason why fido has the iphone is because fido is owned by rogers. Only rogers (and its subsidiaries) will have the iphone in Canada

  • Telus and Bell have had a HSPA overlay since November 2009 to allow
    SIM card based devices.

  • Telus and Bell sell the iPhone 3GS right now on their HSPA GSM network. The iPhone 4 is coming.

  • Thx fixed

  • Ryan

    Just finished chat with Fido rep. I renewed July 2008 with iPhone 3G and it currently says expiry is July 2011. Eligibility for renewing for a subsidized iPhone 4 will depend how much your monthly plan is. If you have over a 25 dollar/month plan you could be eligible this July under their current promotion. That could change in July though.

  • Rob

    The Bellus Network has HSPA overlay. They do not have a GSM network.

  • david

    i am selling my 3gs and getting an android. i dont want to be tied up to anything anymore.

  • david

    ur next gift would be iphone6 then =)

  • neosetter

    anyone heard if virgin mobile will be carrying the iphone 4? i'm assuming it will since they now carry iphones… thoughts?

  • G-Money

    If this Rogers article is to be believed, we’re a looooong way away from seeing the iPhone 4. And here I already ordered a Zagg shield for it.

  • G-Money

    If this Rogers article is to be believed, we’re a looooong way away from seeing the iPhone 4. And here I already ordered a Zagg shield for it.

  • G-Money

    If this Rogers article is to be believed, we’re a looooong way away from seeing the iPhone 4. And here I already ordered a Zagg shield for it.

  • Nate

    Please define AWS. Not everyone knows the lingo 🙂

  • Nate

    The iPhone will be locked to just one of those carriers. Your option 1 is to jailbreak and unlock.

    I have unlocked the 3GS on the Rogers network over several of the iPhone OS updates and have experienced spotty results at best. Way more dropped calls! After restoring back to unlocked state the dropped calls reduced in frequency. It all depends on how well the Dev Team develops the unlock/jailbreak program. They have to develop a new unlock/jailbreak program every time Apple updates the iPhone's operating system.

  • Nate

    Flash sucks balls. It's such a CPU hog! It even drains my laptop battery nearly twice as fast! Imagine if it starts appearing on mobile phones – we'll have to revert back to corded phones lol (to supply power).

  • Nate

    My question, since I live in Saskatchewan, is whether I will be able to use my Rogers iPhone on the new 3G SaskTel network once they turn it on in July? Will I get charged roaming charges when I connect to a SaskTel tower (which is pretty much everywhere other than Saskatoon and Regina)?

    Any ideas?

  • SaskTel is overlaying a 3G network over their CDMA network. It's slated to turn on this July. They already hinted at offering the iPhone once they turn their new network on. See the link.

  • Duc

    I wonder how much is Rogers charging for transfering the mini sim profile info to the micro sim? Or should cutting up the mini sim to micro sim going to work on the new iPhone 4?

  • Nate
  • Nate
  • Nate
  • Nate
  • Nate
  • Nate
  • Nate
  • bf4

    I can't believe how much whining you people do. You act like it's your right to get whatever phone you want, whenever you want, for whatever price you decide is right. When you got the 3GS, did you honestly think Apple wasn't going to release a new phone before you were eligible for an upgrade according to the agreement you signed?

  • Jeff

    I'm with you on this, when I get my iPhone 4 I plan on keeping it for a very long time! Oh and yelling at the Rogers Customer support won't help either…you knew that terms when you signed to contract

  • albertan

    sasktel will get iphone 4, they are currently upgrading to same network as telus and bell's 3G+. my buddy works for sasktell and is currently doing the tower upgrades. the network will be up in july for most areas and by 2011 all the towers should be updated.

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  • Kriz

    I called Rogers 3 times yesterday from 3 different numbers & they said they will get the iPhone 4 between 24-30 June. I hope we will get the iPhone 4 b4 July.

  • I spoke with Rogers yesterday and they may be doing the same deal they did last year for us iPhone users on a 3yr plan. Last year for 2 months after release of 3Gs; if you spent 150 a month for a year (with your first iPhone) you were eligible for the upgrade. Here's hoping 🙂

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  • xxJDxx

    this may be true, but ironically, i tried to view the iphone 4 video on the apple website FROM my iphone. It wouldn't load…

  • Are you sure? Try again because it works fine on my iPhone.

  • guest

    How will you get one from Hong Kong, i.e. you or a friend going there or eBay or something else? I want to buy one outright too but not unless I can get it factory unlocked. The jailbreak game is a nuisance.

  • icemanyvr

    I'll pick one up when I'm over there, or if I'm in a hurry, I'll just use eBay.

  • Jd2157

    There should be a formula for an upgrade so you can do it any time, i.e. cost of the phone to upgrade + x dollars per month left in your contract = your cost to upgrade to whatever phone whenever you want.

    This way everyone's happy. The customer can upgrade whenever they want (at a fair cost) and the carrier doesn't get screwed out of getting their subsidy money back. They can't be expected to incur the cost of people upgrading whenever they want without recovering the subsidies.

  • Jd2157

    AWS is defined here:, it’s aka UMTS Band 4… which operates on 1700MHz, whereas the iPhone only supports UMTS Bands 1,2,5 and 8 (i.e. 2100, 1900, 850, 900 MHz respectively).

    Wind Mobile, Mobilicity and T-Mobile all AWS.

  • Jd2157

    AWS is defined here:, it’s aka UMTS Band 4… which operates on 1700MHz, whereas the iPhone only supports UMTS Bands 1,2,5 and 8 (i.e. 2100, 1900, 850, 900 MHz respectively).

    Wind Mobile, Mobilicity and T-Mobile all AWS.

  • Jd2157

    AWS is defined here:, it’s aka UMTS Band 4… which operates on 1700MHz, whereas the iPhone only supports UMTS Bands 1,2,5 and 8 (i.e. 2100, 1900, 850, 900 MHz respectively).

    Wind Mobile, Mobilicity and T-Mobile all AWS.

  • Jd2157

    AWS is defined here:, it’s aka UMTS Band 4… which operates on 1700MHz, whereas the iPhone only supports UMTS Bands 1,2,5 and 8 (i.e. 2100, 1900, 850, 900 MHz respectively).

    Wind Mobile, Mobilicity and T-Mobile all AWS.

  • Bkushner

    Hey angry rogers fanboy, if we had 2 year contracts like the rest of the civilized world we wouldn't complain. To be tied to a 3 year contract with the designed obsolete industry is outrageous. The iphone 3g is not even adequate enough to run the new software and it is only 2 years old. Technically we can not upgrade yet if we own this product in canada. Our government has to step in. Unlock the phones.

  • Bkushner

    I just sold my 3gs for 600 dollars. That is how you can afford to buy these off contract.

  • James00

    How is that possible??

  • James00

    We should start a petition to encourage Rogers to allow us 3G and 3GS owners from last year the ability to upgrade to the new iPhone 4 this year!

  • Bkushner

    Fido is contract stacking.

  • Bkushner

    Fido is contract stacking.

  • So, I plan on giving my sister my 3G when I purchase the iPhone 4. The only issue is that she’s on Telus and I am on Rogers. Does anyone know if Rogers will unlock my iPhone?

    According to the passed C-32 copyright modernization act, I should be able to have my phone unlocked (either by jailbreaking or getting Rogers to) so I can use it on another network.

  • So, I plan on giving my sister my 3G when I purchase the iPhone 4. The only issue is that she’s on Telus and I am on Rogers. Does anyone know if Rogers will unlock my iPhone?

    According to the passed C-32 copyright modernization act, I should be able to have my phone unlocked (either by jailbreaking or getting Rogers to) so I can use it on another network.

  • James00

    I wrote on the Rogers Red Board (their own customer forum) 3g and 3gs customers should start a petition like what happened last year….Sure enough my comment was deleted by the administrator.

    I'm telling you guys and gals, we need to rise up and speak our voices as a whole instead of individually….If we gather enough support for early upgrades, they'll have no choice but to listen!

    Now the only question is, how do we go about starting an online petition….I have the idea but not the know how.

    Feel free to contact me if you're interested…I'll be checking this forum regularly.

  • Missing_intellect

    If you already have an iPhone, use iTunes to sync the contacts/email with outlook/address book (windows/mac) so that when you plug in your iPhone 4, you can tell iTunes to sync your contacts from outlook/address book. You can do the same if your have an email address in outlook (windows) or the mail app (mac).

  • Missing_intellect

    Who was dumb enough to buy it at that price?! There are tons on Kijiji for $350 – $400 and they could probably buy an iPhone 4 for just a little more than what they purchased your 3GS for.

  • Don

    Many people here have said they want to buy the iPhone 4 outright, contract free. However, I think this is easier said then done. For those of you who have opted to buy outright, just how are you going to do it?

  • Manmen

    Hong Kong is one of the very few place that Apple sells unlocked iphone. The iphone you get from the is unlocked. The other place I remember is Italy. So if you have friends from these 2 place, ask them to get iphone for you!

  • James00

    Hey everyone….I was reading the Rogers Red Board (their own customer forum) and came across this comment from a user by the name of “AboutToLeaveDan”

    What do you all think about the following?? I'm a 3GS user and if Rogers doesn't give me the $199 – $299 pricing I may consider doing the following…………………


    Guys, there is a HUGE alternative here that some of us aren’t looking at.

    Some of us have been with Rogers for a while, with a number of services, and paying LARGE sums annually (I personally dolled out over $4k last year for Cell/Cable/Internet).

    And yet Rogers does nothing actively to retain us. It’s only when we’re fed up with something that they’ll try to get back in bed for a quick buck.

    Let’s consider the costs of just quitting and going to a new carrier (something I’m pretty convinced to do since I’m moving to Toronto and a number of my friends now live state-side).

    For me to re-sign a 3 year contract with Rogers, pay for a new iPhone 4 (assumingly $199), and then close out my contract with the $400 fee, I’ve just paid $599 for a brand new iPhone 4, which we all know will be unlocked shortly.

    The new carriers in Toronto (whom I do NOT work for in any capacity), are offering totally unlimited plans, including state-side calling and international text (super handy for my family in China). The equivalent best-match for Rogers is well over $140/month…and that’s with only 500mb of data.

    Now get this.

    Even if you sign a 3-year with Rogers, cancel it the next day, and pay the $599, and switch to a new carrier in Toronto, you’ll STILL SAVE OVER $500!!

    The one and only caveat is that you need to unlock your iPhone 4…oh and the upfront cost to switch, but you’ll save that back!

    Rogers, what’s your plan to circumvent this?

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  • Matty

    Step 1) I will walk into the Rogers/Bell/Telus/Apple store.
    Step 2) I will exchange the payment method of my choice for the phone.

  • Don

    I don't think it works that way, they will not sell you an unlocked phone, period.

  • Dean Hill

    Canada has the largest landmass per wireless subscriber in the world. With all the extra infrastructure needed to cover the country they have to sustain revenue somewhere else. Instead of charging more for the devices, they sign you on to an extra year of contract. You are still eligible to upgrade to a new device every two years, so what the difference?

  • Atom

    lolz bro ….. iPads are made in a separate factories……. You must be dumb ennough to think that Apple would remove iPads from the production line in order to start iPhone 4….. lolz – and you are developer ……LMFAO

  • Atom

    first of all let me tell you something witch you guys obviously dont know……
    My last iPhone was 3G from last year. Brand new – I bought it from Phone11 or Fone11 here in Vancouver. They are the supplier of unlocked phones in Vancouver. You can find them in any mall. … , BUT the phones witch they sell are problematic. Why ? Because those phones are coming from Asia and the software is a bit different. At first you wont notice it , but when you get used to the phone you'll see the glitches, freezing, etc… That is because of a software compatibility… Do some research and you'll find out. iPhone is not a some type of screwdriver and the maker of it is like : Ok – we have 30000 pcs – send them to Canada.
    When Apple are producing the iPhone for let say Canada – IT IS SPECIFICALLY TO WORK IN CANADA WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS. Doesnt mean that if your iPhone is unlocked and you go to Europe you will have problems – NO … , but if you buying a Cellphone device from different continent for use in Canada – eventually you'll have a software problems….. Every friend of mine who bought an iPhone from somewhere else had complained about software problems

  • Arrojo Paula

    I am also planning to buy the iPhone 4 without signing up for a 3 year contract. Given this line of thought, I emailed Fido asking if they would be able to switch my current SIM card for when i purchase the iPhone4 for a Micro-SIM considering that the iPhone 4 uses Micro-SIM. They emailed me back with this response:

    We wish to inform you that Micro-Sim cards are not compatible with Fido. Therefore, it is not possible to use Micro-Sim cards while on the Fido service.
    We apologize for any inconvenience this situation may cause.
    As always, your questions and comments are of great value to us.

    =, someone please explain this to me.

  • Jack818

    A petition is unecessary. For both the 3G and 3GS launches, Rogers allowed its customers to upgrade as early as 6 months after a previous upgrade or activation was performed. For the 3GS, this primarily affected existing iPhone customers. Rogers did alot to ensure as many people as possible got their hands on iPhones without having negative margin on hardware subsidies.

  • Chris

    I'm with Virgin… they've announced they're getting the iPhone 4. I think there upgrade system is the best… you can upgrade half way through your contract if you pay 50% of you're cancellation penalty. Can't wait!!!

  • NoToRIouSMiStrY

    check their website, they updated and will be carrying iphone
    however, i hear virgin's network sucks outright… reception is poor.
    imo telus is a win, very similar customer service but better network 😀

  • NoToRIouSMiStrY

    check their website, they updated and will be carrying iphone
    however, i hear virgin's network sucks outright… reception is poor.
    imo telus is a win, very similar customer service but better network 😀

  • Nemi

    Hey I'm in the same position /also with fido/ and I will be using the easy fix since ''The micro-SIM was created with backwards compatibility in mind. The major issue with backwards compatibility was the contact area of the chip. Retaining the same contact area allows the micro-SIM to be compatible with the previous, larger SIM readers through the use of plastic cutout surrounds. The SIM was also designed to run at the same speed (5 MHz) as the previous version.'' and that's all it takes, take a look at this
    also check this

  • Bob

    The new cariers won't work with the iPhone. Even it's unlocked iPhone doesn't pick up the AWS signal.

  • God

    so wtf is da final date for the iphone 4g????

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  • Haaku_ice

    haha there are some girls who buy at that price.. friend of mine bought one in june for 650$ and found out she couldn't use it because it was on 3.1.3.. i laugh at her everytime she takes out her iphone..

  • Icisz

    Actually Rogers does in fact take largely into consideration the amount of “equity” or revenue rec'd from a client when assessing an upgrade request. Yes it is based on a two year hardware upgrade rule, but if you spend a $130/month on your plan, they might look at options. Also if you are on a family plan, they can sometimes “morph” existing plans to accommodate your request. A down side to this is that anytime you request an augment to your existing plan, they WILL automatically start your 3 year contract all over again, so be careful what you wish for…. (They SHOULD tell you this, but I was never told on several occations).
    If you are not willing to pay for cutting edge, don't expect cutting edge. When I signed on for the 3g, I got a 6gig/month plan, and that was only initiated because Rogers LISTENED to its customers. You would be surprised what their internal “customer support” (not customer service) team will do to keep you happy. Customer support is not something they will just offer you unless you either get the right rep, or they sense you were really done wrong and need help. Demand to talk to a customer support rep, and if they wont transfer you, hang up and try another rep…The secret is to be calm, talk to the customer support rep, and more often than not, you will get somewhere. Those who fly off and freak out on the person getting $15/hr answering general question's will get protocol responses, and rightly so.
    The 4g is still having hardware/software issues, so it might be wise to be PATIENT, look carefully at plans and options, and walk into this informed, instead of with “eyes wide shut”. The hype is hard to pass, but sometimes there are advantages to buy one from apple instead of Rogers, for a variety of reasons, and that will solve your contract issue, and give you a choice of carriers/plans etc. REMEMBER: do the research FIRST!!!!

  • icisz

    there is a rumor that all phones coming to canada will be sold unlocked, although I could only see that if they were sold directly from the Apple store, as the big 3 would not be quite so eager to do anything that would give you that kind of freedom. I have heard from many Europeans that Phones there are sold unlocked because it is the law, and there are so many carriers etc. Not sure on that one. But the software, assuming it is not jailbroken, might be fair to say may well be indigenous to the region the phone is meant to be in. I would have thought that the software gets a clean wipe when restored and downloaded, but I could be wrong.

  • Incubusfourlife

    yes but out of that land mass, where are the vast majority of cell phone user located…not much in the far north, but in the south of the country.

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  • Ryanwater

    To the people who are asking for a free upgrade because they bought their 3GS a year ago, do you go back to Best Buy when Samsung release a newer version of the TV you bought???? Common sense and rational thought should tell you that anything electronic will be met with a newer version in 12 months or so. I could have bought 3GS 5 months ago also, but i did some research and realized that there would be a new iPhone coming soon (iphone4). Just like I know there will be iPhone 5 probably next summer. Blackberry, HTC, Droid, every year they come out with a new model. Get real.

    ABout the issue of 3 year contracts….sign a 2 year or a 1 year. They dont FORCE you into a 3 year, they give you an option. Sign a 1 year contract, save $X. Sign a 2 year contract, save $X+. Sign 3 years, save $X++ on the new phone. You want the phone for nothing but you dont want what comes with it. Why should a phone company give you a phone for free and get nothing back???? Go to a Mac store, buy the phone outright and take to whatever phone company you want, Rogers, Telus or Bell, Apple sells the phone unlocked you know.

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  • random

    Having a cell phone is a privilege that most obviously take for granted…as we can all see by the vast amount of people whining that they cannot upgrade to the new iphone 4. It’s your fault for signing up for the three year contract just to save money on the original phone you wanted. Maybe you should either just stuff it and be happy you at least have a cell phone or suck it up and pay the price for the new one. Considering you just got the iphone 3gs a year ago then what makes you so special that Rogers should upgrade your iphone. We live in a consumerist society where money has become top priority so a company isn’t going to go and give a large amount of people a discount on an expensive phone? Grow up and just be happy with what you have

  • Shawn Conner

    If your looking for a corporate account from bell you can mail me at, we are running a special Compiegne and we can Customize Cell Phone Plans to Reduce your company’s Cell Phone Bill   !!!!!!!!

  • Shawn Conner

    If your looking for a corporate account from bell you can mail me at, we are running a special Compiegne and we can Customize Cell Phone Plans to Reduce your company’s Cell Phone Bill   !!!!!!!!