Rogers Throttles Internet More Than Any Company on the Planet


Turns out Rogers is officially the world’s worst internet throttler based on research derived from the initiative known as the Measurement Lab (MLab), backed by Google. Results of the study reveal that based out of all the internet providers on earth, Rogers throttles internet more than any other ISP out there, notes TorrentFreak. As we’ve covered before in the past, internet speeds mean a lot to Canadians.

These results were based on data derived from Q2 2008 to Q2 2010. Out of all tests, Rogers internet traffic showed the most evidence of Deep Packet Inspection (DPI).

Here’s the breakdown of the percentages by year of throttled Rogers traffic:

2008 Q2 – 80% of tests showed DPI
2008 Q3 – 80% of tests showed DPI
2008 Q4 – 85% of tests showed DPI
2009 Q1 – 90% of tests showed DPI
2009 Q2 – 93% of tests showed DPI
2009 Q3 – 83% of tests showed DPI
2009 Q4 – 80% of tests showed DPI
2010 Q1 – 78% of tests showed DPI

So more than three quarters of Rogers internet traffic remains throttled, with no end in sight based on the data above. Compare this to Videotron, with only 3% of traffic slowed down in 2010 Q1.

The Rogers Network Management Policy states:

High-volume, low time-sensitive traffic (such as P2P file sharing) is
limited to ensure all customers have a high level of service for
time-sensitive tasks like sending email, requesting web pages, video and
voice applications.

One U.S. researcher, Milton Mueller from Syracuse University told the CBC Rogers throttling could be in breach of Canadian net neutrality rules:

“Under the regulations that the CRTC promulgated for reasonable internet traffic management practices, I think 100 per cent, 24/7 throttling is not conformant…

…So I think consumers would have a basis to complain and the CRTC would have a basis to act.”

Rogers responded to the CBC with that its network management “is in full compliance with CRTC regulations”.

Are you a Rogers internet customer? Have you experienced throttled internet speeds?


  • Anonymous

    Was a Rogers customer. Switched to Teksavvy but since it’s run on the Rogers network they are at their mercy for throttling.

    I don’t do much torrenting but I can say that it depends on how your client is set up. If it remains at the default the download is slow but set right it’s blazing fast at all times of the day.

    That’s just me though…

  • Anonymous

    Yes, Rogers Blows BIG Time!!!!! Currently  looking into an independent. Can’t wait to make the change!!!!!!!

  • Man

    Rogers sucks. I have 5 months and then I am gone

  • Frankie

    I am a Rogers customer with only a few months left. Rogers charges me for the fastest service but provides the slowest connection. Needless to say, I won’t deal with them for much longer.

  • s8n666

    I am a Rogers customer on their Extreme Plus service. I get very good direct download speeds and not bad torrent download speeds. How can I tell if I am being throttled on my torrent downloads? (all open source legitimate downloads only of course. )

  • Mark Morissette

    Switch to an indie ISP – I’m on Teksavvy’s 25 Mbit Fibe DSL..and I can easily (and consistently) saturate my connection with no shaping, actually getting about 27.5 megs through it at times.    300 Gigs/Month cap, as well.

    I ditched Rogers 4 years ago when these shaping antics got really bad, and have never looked back since.

  • Anonymous

    Teksavvy or primus

  • Anonymous

    Torrent downloads should be higher than what you normally get when downloading a fairly large file.

    Because Rogers boosts the initial download speed of files you need to get a big file from a big company such as ipsw files from Apple and see how fast it goes.

    Compare that speed to what you get when torrenting and see how slow it is. Try to pick a popular torrent with lots of seeds

    Initial speeds are always fast. The throttling comes a few mins later

  • Eat me Rogers

    Rogers service is mediocre. One day it can be super fast, the next, its slower than George Bush completing a math test. Their tech support is lack-luster and often clueless beyond belief.

    Unlimited internet or bust!

  • Ericmcdace

    had rogers, got speeds as low as 0.3 mbs. it was horrible. we had several technicians come in. the last one came to the conclusion that our “internet is too fast for the old cables in this house” so we got throttled even more. when we switched to techsavvy the old cables in our house somehow managed 30 mbs… and we were only paying for 10. needles to say I’m never switching back. 

  • Phillip Sprague

    Using Rogers and downloading via New Groups an getting full speeds as advertised. I have no issues with them but I have always understood they throttle torrent downloads. Just wish they would not have their cap as I use a lot of Netflix and at full quality I am pushing my limit each month. My limit is 150GB.

  • Anonymous

    Rogers doesn’t throttle TPIA internet, not yet. Bell does, but is discontinuing it within the month.

  • Cjlee9

    Ive been with Teksavvy for 4 yrs and they are running off Bell’s networks not Rogers.

  • Anonymous

    Teksavvy has DSL service (Bell) and Cable service (Rogers)

  • Domlee06

    Ur being ripped off….150gb? Do u pay 100bucks a month? I pay 30 bucks for unlimited. Constant dl speed at 1.5mb per second. That’s 4 hours worth of 720p video or 2 hour 1080p video per hour… More than u can watch

  • Phillip Sprague

    Paying $70 a month for 32Mb/s and get 4MB/s download speeds on my news groups. There is a $100 a month service they offer that is 75Mb/s and a 250GB limit.

  • Sdfgsdfgsdfg

    1.5mbps is pretty shitty though

  • Sdfgsdfgsdfg

    I don’t really like the teksavvy DSL, it is pricy. As Bell gives me the same thing for only 45$ a month, but it’s under retention and throttled.

  • English1

    This is out of my range, but I recall a few months ago trying to back-up my hard drive contents to Carbonite. What was supposed to take a day or so stretched to a week and finally I gave up. No one at Carbonite knew why it was proceeding so slowly. Sounds like this practice of throttling could be the reason.

  • Anonymous

    $70/mo Plus modem rental

    As a comparison Teksavvy Cable Internet is $43/mo 24mb connection. 350gb cap

    I have a12mb connection and I can have 3 Netflix movies running at the same time in HD.

    Just saying…

  • Seankato

    I am a Rogers client, and I can confirm without a doubt that Rogers data speeds have been at times, less than dial-up of years past.  Every time I would call them to complain about it, I would get the same “we’ll look into it” response.  This used to be a good company, but their ethics have completely gone out the window in the last few years.  They have become unbelievably arrogant and deceptive with their service.  Can’t wait until my contract expires with them.

  • guest

    never should have used rogers!!!!! i want to get my cell phone off from that comp too!

  • Grant

    yea it does – used it myself countless times – I use relakks @ 15 Euro for 3 months – decent!

  • D:<

    Paying $47 a month for 32mbps 150 cap (+150gigs from a grandfathered service agreement) with Rogers. Icefilms runs at 6-7mbps wireless and 11-14mbps wired so it must be an area thing. Did a speed test wired and it easily hit 59mbps.

    You fail to realize infrastructure, customer support, and service wise Rogers is hard to beat (just don’t act like an entitled dick). Bell DSL is flat out shit, and teksavvy has been back logged for MONTHS in my area. My neighbour was without internet for 2 weeks. Funny thing is he has his homephone with Rogers and they gave him a wireless 3G receiver to hook up to his modem so he can continue to get calls, free of charge.

  • Jimmy

    Teksavvy offers Cable Internet as well (depending on your location). Their cable internet is well worth it.

  • mike


  • kay

    I have rogers and EVERY NIGHT from 8 till 10 my internet is shit. Its slower then dial up. Its so slow i can’t even load facebooks homepage or the tool to check if its being throttled!!!!!

  • Jacob

    I have had Roger’s as my provider for years, and what they promise, they deliver …. some of the time. I will only talk about the last 12 months, since I can’t remember specifics before then.

    Basically, my speeds are decent most of the time, my router and modem decent, not great, but they do the job. My statistics screens are always 60-140 mbps whilst the wifi is working. But between 6-9 AM, and 6-11 PM, my internet will simply go away, drop to 5.5 mbps, and I can’t do a single thing. My trouble shooting says it is my computer, so it “fixes” the issue, but nothing changes, I turn off my router and modem for 10 minutes, turn them back on, no change… Yet my internet is almost perfect at any other time during the day, bar random connection losses every now and again.

    As a gamer, I do require a decent connection, I don’t mind being throttled, as long as my internet is decent enough to hold a multiiplayer connection. I don’t need 60-140 mbps, just 25-30 would be fine during prime time, but during those prime time hours, I am consistently left with 1-5.5 mbps, which won’t allow me to load a youtube video, let alone my email in less than a minute. For example, I am writing this at 11:25 PM after reading this article. It took me just under 2 minutes to load this page, and 45 seconds more to load the comments. When I am paying for a package that gives far more, I expect to be able to load a page within a minute even being throttled.

    Again, I don’t mind throttling, just as long as it doesn’t mean having so little internet I may as well have none at all.

    All that being said, I was with Bell for a couple of months, my whole family hated that experience, and our internet was worse than ever before. Rogers, for me at least, is the lesser of two evils. If Rogers’ fixes their prime time throttling, I would be more than happy, 90’s internet speeds just won’t cut it when it is taking up 6 hours of my 16 hours awake per day, minus 4-6 hours of work.

  • Ares

    I left rogers to join another company. and they are still fucking me

  • CharleeR

    Point to Point is awesome. I am getting higher than the speed I pay for and it hasn’t even slowed down in bad weather. I have Wireless High Speed, so weather usually impacts it. Whatever you do, don’t sign up with MaximumISP because they use Rogers to hook up to the net with. Slowed down to a crawl EVERY night, yet they offer no rebates for getting 25% of the advertised speeds every night.

  • CharleeR

    @disqus_gEX3decnGv:disqus, What is the link to check if my internet is being throttled?