Rogers Launches Trade-Up Program, Includes Apple’s iPhone, iPad


Rogers has launched their Trade-Up program which allows customers to bring in an old smartphone or tablet and get credit towards the purchase of a new device. The program is powered by Clover Wireless, so Rogers is essentially receiving your device on behalf of a third party.

Here’s how it works:

  • Customers bring their old smartphone or tablet to their local participating Rogers store or search directly on their smartphone by visiting
  • The device must be able to power up and have a working touchscreen with no cracks;
  • New Rogers customers can use their trade-in credit towards the purchase a new device or accessories. Existing Rogers wireless customers will receive this credit on the second or third bill after their upgrade.

Looking at the list of Apple devices available, various iPhone and iPad models are included. Rogers says quotes are valid for 30 days.

Screen Shot 2013 08 20 at 8 37 48 AM

Screen Shot 2013 08 20 at 8 35 21 AM

Screen Shot 2013 08 20 at 8 35 05 AM

The values start at $60 for the iPhone 4 on various models and goes up to the iPhone 5, where price can depend on capacity.

The program may be worth it to trade in an old non-Apple smartphone that might not be worth much. But iPhones retain their value quite well. You’re better off getting your iPhone factory unlocked by a carrier, then trying your luck on Craigslist, Kijiji or eBay.

For example, right now similar 16GB Rogers iPhone 5 listing on Craigslist are starting at $450 and up, pretty much double of what is being offered by the Trade-Up program. Let us know if you’re going to jump on this program.


  • Another way to steal our money :’)

  • djepsilon

    I’d consider it just to avoid the crazies on Kijiji I always seem to attract… but again, Rogers I assume would make me sign into one of their crappy new 2-year plans to get a new iPhone. How would that even work I wonder? Would the price of my trade in come off of the upfront cost of the new phone?

  • Essentially. The fine print says you’ll get your credit on your 2nd or 3rd phone bill after the transaction.

    I can see the program being used by those who can’t be bothered to get top dollar for their devices. But these prices offered are seriously way too low.

  • djepsilon

    Wow. I just looked. $255 for a 64GB iPhone 5? Are you kidding me? How is a 64GB worth only $25 more then a 16GB?!?!?

    Looks like I’ll be meeting up with some crazies in the near future afterall!

  • Good thing the crazies from Craigslist and Kijiji have money haha

  • Arcsvibe

    I sold my wifes iPhone 4 a few weeks ago for 220$ on Montreal Kijiji. 230$ for my 5? Ok lol

  • Steve “dead” Jobs

    Rogers……….Go Fuck Yourself

  • Nick00050

    no convincing u is there. It’s just a convenient service for customer’s who put their phones away in a drawer and do nothing with it.

  • Nick00050

    so which one of the big 3’s are u with or should I feel sorry for you for having extremely slow internet speeds. lol

  • Magrat22

    Trade-up is offering more now. Got $310 offered for the 5 32gb today. Still not great but if you have a seriously scratched device it might be an option. They only want the phone so no cables or charger and as long as it turns on and the touchscreen works they will take it.

    Has anyone done it yet? Am interested to know how it works, like can you use the credit to upgrade straight away? So for example could a person bring in an iPhone 5 and trade it and then get the iPhone 5s the next day? Purely hypothetical of course 😛

  • Faye

    So it looks like it is better to sell ur phone in craigslist then buy the phone from rogers. Just basically upgrading ur phone.