Rogers TV Ad Says ‘We’ve Made Mistakes’ But ‘The Best is Yet to Come’ [WATCH]


A new Rogers TV ad has highlighted its corporate history in Canada, starting with Ted Rogers introducing the country’s first FM radio station in 1962 all the way until the debut of “the most advanced mobile network this country has ever seen.”

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The most interesting part of the commercial is Rogers acknowledging “At times, we’ve made mistakes, but that only makes us work harder to be better tomorrow,” while finishing with a quote from the late founder Ted Rogers saying they believe “the best is yet to come.”

Check out the ad below:

The recent CCTS annual report noted Rogers and its subsidiary Fido had roughly 29% of customers complaints, second behind Bell at 32%, while Telus only had about 6% of complaints.

The company’s relatively new CEO Guy Laurence announced ‘Rogers 3.0’ back in May, a new plan aimed at overhauling the customer experience, which includes the help of former Google VP Deepak Khandelwal, who started at the company just over two weeks ago.


  • Jason Reid

    Blah Blah Blah…. Maybe invest more money in other provinces other than Ontario. Or better yet Toronto.

  • Steve

    “The best is yet to come…” by screwing over the consumer, charging insane prices for all data plans.

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    Need to invest more in Ottawa. Too many pockets where LTE vanishes despite what their cellular coverage says. Same for Bell.

  • Canucksgoal

    These comments are getting way too old. Agree but bored of it already. Coverage and speed vs price are never ending stories.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    colour me selfish but im completely in love with rogers now, but thats because they gave me an insanely good, off the books, share everything plan

    used roam like home last weekend in nyc… alls i can say is wow

    being said if i had to choose one of their official share everything plans, id be pretty frigging irate

  • Salinger

    I’ve had a long and very expensive (2 full accounts) history with Rogers for many years but only for internet, home phone and cable. I’d love to give them a shot for wireless because I also think they’d be willing to give me a good deal as they have with my other services with them. Unfortunately, I travel to Newfoundland 3-4 times a year and while there, my phone is essential. A quick look at Rogers coverage map vs Bell or TELUS will make it obvious why I can’t go with them.

    That said, coincidentally, I was in NYC this past weekend as well! I used Roam mobility. Not a bad deal, Friday night to Monday night, $11.85 for unlimited talk to Canada/US, Unlimited global text and 1.2GB of data. Connection was excellent and speed was very impressive. Bonus was that my American friends could call and text me for free since they give you a US based phone number.

    Rogers admitting they’ve made mistakes is step one, but without affirmative action to back up that mea culpa, it’s hollow and meaningless.

  • Guest

    Roam like home?

  • Salinger

    It’s Rogers’ new add-on where for $5/day while in the US, you get to use your own phone with your own bucket of minutes/text/data the same as if you were still in Canada. It’s capped at 10 days/$50 to comply with the roaming caps put in place by the CRTC.

  • Crosseyedmofo

    i previously had a tmobile sim and your right having an american number has its advantages whearas roam like home your american friends will get dinged if they try to contact you (if they dont have a text/call to canada plan)

    thats basically the only caveat

    and ive been to nfld and your right, rogers coverage there is pretty spotty

  • websnap

    Yes, quietly accepting them and never bringing it up again is a great way to pressure change from a communications company.

    As long as you are not bored of other people’s complaints… that’s the main thing we are all concerned with here.

  • Salinger

    Yes, both ways have their pros and cons. T-Mo coverage can be spotty, which is why I was so pleased with how consistent it was in NYC. The main thing is, it’s nice to at least have a choice between two options where neither requires you to get a second mortgage to pay your roaming bill! 🙂

  • Crosseyedmofo

    hah yep

    ive been using a tmo sim in manhattan for the last few years and theyve done a bang up job improving more and more with each visit (iphones deciding to support aws doesnt hurt the equation either)

  • Diane

    Your tv commercial shows 1962 with a1964 Impala…….minor detail! If you are done with the 64 I’d love to buy it for my hubby..

  • Really? Good eye.