Rogers Voice and Data Plans Are Now Available on Monthly Terms


Normally Rogers voice and data plans require users to sign on up to 1-3 year contracts but that has now changed. A new memo released by Rogers reads: (via MobileSyrup)

Rogers is pleased to announce that all Voice and Data plans are now available on monthly as well as 3 year terms! Customers can now bring in their own device and activate one of our great voice and data plans without committing to a 3 year term. Alternatively, customers can purchase a smartphone device from Rogers at the full no-term price and activate on a monthly version of one of these plans.

Please note that monthly terms are also available on all MY10 promo plans, which was communicated on Dec. 6th, 2011.

The plans eligible for iPhone users based on the image are:

Monthly cost: $52.75/$62.75/$72.75
Minutes included: 200/300/500
Evenings and Weekends: 6PM
Data included: 500MB

You will most likely need to pay extra for caller ID, voicemail, and texting.

With the plethora of users purchasing unlocked iPhones directly from Apple, these plans are great for those looking to go contract free. However, the final cost might be the same as your 3 year term, plus you won’t get a subsidized iPhone. Hey, but there is a price to pay for freedom right?

My Plan for my Unlocked iPhone 4S

Lots of you have inquired about my situation, with my unlocked iPhone 4S. Previously I was upset with Rogers and their inconsistent training for their retentions agents, but I managed to run into an amazing CSR from Vancouver after a third call a few days later. He was able to produce a decent retentions plan:

350 daytime minutes
6pm evenings and weekends
My10 – Canada wide
Unlimited texting
Caller ID/Voicemail
6GB data
$35 Hardware upgrade fee waived
$63.19 + taxes, 3 year contract

Yes, I ended up signing a 3 year contract and also purchased a 16GB iPhone 4S for the subsidized $159 price (it was $209…but you need to fill out the $50 rebate online). I was able to walk into Future Shop and pick up my phone there (I called ahead to check stock). Coincidentally, it was the Black Friday weekend and I qualified for a $50 Future Shop gift card!

With my locked Rogers phone, I flipped it on Craigslist for $650, netting a profit of $450. Divide that by 36 months and my monthly plan works out to $50.69+taxes per month. As for traveling, that’s not an issue as my iPhone 4S is unlocked and WiFi is literally everywhere nowadays, plus iMessage rocks.

The only way to get a cheaper plan nowadays is to negotiate with retentions, and bite the bullet on a 3 year term. At least with unlocked iPhones directly from Apple that means no more dealing with Rogers ‘drama’ to get your phone the day of launches.

How has your luck been with dealing with retentions departments?


  • Queenie Tso

    Buy your 4S from Apple. Sign up either with Koodo or Virgin. Forget Rogers. 
    Koodo / Virgin ($55) – City Koodo / Virgin offers unlimited local talk and messages, no zone ($35) + 1GB data with Data Saver ($20).

  • 4S Lover

    Wow, congrats. I upgraded my 32GB 3GS 2 months ago to an  unlocked 64GB 4S and paid the full price becuase I didn’t want to wait until Feb/12 which is 6 mos before my contract ends in order to upgrade it under subsidy and using my Fido dollars. I’m in the process of selling my 32GB 3GS which I got under HUP for $225 with tax 2-1/2 years ago shortly (and likely get about what I paid for it).  Once I am eligible for a HUP I will get the locked Fido iPhone which I don’t need  and therefore sell it like you did. Actually, given the iPhone 5 will likely come out next summer around when my contract expires I will buy that one unlocked and sell the locked one I get under HUP rather than do it in Feb/12 and also sell this unlocked 4S at the same time. And if it’s not out before my contract ends I will just keep my plan on month-to-month and do the HUP when it comes out. In this way getting a new iPhone won’t cost me much at all.

    I have Old City Fido (way larger Toronto zone than current CityFido areas – Hamilton to Clarington and north past Orillia) with Unlimited Voice, 6GB, CW/CC/WC/2,500 SMS/1,000 CF min/ & Enhanced VM. I don’t have any long distance included (but I use the Magicjack free app to call LD in CAN/US for free ) or Skype-Skype. No MMS either so I just use email to send pics & videos and then iMessage is reducing the need to pay for MMS anyway. For all this I only pay $50.75+HST as I am getting tons of monthly credits for my contract period. However, those monthly credit will go away when my contract ends as Fido Retentions is not allowing credits on unlimited plans anymore 🙁

  • 4S Lover

    Still more expensive than Fido as it would be $65+HST if you want voicemail and $75+HST if  you want 3GB instead of 2GB (not 6GB which you get with the other providers on special).

    And so for paying more per month I get less data and the privilege of having to pay full price for an locked iPhone instead of getting a subsidized one which I can then sell to pay for the majority of the price of the unlocked one I buy at Apple, all the while also using my FidoDollars (5% of your pre-tax monthly Fido invoice) to further reduce the price?

    The difference in price between subsidized locked and unsubsidized unlocked iPhone is $490, $480 & $480 for the 16, 32 & 64GB respectively. With HST in Ontario that’s $553.70, $542.40 & $542.40. So  that adds about $553.70/36 = $15.38 to your monthly plan cost with Koodo $65+HST+15.38= $88.83. Compare that to my $50.75+HST=$57.35  less 5% pre-tax ($50.75 x 5% = $2.54)  = $54.81. So with Koodo I pay $34.02 per month MORE for less? All so I can switch providers who are mostly competitive in price anyway? No thanks. I am not crazy (yet). 

    You have to pay someone a monthly fee anyway. Not being under contract,
    as you can see, carries a much higher cost, not to mention no advantage
    if you use the approach of using the proceeds from selling the
    subsidized locked iPhone to pay for most of the unlocked one (which you
    then use avoid roaming fees when you travel using local carrier prepaid
    SIM chips).

  • K3

    Hi Gary,
    Ask for unlimited incoming- a month back picked up the same plan here. One agent said best could be done would be  two months but that was BS. Also had been told that they are in the midst 
    of phasing out that department for a more “1st level” experience only. 
    Haven’t proceeded with the hardware upgrade so wanted to ask you if Craiglist has any advantages 
    over listing it on ebay if I go ahead…..under the impression iPhone 5 will showing up june/july.

  • Wuju

    what do you guys think? Is this a good deal? Should I sign up for another 3 years.??

    Fido – with 3 years contract
    Unlimited local call
    unlimited texting to any number.
    Call ID, voice mail, who called
    6G data plan

    You have the option to get the subsidized price iphone as well.

  • Eddie

    I’d been having trouble wrapping my brain around the right way to move on with my cell phone plans, and recently decided to commit to an unlocked 4S 64GB to figure it out with brute force.

    The lesson I feel I’ve learned is that unlocked phones in Canada are entirely pointless (unless you travel a lot) as they just waste the huge subsidy the entire industry has based their pricing structure on, and can preserve due to shoddy competition and government protection. Frankly, I feel like a bloody idiot for buying it – they only way to move on from my 500MB plan without paying essentially double is to get a contract, and not using that contract to leverage the hundreds in hardware discount is like burning money.

    I’m angry at myself, sad at the state of the industry, and can’t figure out why anyone who isn’t a moron would opt for a unlocked phone.

  • Anonymous

    Go with Virgin mobile, unlimited local no zone restrictions. CID vm, unlimited text 1gb-3gb flex for $65-75.

  • 4S Lover

    Well for the reasons I bought one. Get the subsidized locked one and use the proceeds against the unsubsidized one.  You can still do that and you won’t be out of pocket much and whatever you are out of pocket is sure worth being able to use it in another country. I was able to use it on a 2 week trip to Argentina for only $12 for the whole trip and that gave me 2GB every 2 days. In Australia it was $60 for 750 MB data/300 voice min/600 SMS, good for a month and in the US I use a gophone $25/500 MB, good for a month. You don’t have to travel much to enjoy the advantages. It’s well worth it for the maps, translation programs, skype video etc even if you don’t use voice or SMS.  And, if you don’t get voice or SMS with the foreign prepaid SIM card then VOIP,  free text messaging programs or iMessage can be used as a part of the data plan.

  • Ra

    I negotiated a $35 per month plan with fido.
    Iphone 4S, 3 year contract abiding the bill 60 of Quebec200 minunlimited local after 5pm + weekendscaller id100MB (because I have wifi everywhere)

  • Interesting. I’m not going to bother calling in anymore, too much of a hassle.
    I chose Craigslist vs eBay to bypass shipping etc but it’s all the same once you get your money. CL has people willing to pay $650 for a locked device!

  • Ra (revised)

    I negotiated a $35 per month plan with fido.
    Iphone 4S, 3 year contract abiding the bill 60 of Quebec. 200 minutes. Unlimited local after 5pm + weekends. Caller id and for Data 100MB (because I have wifi everywhere)

  • K3

    thanks for the heads up, might go your route if take the hardware upgrade then.

  • 4s confused

    I don’t get this trick – why would anyone pay 500$ for a locked iPhone when they will have it at 150$ at Rogers, since they have to get a contract anyway ??

  • 4S Lover

    There are people who are already on a contract and not eligible for a hardware upgrade so the only choice they have is to buy one that is not under subsidy at full price. Also, there are people who don’t care about locked vs unlocked as they don’t travel so they are happy to buy one such as the 16GB locked one Gary sold here for $650, which would have been $659+HST=$745 otherwise. Furthermore there are people who might not want a 3-year contract for some reason (leaving the country, getting a company phone later, etc etc). It’s not as silly as it may seem on the surface.  

  • 4S Lover

    Read my post here. It explains why that is a dumb idea.

  • Anonymous

    Your comparing a retention plan, which is hard to get now that Rogers/fido have been cracking down.

  • Kraken

    You need to fill out a $50 rebate online?  I was told by the retentions rep that the $50 will be credited to your account automatically (no form to fill out).  You only need to fill out a rebate form if you wanted a subsidized Android Phone.

  • Debra Moore

    I’ve been with Rogers many years. Have everything with them, including 5 cell phones on the family plan (me, husband, 3 young adults in post-sec schools). Doesn’t make sense for them to pay for own plan due to good price of family plan. Half-way through 3 year plan. Son and daughter have 3G, I have 3GS, husband and other daughter have BB. Husband hates BB, daughter’s 3G is screwing up. I called retention guy – would only give me $180 toward each new phone bc of term remaining. So $159 + $200 for new iPhone and new 3 year plan. I tried to get them to drop the early upgrade fee but no go. Any advice?

  • Canada Expert

    63.19$ sounds great for this plan. What is the name of this plan?

  • Taz

    i pay 90$ tax included and i got anytime unlimited minutes / sms for Canada and the US.
    6gb data plan, i don’t know why now it shows 7gbs
    voicemail, call displayer and all the goodies.

    good plan or what?

  • Taz

    forgot to mention, i got this retention plan from rogers 1 year ago when i updated from the 3gs to the 4 and i bought the iPhone 4s from the apple store. so I’m just going to keep it.

  • Holly

    I was dinged huge while I was out of the country – call me paranoid, but I don’t know if Blackberry  Torch’s can be hacked into, but I was having trouble with my phone before I left the country and came back to a huge bill as my phone would not stay locked and it kept pocket calling I thought – however texts happened as well which is strange to me but that’s what I was dinged for.  Anyway, Rogers finally replaced my 5 month old phone with a refurb one.  I sent it right back stating I wanted a new one.  They are still waiting for the refurb one to come back but was now wondering if I can switch to an Iphone 4s as the security of the Blackberry now scares me especially with RIM not really caring about their product anymore.  But am not sure about the Iphone4s either as I guess any can be hacked. 

    Need help what to ask for if I get the Ipone 4s: 

    My plan now is as follows for 3 phones $185.00/month on a 3yr term since May 2011.

    – 400 Shared Weekday Minutes
    (Shared Between All Subscribers)
    – Unlimited Eve/Wknd Mins
    (Starting at 9pm)
    – 1GB Shared Data Plan
    – MY5 Canada-wide Talk, Text,
    Picture & Video Msgs
    – Unlimited Canada-wide
    Between Us Calling
    – 2500 Call Forwarding Mins
    – Conference Calling
    – Call Waiting- Call Display
    – Name Display
    – Enhanced Voicemail
    – 2500 Sent/Unlimited Received Text Messages