Rogers Waives Early Upgrade Fees if Users Renew to ‘Share Everything’ Plans


Mobile data is today’s money maker for wireless carriers, especially with newer and faster LTE networks, which can easily result in data overages with today’s smaller bucket amounts. But those with grandfathered Rogers plans like the coveted 6GB/$30 plan, you do have a buffer.

Rogers plans to sweeten the deal for legacy users by offering to waive the last six months of early cancellation fees, according to unnamed sources speaking to MobileSyrup:

According to sources, Rogers will waive a customer’s remaining device balance within the last six months of a contract as long as he or she upgrades to a Share Everything plan.

The catch? You need to upgrade to a current in-market Share Everything plan on a two-year term, which are more expensive than some of the former three-year contract retention plans still out there.

Back in December, we told you Fido was targeting select users with a similar ‘holiday’ promo, offering $0 early upgrade fees. At the time, this ‘deal’ was also available to Rogers customers too, with the same requirement to subscribe to Share Everything plans, available until January 31, 2015.

Today’s report suggests Rogers is now aggressively pushing this incentive as it wants to increase hardware upgrades to catch up to TELUS and Bell for their quarterly net postpaid subscriber numbers. Last quarter, Rogers only had 17,000 net postpaid additions compared to 113,000 for TELUS and 90,976 for Bell.

Bell looks to be offering a similar incentive to select customers, offering $50 to $100 credit for early upgrades from older plans.

Have you been contacted by Rogers, Fido or Bell asking you to upgrade, with the offer of waived early upgrade fees?


  • Britserker

    I am constantly being contacted by Rogers who say they have a better deal for me. Trouble is, the new plans are way more expensive and have less data than my current deal. I have 2 phones with the 6GB/$30 and 2 lines without data for $13.50. Any new plan must have share everything and will be over $100 a month extra for the 4 lines for less data. I will stick out to the end of my contract and will likely end up spending more $ on my next contract. The change to 2 year contracts has done nothing for my circumstances. Companies are focusing on data plans to make their profits for sure and leaving non data requiring customers behind.

  • Britserker

    I might add, they offered to clear my device balance a full 10 months before the end of my contract if I switched to a share everything plan. They would be the winners in that deal and I am not falling into their trap.

  • CMfly

    Though I never come close to using all my data I don’t want to pay more for less even if less is enough it is still paying more.. I am happy with my $30/6GB (which at some point they doubled to 12GB)

    They keep making it sound like prices are going down and they are offering more but this just doesn’t apply to the two phones my family has.

  • Fireeast

    Dont spend more on a contract, let it go into month to month mode and buy a new phone outright.

  • Nick Cameron Greene

    My girlfriend got a text message from Fido this morning. They’re waiving a 320$ upgrade fee and she’s getting an iPhone 6. Weird thing is, she’s keeping the same plan she had before.

  • hayman

    I’m on a three year contract with fido that expires on sept 2015. I got a text from fido on Friday stating they would waive the remaining balance as long as I upgrade to a new 2 year tab 24 agreement. I’m still quite happy using my iPhone 5 and would rather wait till the next model 6s comes out this fall. Hopefully I can keep my 67 dollar plan with 2 gbs of data and not have to get one of the newer more expensive plans!

  • hub2

    I’m with Telus not Rogers but let’s see how this would work out.

    Subsidy on an iPhone is about $500, so about $21/mo for 2 years.

    To replace my now-expired contract ($55/mo, 300 local mins, 6 GB, visual voicemail) with a near-equivalent plan, I’d have to pay $60/mo more, more than doubling my monthly bill!

    Yeah, I’ll *bet* they’re just being generous by waiving the early upgrade fee.

    They want to sucker us off our grandfathered plans ASAP, nothing more.

  • Gavin

    Rogers waived my flex tab and I had a year to go. Its a targetted promo. I already had a share everything plan so I didn’t have to change anything.

  • Biggy604

    I got a promo text a few days ago from fido saying the same thing and I get to keep my plan as well.

  • Max Power

    I love how the Rogers hacks have disappeared since they were on here claiming the new plans were cheaper and then actually got called on their BS posts and had to backtrack. Remember when Verizon was coming and they cried poverty and then as soon as that threat was gone they pulled this nonsense with their way-more-expensive “Share Everything” plans? Clearly they haven’t “learned from their mistakes” as their commercials would suggest.

  • Max Power

    Don’t sign a new contract with more expensive plan! Go month-to-month or choose another provider.

  • Max Power

    Go month to month or switch to Koodo or something. You’ll save money in the long run…

  • hayman

    This fall when my contract runs out I will definitely look at all the carriers and see which is the best value.

  • Ryne

    These plans are very confusing to me. Can anyone tell me if my plan is OK? My mobile is my secondary phone. I use it when I’m away from home. I have had this plan for 6 years, it is as follows:

    200 minutes, MY 5, Unltd text, Visual Voicemail, 100 US/Intl text. I average about 30 min/ month and use 1 GB of data. I pay $85.00/month.

  • Max Power

    Well, I know that WIND could more than cut your bill in half. If you’re outside a big city, I’m sure Koodo or Virgin Mobile could probably give you the same thing for <$50 a month. At those prices, you're better off paying full price for a phone in the long run.

  • Ryne

    Thanks Max. I appreciate your advice.

  • Jezzah

    Going month-to-month with my $30/6GB plan. Rogers can have it when they pry it out of my cold, dead fingers.

    Here to hoping videotron gets their act together and comes to Ontario. I would love nothing more than to leave Rogers in the dust.

  • matt

    Thats expensive! I pay $75 a month (fido) for unlimited canada wide calling, unlimited text in canada and usa, voice mail, call display, 2 gigs data