Rogers/Fido Begin Receiving MicroSIM Cards For iPhone 4


This week, select Rogers and Fido store locations have started to receive microSIM cards for the iPhone 4.

While many Rogers locations already have microSIM cards for the iPad, those SIM cards are “preactivated” and cannot be used with the iPhone 4.


The Rogers/Fido stores that have received the microSIM cards are selling them at $10.00/card. This is useful for users who may have already purchased their iPhone 4 unlocked from the UK (for example) and are traveling to Canada.

For Canadians, when you purchase your iPhone 4, you will receive one microSIM card for free and any additional SIM cards will be charged at $10.00/SIM.

For those Rogers/Fido locations that have not received their microSIM cards yet, the internal company ordering process for the microSIM cards is open. In other words, those stores can begin to order their SIM’s.

Pro Tip

Also, here is a little insider tip. The suggested retail price for the microSIM cards from Rogers/Fido is $10.00/SIM and the actual cost of the individual card is $2.00/SIM. So keep those prices in mind when visiting a Rogers/Fido store that wants more than $10.00 (or really more than $2.00) for the microSIM card.


  • chzplz

    How much do they charge for regular SIMs? Don’t forget you can just trim a standard SIM to microSIM size.

  • that guy

    Nice! Cant wait till iPhone 4 releases in Canada

  • Chow

    uh-oh, they use a smaller SIM card? now I know.. hahaha

  • that guy

    I'm willing to wait until the white iPhone 4 releases in Canada since my contract ends in August 26. Hopefully the white one will be available

  • Swotam

    I wonder if you could purchase a Fido microSIM and then use it in an iPad if it was activated on an account with a data package?

  • Dollardprod

    i took mine for a french iphone 4 at fido mtl more than one week ago… a bit less than 10 doll

  • lol. I love that Rogers/Fido expects iPhones from the US to be unlocked. Go ultrasn0w. Go @comex.

  • Jessica

    I thought that the white one will be released on the 30th?

  • rorypiper

    Well, at least I can afford the microSIM! πŸ˜‰ Like you said, great news for folks you bought an unlocked iPhone 4, from overseas.

  • Chuck

    I bought a microsim about 3 weeks ago… saying that I had bought a European unlocked phone and didn't want to cut my sim… The guy really didn't give a shit. But the reason I wanted the microsim was to use the same sim in my iPhone and iPad. For those who think it's not possible, well, it is.

  • rorypiper

    Probably. All iPads are unlocked. I don' think you can take an iPad SIM and use it for a voice plan, in an iPhone 4. They are not activated that way, but the other way around, should work. Just guessing.

  • Guest

    So if I order an unlocked phone from Apple when it comes out in Canada, it will come with a Rogers micro SIM? Or when you say Canadians will get one free, did you mean that it applies if you purchase the iPhone directly from Rogers?? I'm confused! Should I or should I not order a micro SIM from Rogers separately??
    Thanks πŸ™‚

  • djepsilon

    Frick Rogers. I am so sick of waiting for your ass. Hurry up already!

  • that guy

    it will be but im thinking that most of the white ones will be released first in the U.S so there might be another shortage for Canandians

  • Diesel

    i have the exact same question!

  • RyleyLamarsh

    Ya. Do I need to call Rogers and get a micro sim If I'm buying an unlocked one from apple. I'm lining up on the 30th.

  • RyleyLamarsh

    Nevermind. I guess if you're buying one unlocked from the apple store they take care of setting you up with a new micro sim at the store for your provider. In my case Rogers. Now I know!

  • smui

    I have a question, for all the carriers in canada is the iphone 4 compatible with all the different network's 3g service?

    thanks in advance

  • mackman6151

    i still think its absolutely rediculous to be producing 2 sets of iPhone 4's. One thats factory unlocked that you purchase outright from Apple, and one from a carrier that's locked. just have them both unlocked, and have the people who want the contract incentives to go to the carrier. makes life much easier (cuts production costs too i bet lol) πŸ˜›

  • Justice

    Try going to “” and order a micro sim cutter. It's 29.95 but then you cut any sim or even run a small business charging until you pay for your cutter!

  • Guest11

    Can I use my existing data plan with Rogers and buy an unlocked phone from Apple directly??

  • Canuckdaneh

    I'm wondering the exact thing. If I buy the new phone from Apple, can they simply help me tranfer my current plan over to the new phone by activating the iPhone4 microsim with my same number. This way, I could just continue the third and final year of my plan without altering it. This would then give me the option to changing carriers next summer with the next iPhone. Anyone know?

  • JimRodger

    Stores have had them for a few weeks now. We got our iPhone 4 SIM's a couple weeks ago. We charge 9.99 but if someone is doing some kind of activation instead of just buying it I'll usually give it away.

  • Vartanarsen

    EX or GARY!!..I just had a nightmare on the phone with Apple store in montreal…they told me that there will be NO Factory Unlocked models in the Apple Store…only locked to carriers!!!…..My dream of driving from Boston for this thing is falling apart in front of my eyes!! :(((

  • appleguy

    works exactly like the iPad…when you buy it from the apple store or future shop/best buy you get the SIM free and you choose with whatever provider you want for a microSIM that's it! the iPad ones are free…i know cause i work for Apple

  • all you need is the sim, so if you have the unlocked phone you just need to buy the sim card or cut the old one to fit πŸ˜€

  • lol I feel you on that!

  • HawkmaticA

    The white and black models are ALWAYS released at the exact same time my friend. They are both being released on the 30th in Canada. And manufacturing delays in the states have nothing to do with Canada, as Canada has their own Apple manufacturing.

  • Wow. Who are you?
    White and black were not released at the exact same time in the united states for iPhone 4? They promised white iphones would be ship in July. They didn't say what country, so we have no idea right now.
    Also, what the hell do you mean Canada has their own Apple manufacturing? They're all made in China. They don't have a specific factor just for Canada, I promise you. All iPhones are made exactly the same and are locked and language set at a later time.

    Next you'll be saying, 'Pigs always have flown.' and 'They make specific pigs to live in Canada.' Ugh…

  • Tine

    Just went to the Fido store and the salesman told me they would officially be selling them on the 30th… … … I remain doubtful until we get official word, but unless he was totally talking through his hat, there must be some info going around somewhere…

  • Ex

    The same price

  • Ex

    If you are purchasing an iPhone 4, you will get a Sim card.
    If you want to buy a sim card now and then purchase the iPhone 4 after, then
    you will have two sim cards.

  • Ex

    If you're buying from Apple, Apple supplies the card.

  • Ex

    Rogers, Fido, Bell, Telus, Virgin Mobile

  • Ex


  • Ex

    Don't worry. The person is wrong.
    I bet they would say the 3GS isn't unlocked either.

    Don't worry. Drive up and you'll get one.

  • Ex

    I've said this a thousand times.

    Everything the carrier store can do, the Apple Store can do and in most cases better and more efficiently.

    Keep repeating that.

  • Ex

    And now we can see how much misinformation really is out there.

    Comments of this nature on posts are usually 100% false.

  • Ex

    Yea, Apple saying it's coming July 30 is his info!

  • Cool iPhone!

    If I buy (gosh, I typed “iBuy”!!) an iPhone 4 from Apple, unlocked, and then buy a microSIM from Rogers, will Rogers try to lock my phone? Or will I be able to travel with the iPhone and use a microSIM from another carrier without any issues?

    I _really_ don't trust Rogers…

    (Having read some comments here, it looks like Apple will sell the iPhone 4 with a microSIM included, which can then be set up on any carrier–but, my question is essentially the same–will that carrier lock the phone once they set up the microSIM card?)

  • Ex

    You wouldn't buy the sim from Rogers. You would get it for free from Apple.

  • Cool iPhone!

    That doesn't really answer my question, though–I realise that the microSIM will come from Apple, but will Rogers/any carrier lock the iPhone upon activation/transfer of existing pay-as-you-go number?

  • Vartanarsen

    Thanks are like Yoda with all this info………iPhone information seek you do….to Ex, talk you will….

  • Ex

    No. The iPhone is factory unlocked.

  • Ex

    Getting an iPhone the path to success is.

    Guide you will

  • Canuckdaneh

    Thanks for repeating it, it's my first time getting the straight forward answer πŸ™‚

  • Ex

    Thank you for replying!

    I would appreciate it if you spread the word to others so that everyone knows their options!!!

  • djepsilon

    So you're saying you have two SIM cards for the same account? Meaning you are effectively sharing your iphone data plan on your iPad?

  • djepsilon

    Rory, would it work in reverse? Could you get a second iPhone SIM card from Rogers and use that on your iPad? Wouldn't that be a way to share your iPhone data with your iPad?

  • Ex

    Not really. You would have to activate both SIM cards.

    A pre-activated iPad SIM that will only work in the iPad and then another SIM for the iPhone 4.

    Now, as Rory suggested, you may be able to use the iPhone 4 SIM in the iPad, but then you're missing calls, texts, swapping the SIM and etc. Might be more work than it's worth.

  • rorypiper

    Exactly what I was gonna say. More work than it's worth, but probably possible. If you can jailbreak the iPhone 4, install MyWi 4, you can just tethered your iPad to your iPhone. πŸ™‚

  • Scissors251983

    wow, your a looser man, you got problems, and u need help, jerk

  • Scissors251983

    ill be at the rideau center in ottawa at 5 am to get my phone,

  • Josh

    So, if you receive the unlocked phone and micro-SIM from Apple, what is the next step if you're an existing Rogers iPhone customer and are moving your existing plan/contract to the new phone? Can it be done at the Apple store at time of pick-up? Do I need to call Rogers? Visit a Rogers store?

  • Ex

    You can do either of three options you listed.

    You can go to Apple, Rogers or call Rogers.

  • Steve Erl19

    talked to a Rogers Rep today and he said it has been confirmed officially “internaly” as of today that the 30th is the release date.

  • JonnyDub

    Nice! Did they say anything about an announcement coming soon? I'm getting excited already!

  • bambzolbments

    Hey there, just one quick question. If I get an iphone 4 from rogers, can I use that microsim card on my regular old phone? Or is there any other phone i can purchase which can use a microsim card. Because I would like to have essentially one plan, but a back up phone to which I can transfer my sim.

  • Ggg

    Man don't you know? Pigs always have flown….supersonic as well!

  • HawkmaticA

    Not even gunna dignify your first paragraph with a response BUT pigs have flown. . .it's called Swine Flu bud. πŸ˜›

  • dave

    Actually, you cannot transfer an existing PAYG account to the iphone 4. I asked rogers this, and their response was “It seems that an existing PAYG account cannot be used with an unlocked iPhone 4”. Your only option is to buy a $60/month contract, or cut your old SIM card.

  • I just received my iPhone from Apple Online Store, …but no microSIM included. Anyone got a microSIM from Apple Online Store? Will Rogers lock the phone if I get the microSIM from a Rogers store?

  • Ex

    Get it at Apple = Free

  • rkstryker

    Got unlocked iphone 4 today, had motorola razor without data plan, took out sim card, cut it and popped into iphone. worked, bought data plan from rogers text prompt. not long after – micro sim card no longer works. Rogers’ hack?