Rogers/Fido Cell Network Experiencing Outages Nationwide [u]


This morning the website experienced an outage but now it appears the cellular network is experiencing intermittent issues nationwide, as users are unable to make voice calls or send text messages.


Numerous readers have let us know outages have hit major cities such as Vancouver, Montreal, Toronto and more. So far, neither the @FidoMobile or @RogersHelps accounts have sent out any updates regarding the downtime.

Is the Rogers/Fido network down for you at the moment? Share your location in the comments.

Heat map of the outages via Canadian Outages:

Screenshot 2013-10-09 21.55.48

Thanks @iamgregmorgan

Update: Rogers says they are working on fixing this issue ASAP, as they have acknowledged the network is down in Ontario and Quebec, but the outages go beyond those provinces:

Update 2: 611 calls are working for us now in Victoria, BC, but regular calls are not. What about you?

Update 3: Fido has sent out an update on Twitter, saying it is working on the issue as well:

Update 4: TELUS spokesman Shawn Hall says their network is fine, it’s Rogers that is down:

“It appears to have been down for a couple of hours,” he said. “It is not our network. Our system is fine. But anyone trying to reach a Rogers customer won’t be able to do so.”

Update 5 A&W smartly jumps on the Rogers outage in a brilliant way:

Update 6: a reboot at this time of the evening has allowed us to make and receive calls (update: the fix didn’t last very long)

Update 7 (7:34PM PDT): Rogers spokespersonย Patricia Trott sent out the following apology via press release:

Rogers is experiencing a wireless outage affecting voice and some SMS services across the country. Data services are not affected.

We are investigating the root cause and services are gradually resuming. At this time we do not have an estimate as to when full service will be restored. We sincerely apologize to our customers for the inconvenience.

We are still experiencing service interruptions in some areas and we encourage customers to use a wireline telephone if they need to reach emergency services.

Update 8 (9:06pm PDT): Rogers says service has been restored as of 22 minutes ago:

Update 9 (10:59PM PDT): Rogers CEO apologizes for the outage and offers all postpaid customers 1 day of service credit.


  • Nick

    Down in Ottawa

  • Kellie

    Yep in ajax, Ontario (GTA)

  • DravenInc

    Problems in Halifax right now…lucky I have Fongo installed as well

  • J.A.

    Down in Toronto, Downtown Core.

  • MJ

    Out in Ajax also….

  • Shuggy

    Borked in Calgary, AB

  • Erik Weimer

    Yup, I’m down. Rogers in Vancouver.

  • Erik Weimer

    This is going to be interesting to find out why this outage happened.

  • Tom

    No service in West Edmonton at 16:50

  • Jacqueline Valencia

    Can’t text in Toronto.

  • Trevor

    Down in Vancouver…but was working until 3:30pm. How long is this going to take.

  • jo

    down in toronto.. it’s 6:53pm eastern time here

  • Ian

    Down in Montreal

  • Daniello

    down in Vancouver

  • sonne

    Down in Kingston, Ontario as of 20 minutes ago….VERY annoying….no calls out, no texts out, no calls in, I was waiting on a very important phone call around this time from a hospital

  • Drew

    Victoria B.C

  • Amanda

    Rogers / Fido Is Down In Northern Ontario Too!! So Frustrating!! Cant Text, Call or even access ‘My Rogers’, Phone wont even call 611!

  • sonne

    And this is FIDO

  • Scott

    well…guess we will need to send smoke signals……

  • Mtldude

    fido down here in Montreal Qc -_-

  • Vartan Kaprielov

    yup, service down in Montreal/Laval area

  • sabrina

    yep down in ottawa

  • Scott

    can someone order me a pizza that is on another network….PLEASE

  • Steve A

    Down in Newmarket (hr north of Toronto)

  • Amanda

    Lets Hope its not out that long!!! Yay! Another reason to consider switching to a different provider…

  • raj

    yeah service down in vancouver today oct 9 2013

  • Sara

    …yup.. this is crazy..can’t make calls …Brampton ,On

  • LOL!

  • RH

    Kitchener is out

  • guest

    Yes its down in Surrey Too ๐Ÿ™

  • hazel

    down here in toronto

  • Tracy

    Down In Abbotsford / Vancouver British Columbia

  • Emile Jumean

    Down in Sarnia, Ontario

  • Jeanette

    Down in New Westminster BC ๐Ÿ™

  • Scott

    Does this have anything to do with the leaf’s loss last night?

  • Jeanette

    I can text!! Just cant call out or receive calls ๐Ÿ™

  • Shier

    Voice and text down I Winnipeg too. Although data works

  • Mike

    Fort Erie – Fido – Out

  • Rob

    Down in BCs interior.

  • Mtldude

    wouldnt make sense. if that were the case, we would constantly have zero coverage year after year.

  • Fido is down in Chilliwack, BC.

  • Laura

    Service is out for the Montรฉrรฉgie area in Montreal as well

  • Calgary

    Down in Calgary. No outbound /inbound calls/texts. Interestingly data works.

  • Amir Arani

    Im in the process of setting up a string-and-cup with my buddy in the condo building next to me. Should work, right?!

  • donjon

    down in MONTREAL//

  • Bryan pereira

    Yes in kelowna BC

  • @CykfCyyz

    No service in Iqaluit, NU either. But we never had 3G service. Long live CDMA!

  • johnny

    I feel weird having no cell service. I feel paranoid.

  • Kate 29

    Network down in bigger Montreal area

  • Petethepirate

    Ottawa and Gatineau is down too

  • Christine Maude

    Im in Hamilton Ontario and phone and text are still down

  • Caley

    yes I live in Barrie, Ontario and I am unable to make calls. I can use anything on my iPhone that uses data (emails, facebook, facetime, imessage) but I can’t call out. Many of my friends are experiencing the same. I am with Fido.

  • Kate 29

    Can text another iphone in Alberta, but not someone in my house. All fido phones. Hope it won’t last too long…

  • Derrick

    I’m in Toronto, and I can’t receive calls or make calls from my Fido phone. Well, it’s at least comforting to know I’m not alone. Group hug!

  • idiotman

    i just shat my pants!!!

  • Kamal

    I can not make calls but i can answer incoming calls which is – toronto.

  • Caley

    me too. I am in Barrie and same thing. I was in the middle of a call when it dropped ๐Ÿ™

  • idiotman

    whats for dinner

  • Kamal

    try calling pizza pizza

  • John

    I m with Fido. It’s down in Toronto. No calls or texts but data works.

  • idiotman

    i guess id better kill myself

  • johnny

    I feel like I’m missing a very important call

  • donjon

    Let the ZOMBIE apocalypse begin..ITS THE END OF THE WORLD….

  • johnny

    I wish I still had my pager

  • Shinalboma

    Fido now too in Vancouver, but I remember I can still make a call home today at around 2:40 pm PDT

  • Kamal

    Do we still have to pay our full monthly plan this month? Robbers won’t give us anything back for this screw up… yet they will advertise BEST NETWORK IN CANADA LMFAO

  • johnny

    i’m going to send a telegram

  • Jo-ann

    Down in Coquitlam, BC. Close to Vancouver. I need my phone!!! Has anyone heard how long it will be down for?

  • Jeanette

    Ugh! Can someone give me just one damn reason why I am with Fido?? FML!

  • eastcoastkid

    Out in Halifax.

  • Me

    Down for quite some time now! And I thought it was coz I called in & have them some peice of my mind! ๐Ÿ˜›

  • Jeanette

    Is this Jo-Ann smith or lambert ? By any chance? LOL

  • some neechie

    Man fuck this no good company I’m patchin over to some other company

  • Reza

    No network in Fort MacKay..

  • Meggerz53

    Same issues in halifax, started last night

  • Sara Partridge

    I cant recieve texts and FB messiges but cant send any or call. Tryed calling fido to from my home phone and it wont go through :S London, Ontario

  • Jeanette

    I agree…. there should be a discount for this BS!

  • idiotman

    riots have started on my street !!!

  • ahmad

    im in calgary and has been down for some time .in the morning on and off and since 3pm down nothing works

  • Mtldude

    shut the f*ck up dude. are you everywhere??

  • Unhappy puppy

    Kitchener waterloo down as of 630pm

  • John

    Lost 2-1 sorry dude

  • Jeanette

    Imagine the world 20 years ago!! How did they ever survive? LMAO

  • Needmynetwrokback

    Montreal, QC, Network still down
    Anybody has any clue about what’s going on? and when everything will be back to normal?

  • O Rogers

    No service in Vancouver for the last 90 minutes

  • Mark Stewart

    down in Collingwood On

  • Jean

    Mine is working just fine text & calls

  • Ledtonix

    nothing going on here in Montreal, can’t find out what is for dinner?

  • idiotman

    chineese people hacked the system!!

  • chris

    Oromocto NB has been down for the past hour

  • Ashleigh

    Oshawa, Ontario. Brand new iPhone 5s, glad its not my brand new $1000 phone!

  • AA

    I am in Montreal and my Fido network is down ๐Ÿ™

  • Jolleegood

    I got my new 5s today so I thought it was my new phone!

  • f1ght3r

    Down here in Edmonton as well.


    Literally 24 hours of this – off and on (mostly off) rogers in halifax – I feel guilty for being relieved that it isn’t just me…but then I see people complaining about 20 minutes and I no feel bad for you ๐Ÿ˜‰

  • Scott

    So I guess this is the perfect time for FaceTime Audio to be put to use

  • Dwc

    Vancouver downtown no service 4:00pm. Must be zie germans.

  • Asha Rose


  • mowton

    i was finally starting to trust a company over 30……………

  • lm2013

    611 or regular phone calls don’t work in Montreal. sms works

  • dave

    Down in Surrey bc

  • Down in Winnipeg on Rogers (6:30 p.m. CT)

  • Medhat

    Time to switch to Bell

  • lm2013


  • Arize

    I’m having the same problem. Having a pizza craving with no way to order!!

  • kay

    Still down Toronto 7:41pm

  • donjon

    zombies have attacked the downtown cores. Pandemonium and riots all over.. close your doors,window blinds and digg in,, might be a while…be safe

  • Johnny Walker

    Richmond Hill is F’ed ๐Ÿ™ and it’s 742pm

  • Sharra

    It’s Manitoba, and all of Winnipeg as well confirmed with several friends via FB

  • idiotman

    order online…

  • Markus

    Voice calls down in Chilliwack BC. Text works. Web site not available. Call center unreachable

  • Shinalboma

    I can’t call home. I demand some free minutes back

  • donjon

    Montreal Quebec.
    zombies have attacked the downtown cores. Pandemonium and riots all
    over.. close your doors,window blinds and digg in,, might be a
    while…if your lucky Pauline Marois will send her language police to save you.. be safe

  • jason

    down in winnipeg

  • Lynn Stewart

    It’s down in Port Coquitlam and I can’t call my kid. Think of ALL that freedom. Not good.

  • Julia

    I was trying to call my sister on her cell, she’s got a Fido phone, kept getting a “we’re sorry, your call did not go through, please try again later” message, called my local Fido store, found out about the outage

  • Julia

    And we’re in Windsor Ontairo

  • Tom

    This is just the beginning…wait till what comes next.

  • Antoine (Montreal)

    At first, I thought it was my iPhone issue, I restarted and still not work, I tried to call several numbers including 611, all failed. Luckily, before becoming frustrated and blaming to my phone, I thought about making a quick search on web for “Fido network down” and I’m happy get this unhappy news from here! For now, I’m using my VoIp SIP account number for call & receive calls. Hope they’ll fix it soon!!

  • Kayla

    Not working in Edmonton, Alberta…5:47 here mountain time. 611 calls don’t work

  • crazyredargyle

    Google phone?

  • MR

    Network down in Quebec city as well. I can txt, but no voice call. 611 and their customer service numbers are not working either. Facetime and data work.

  • donjon

    Yeah,, illegal tapping of all mobile users phones,, brought to you by BIG BROTHER……. a complete reboot of the system..

  • JF

    Rogers/Fido is down in Edmonton has been since around 4pm

  • YWG

    No Fido in Winnipeg, MB either. Nothing. No service message.

  • joe

    No calls or texts in New West for fido. the only shows missed calls coming through , however not right away.

  • Ken

    no fido in oshawa

  • john

    use viber, its working!! Unlike R.O.G.E.R.S. ps don’t call me about my late payment!!

  • Dany

    Voice calls Down for 2 hours now… internet and sms seem to still be working

  • john

    down in toronto for a least 2 hours now

  • Ahmed Shoaib

    Down here in Ottawa!!!!!!!!!

  • Karen

    Where is Verizon???? Lol
    This is ridiculous I expect a discount for the inconvenience

  • Potsmoker

    Down in Montreal

  • harold

    down in London Ontario

  • Fido

    I can’t believe Canada’s most reliable network is down

  • john

    maybe the our great government is running rogers as well, you can call them and get my payment from the 1billion

  • Jim

    Out in calgary!
    Fix it quickly please!!!!!!

    How does a network just “go down” wtf

  • Amanda

    Canada Wide Outage! That is unacceptable!
    I wonder what will happen when many customers finally decide they have had enough of being pushed around by rogers; and cancel services! I have had many reasons to dislike rogers over the years and has considered another provider and this is another reason to switch!

  • harold

    my daughter’s phone just became disabled, cant text, or nothing…fido site is down, fido phones arent working……any idea on whats happening…i heard its just not fido, efffecting bell, and rogers as well

  • shawn

    its down in vancouver bc

  • Lady In Pink

    I live in downtown Toronto, Ontario and cannot call or text but my internet is still working.

  • Kelly O’Hara

    down in edmonton, alberta

  • Hello

    aliens messing with network?

  • Lady In Pink

    611 is even not working.

  • shawn

    canucks won yesterday!!!!!!

  • harold

    anyone heard on what happened

  • dforrealz

    sask is down as well

  • karen

    CHATR network down in Calgary

  • Jeanette

    Maybe this will be the next reason Vancouver has a riot ๐Ÿ˜›

  • biggy604

    same here

  • Catharsis Ponder

    The payphones were down in Vancouver downtown also some business landlines. My cell data is working but still can’t call

  • Kevin

    the servers must have been needed to process all the “new” extra data charges everyone is getting with the new iphone 5’s ……It will be back up as soon as they are finished billing for this cycle.

  • Lori

    No service at least an hour, Pointe-Claire QC (Montreal West Island)

  • karen

    yea or sos lol

  • kristen

    Goood too know…aft removing n reinserting my SIM card 100 times…almost throwing my phone out my car window. Gooo rogers =-O

  • Mr.west

    UFOs are taking over!!! Tom Cruise save us!!! Chuck Norris help Tom please!!
    Hulk where are youuuu?!!!
    Transformers its now or never……
    Paris Hilton & Lady gaga can you do something??

  • Jack

    Down in Kitchener, Ontario. PS – Stop your whining.

  • Johnny Walker

    Richmond Hill down. This could be a loooong one … that’s what she said.

  • mannat

    in Brampton it’s down i was

    also in middle of call when it dropped

  • steven

    Fido, down in Vaughan, Ontario

  • crystal

    in Trenton and my phone is down as well….

  • fish

    down in Vancouver BC Canada

  • Joann

    Hamilton Ontario my phone has been down over 2 hours

  • It_is_alive

    Skynet…it’s starting.
    *all down for me in Vancouver*

  • celia

    HMMM!! I wonder if my mom is calling me

  • Andy

    Data (3G/4G) works Ok. Make a voip call for your pizza! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Samantha

    Down in Vancouver as well! RAHHH

  • firefightersteve

    this is crazy! glad bbm still works

  • Duke

    Regina, Can’t make a call with fido, texting ok.

  • celia

    still can text…

  • Vik

    Aww this sucks. I feel so…. bored and a little scared. Down in coquitlam

  • celia

    will we be getting discount on our phone bill??????

  • Vanessa MacIntosh

    Vancouver, BC: Text message are working but phone calls are not. Even 611 calls are not working.

  • anna

    No servicee .. near downtown montreal !! great company we have here lool

  • britt

    down in PEI too ugh

  • Manny

    It is a big shame for Rogers and Fido Big Canadian Buck Suckers that avoid the American providers to come to Canada and they can’t even provide service a big double shame on both providers

  • crosseyed_mofo

    everything is back to normal now in montreal, well minus pauline marois

    edit: not anymore

  • Nightfly

    ๐Ÿ™‚ Data still works where I am , use Skype or talkatone. If you starve to death, your family can sue Rogers.

  • Sidney

    I had a scheduled phone job interview.

  • Laney

    I am from Hamilton Ontario. My internet works fine, can’t send text, but I can receive them, can’t send or receive calls. It restored for a few minutes but then I couldn’t make any other calls.

  • celia

    where are you?

  • celia

    so true

  • Debbie

    without my Fido in Halifax, NS

  • biggy604

    Itt’s still down in the whole Lower Mainland

  • crosseyed_mofo

    south shore

  • Nightfly

    Just as I am about to contact them about a deal on my account since they are no longer subsidizing my iPhone. My three year contract from hell is done and over with. I really think Rogers took down the network so they wouldn’t have to deal with me.

  • Mark

    5:25 pm Vancouver. No voice service on fido

  • Tammy Preast

    Still nothing here in Vancouver. Thank God I kept my Telus land-line…was gonna’ scrap it as archaic and unnecessary…LOL!

  • Brad

    maybe fido/rogers can get a telus account and piggyback on a working network ๐Ÿ™‚

  • usman

    I am in AJAX Ontario no network coverage since 5:39 pm what is going on I need to make very impertinent calls , I don’t know how to do it since I don’t have home phone


    Looks like Rogers forgot to pay their wireless bill. LOL.

  • Tammy Preast

    Did the same thing…Got really cranky at The Fido store about my piece of sh*t phone!!! Then found out service was down. LOL!!

  • donjon

    still down mtl

  • Jane

    St. Catharines is down

  • Steven

    It’s working now in Vaughan, Ontario.

  • aka0516

    yep Victoria is still down aswell

  • Tank

    should be a discount…..
    i have missed 2 very important calls because of their issue, which has now become mine

  • Toopatoo

    I can see that people called me but the phone never rang. Very frustrating!!

  • MB

    Can’t text or call here in Ottawa

  • Ilovecanadiantelcos

    Down in Quebec City. Only data works.

  • Hank

    Thanks heavens for netTalk. Lol. I managed to call no problem ๐Ÿ™‚

    Now about Beryl Wajsman’s comment that we are now officially third world. I am from a “third world” country but hey, networks there are better, more reliable and all. He is just full of himself, mal-educated clown.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    its back down, was able to make a call about 15 minutes ago, not anymore

  • micanada

    fido is down in Mississauga ๐Ÿ™

  • Brampton

    Fido down in brampton

  • kda

    Calls were dropping in winnipeg at 5pm. Could text but lost that too. Can receive text but not send and no phone functions since 5:30pm. Almost went to the car dealership to complain about the bluetooth.

  • Brampton

    They better be comping a portion of my phone bill.

  • Rebecca H

    london ontario is down grrr I need to talk on the phone

  • Jun Liang

    I noticed the phone signal disappeared after I upgraded the camera software.
    Took me quite a while to speculate how a phone camera would affect the wireless signal ……

  • Pissed.

    Down in Calgary, AB

  • Rebecca H

    I can get txt but cant send them back my family will be going crazy….

  • Nightfly

    How ironic that as I was about to renegotiate the billing for my account the phone network goes down. My three-year contract for my iPhone I just expired in September. I just received my gold 5s from Apple off contract and unlocked, I was looking for a better rate. I guess Rogers really did not want hear from me, so they crash the network. This is my theory only, I guess it’s more motivation to leave Rogers.

  • BS

    Down in Calgary, AB. BS!!

  • Tito

    Network down in Montreal. Hope they will give me a credit!

  • deoomm

    Funny, now going to sell Z30.

  • Ben

    St Jerome quebec ; no service. With rogers and fido the only service never down is collection service, the rest is depend how they feel !

  • gerry

    I’ll deliver. What’s your address? LOL

  • Biggy604

    At least Data still works for now lol

  • Ben

    ITS ALIVE !!!! ITS ALIVE !!!!

  • Shona Miller

    my thoughts exactly, lmao. Down in Edmonton too.

  • Ben


  • .:summer.rain:.

    Rogers is sketchy in Winnipeg, that’s for sure.

  • einsteinbqat

    It’s back since 21:00 for me. Montreal.

  • Kevin Lafontaine

    Gatineau is down too, but any contact over data works, imessage and facetime are ok, poor Samsung retard.

  • Catharsis Ponder

    You know services like those aren’t unique to apple products right?

  • Kevin Lafontaine

    I just hate samsung, like you probably hate apple,

  • Hondanazi

    This is why I am switching from Fido to Telus. Problems connecting all the time. Switching from LTE to 3G is NOT seamless!!! Now can’t make a call from office all night! GRRRRR

  • Kevin

    Fido network is down in Kelowna. Only emergency calls. Time to hook up the old land line once again if this continues….

  • Alison

    Longueuil,Quebec,Canada no incoming or outgoing calls

  • IPhone


  • Catharsis Ponder

    I don’t have such strong feelings for inanimate objects

  • Dingo

    Take it easy guys, maybe it’s a good moment to forget a bit about our cellphones and digital life.
    I have two lines, both not ringing, I can’t remember the last time I appreciated the silence that much !

  • The Gourmet Hedgie

    Over here in Calgary, can’t even get a dialtone when trying to voice call anyone with my Fido phone. Maybe it takes time to go to every province?

  • Canucks


  • Canucks

    I think it’s a good time to step out of these wireless stuff for a while.
    We are depending on our phones too much nowadays.

    It’s funny I don’t see people stepping down and talking trash on big corps like Rogers now.

  • hd

    Down in Guelph, ON

  • Simon

    Still Nothing in Montreal. Text msg works but no voice call. (10:00pm) Even Fido’s website is down.

  • crosseyed_mofo

    kevin the only thing that indicates is as stated, voice and txt down, data unaffected, nothing to do with what device you are using

  • Anthony

    I accept the fact that these things happen sometimes, but why are they keeping us in the dark?
    I’m in the Niagara region of southern Ontario and I have had no signal or data since this evening

  • Olley

    Still down in Vancouver

  • Sk

    No service on my Fido phone either. It feels like we’re in a third world country..
    Vancouver BC

  • Ari

    To think that I was going to switch to Rogers to get an iPhone 5S. I’m glad I went with Bell instead.

  • chris

    Vancover island network is still down and has been down now for 12 hours



  • Fido

    Compo I hope :-)))

  • BobFromEdmonton

    Just another reason to let other telecom companies into Canada other than the big three Bell, Telus and Rogers…. It’s time for change and competition is a good thing… don’t let their propaganda tell you any different! Take control Canada… don’t be fools!

  • Shinalboma

    Ok now. Vancouver and Fido

  • Bob

    Down in Burnaby, it was working for me until around 3:20/3:30 ish

  • Joe joe

    Hey Crys….your phone still down?

  • Jesse

    Actually iMessage and Facetime services are unique to apple products..

  • Catharsis Ponder

    Hence the word ‘like’

  • Should be working again now…hope you enjoyed your silence tonight!

  • Nick

    ur stupid. consider the amount of money Rogers donates to charities. That should suffice.

  • Ali?eza Mo

    But when it comes to paying bills they want us to pay right away…. They should give a discount for this month or I’ll not renew my contract in next month ๐Ÿ™‚

  • K

    Come on Verizon… We Really NEED YOU!

  • Looks like everybody is getting 1 day of service credit due to the outage:

  • Guest416

    why is the rogers website still down, DoS? I suspect hacking/espionage being the reason for the network and the website being down, Rogers is probably talking to the RCMP and CSIS to determine the real root cause.

  • Annette Rose Giesbrecht

    i still have a landline. I was wonder whether this was sabotage?

  • Jin

    Don’t call him an idiot when that logic does not make sense at all. Think about it. We paid for a service with money. They did not provide the service (equivalent to us losing money). If they are throwing that money to charities, even if there are some of us who do not want to throw that money to charities, they are throwing that money to charities regardless.. That’s like forcing us to pay for charity even if we don’t want to

  • Kamal

    If you dum a$$hole have a clue about business management. giving something to charity is automatic tax refunds you dum a@@. do you even have a full time job to understand why big corporations have to donate more than they want to?

  • Dizzy

    It would have been nice if Rogers had the decency to send out an email to their customers informing them of the outage. I use my phone for business and I missed several important business related calls and texts.