Rogers/Fido iPhone 3GS In Stock And Selling!


Stock is finally under control. Phew.

When the iPhone 3GS was released on June 19, 2009, it took about 2 weeks for Rogers/Fido to sell through their entire supply (popular device or just bad inventory control?). This left thousands of people who ordered their iPhone 3GS through the Rogers website or over the phone without a device on launch day. In many cases, the lack of stock even left many buyers without a device for over a month since launch day!

Well, things are finally under control.

iPhone 3GS IS1

By the second week of July, some Rogers/Fido stores nationally had received stock of the iPhone 3GS, only to have it sell out as soon as it arrived. This however did not help the thousands of unfilled web and phone orders. Apple stores on the other hand were fully stocked!

Well, it came a little later than anticipated, but Rogers/Fido have finally began to fill their web and phone orders. They also both extended their hardware upgrade policies for the iPhone 3GS and their $30 6GB Data Plan offering.

For people that ordered their iPhone 3GS on or before June 19, 2009, most of those orders have been filled starting in the second/third weeks of July. For people who ordered after June 19, 2009 and still do not have their device, those orders are being filled from the end of July to the first week of August and onward. It is a real shame that Rogers/Fido could not get their act together with stock levels, simply adding it to the list of other problems.

At the store level, over 85% of Rogers/Fido stores are fully stocked with the iPhone 3GS and more stock is arriving later this week.

If you have ordered your iPhone 3GS over the phone or through the web from Rogers/Fido, your order should be filled soon and your confirmation email on its way. For those that have not ordered an iPhone 3GS and are planning to get one, at this time you probably have a better chance at securing a device by going in store to Rogers/Fido or visiting an Apple Store. In either case, Rogers/Fido have a temporary “Limit 2 iPhone 3GS per account” restriction up until all stores are stocked and all backlogged phone/web orders have been filled.

On the other hand, the iPhone 3G at $99 is fully stocked everywhere.

iPhone 3GS 2peraccount

Happy hunting!


  • Dusty

    Go Go Go! 😛

  • You can also track your package using UPS!

  • Snowman

    Personally I think it's a load of crap. I think its just the Rogers PR machine at work. I ordered mine on June 19th and thanks to CSR screw ups it took 3 calls it to get it in there properly. Mine still hasn't shipped and there is no status change. Calling in I'm still told they are on backorder and will ship when they get them!! Looks like their PR worked here.

  • mrutada

    Finally, but I hope I can get one on the 3rd. as I am in the States.

  • rorypiper

    I feel real lucky to have gotten mine on lanch day. Rather than ordering, I just went to Wireless Wave, first thing in the morning. There were maybe 3 people waiting, ahead of me. I was in and out, in about an hour.

  • ddn2003

    Yay! I'll finally get my back-ordering hardware upgrade!!!

  • racky

    I am not too pleased with Rogers right now at all! I went to my local Rogers Plus store just to get a movie or a game, and thought for the hell of it I'll ask if they have any 32G iPhones in stock. Well guess what THEY FRIGGIN HAD ONE! I have confirmed over the phone that I am eligible for offer 2 (bills over a hundred bucks/bought the 3G when it came out blah blah) but the offer didn't show up on their system. So I had to walk away from it and call in to order one over the phone :(. Thanks a lot Rogers you screwed me again.

  • ahabsfan

    Well isn't that special? Rogers has phones available in store. I've been waiting 1 month for my order. So much for back orders will be filled on a priority basis.

  • Rimwich

    So far i've called 4 rogers stores plus some random wireless waves etc and have had no luck. They've only had them for fido. I live in Edmonton. Anyone have any idea when western Canada will get a nice big shipment? Thanks.

  • vitsanou

    hey i feel you, the same thing happened to me, they turned me away even though they asked me to call CSR right there in the store, which I did and even after confirming that I was eligible with the CSR they still wouldn't give it to me.

  • Bradom

    I called Rogers today and they do not have the Iphone 3GS in stock, they are still currently backordered with no current information about when they will be fullfilling orders.

  • aasdf

    got mine today!!!!!!!!!!!

    they shipped it without emailing me, I called to check where I was at, and they said it was to be delivered today.

    ordered the 32gb white 3gs maybe july 5th

  • abhatia

    I ordered the iPhone 3G 16 GB on a Saturday Aug 1 over the phone. They said it will arrive in 3-5 business days….called back on Aug 5 they said by Aug 14 I will receive it….and when I called on Aug 7 they say its backordered and I will not get it untill after Sept 11.

    I AM SO angry AT FIDO!!

  • September 11th?!?!
    That is definitely a mistake.

  • abhatia

    Maybe they assumed it was the 3GS cuz they are out of that.
    Hopefully they do send it to me by August 14th…its hard living without my phone and plus i also sold my old iPod so no music either!

  • aaron_o

    rubbish, their site and CSRs on the phone told me there is about a 1 month wait on all orders (so just add 30 days to your order date, and that is your likely ship date).

  • Bionic_Weasel


    I ordered over a month ago and still don't have mine… T_T

  • racky

    ya man just brutal, the only way I could have taken it is if I had the cash to pay $799.

  • vitsanou

    Hey racky I just got my phone today. If you are anywhere near an Apple Store you should go there instead and they will deal with Rogers for you. If I ordered through the phone I would be getting the phone for $299 but when I tried to do it at a Rogers store, their computers said I'd have to pay $399 for it, plus a sys admin fee. The Apple Store got me the phone at $299 and they called Rogers for me to confirm it, and thats it. Good luck I hope you get it soon! I was tired of waiting for my order to ship out so I kept trying alternative methods and this one worked for me.

  • racky

    They still gave u one over the counter even though it's past the end of July? Cuz I don't have an Apple store relatively close to me but if I can get a phone tomorrow it's worth the trip!!

  • vitsanou

    I just got mine today at the apple store in Ottawa and they were
    really helpful. Are they not supposed to give them out after a certain
    date? I was not aware of this.

    They did call Rogers for me to cancel my current order as well as
    confirm if I was eligible for the upgrade because the computers at the
    apple store showed that I wasn't. So it seems like if they say it's
    good over the phone, apple will do it for you. Rogers however won't,
    for some odd reason. Again good luck! I hope I helped in some way.

  • racky

    Just got mine today at the Apple Store in Toronto, I drove from Barrie this afternoon and picked up a black 32G. Thanks a lot for the advice, I wouldn't have thought of going there myself. 🙂

  • racky

    Just got mine today at the Apple Store in Toronto, I drove from Barrie this afternoon and picked up a black 32G. Thanks a lot for the advice, I wouldn't have thought of going there myself. 🙂

  • They totally don’t have stock, because people are getting excited with the latest iPhone 3G’s and will try to buy how good it is. Good for me, I didn’t order yet at that time iPhone.