Rogers/Fido No Activation Fee Until February 16 2010


Effective February 11, 2010, Rogers and Fido are waiving the $35 activation fee that customers are usually charged when starting up a new account.

Eligibility & Restrictions

The offer is applicable to new 3-year term activations on the following rate plans:

  • Mega Value Plans (All “choice of feature” plans: Unlimited Network Calling, MY5, Double Your Minutes, Messages)
  • Family/Couples Plans, primary and secondary lines (new activations only)
  • Business sharing plans, primary and secondary lines (new activations only)
  • Business Voice Rate Card Plans ($45 plus)
  • Select Business plans (Canadian One Rate, North American One Rate)
  • Smartphone & Rocket Stick Plans
  • Voice & Data Plans (Mega Value Combo, iPhone Voice & Data, Business Voice & Data)
  • EPP Plan

Applicable to new 2 and 3-year term activations on the following rate plans:

  • Mobile Broadband Data plans (2 and 3 year plans)
  • Embedded laptop plans (2 and 3 year plans)
  • Rocket Hub plans (2 and 3 year plans)
  • CityFido Plans (Fido)
  • Plans with monthly service fee $15, $20, $25, $35, $50, $70 (Fido)
  • iPhone Voice & Data Plans (Fido)
  • Mobile Internet plans (Fido)

This offer is not available on:

  • Corporate plans
  • Business Pricing Renewal (BPR) price plans

A $35 bill credit for 100% of the activation fee will appear on the customer’s first bill.

This promotion is part of the Rogers/Fido Valentine’s Day promotions, but considering the negativity surrounding these companies lately, does a $35 discount even work?


  • gtasscarlo

    who would even want to sign up for robbers/fido they screw you every chance they get i dont get reception on 3g yet they harass me for one month non payment, yet they cant fix there own problems and i havent even been getting reception for 6 months everytime tech support says well look into it , there a bunch of crooks

  • BrianY

    This would be a good time for people with old plans who are still paying system access fee to switch up their old plan for one of the newer ones without having to pay the activation fee. Can anyone confirm this?

  • You wouldn't pay an activation fee for a plan change

  • BrianY

    Really? I always thought for Fido that if I wanted to switch from an older plan with SAF to one of the re-branded Fido plans without SAF, I'd be forced to pay the system activation fee for switching plans. Maybe I'm wrong or maybe you misunderstood my question?

  • It works like this:

    New Customer who activates normally pays a $35 activation fee.

    During this promo, that activation fee is waived.

    An existing customer that has a plan where they pay SAF $6.95 can
    change to a new a plan and not pay the SAF $6.95.

    With Rogers/Fido, as an existing customer, you don't pay anything to
    switch your plan.

    Today's article only focuses on the $35 activation fee.

    Make sense?

  • BrianY

    Makes sense =) Thanks!

  • djepsilon

    Wow Rogers… I can hardly contain my excitment.

  • djepsilon

    Wow Rogers… I can hardly contain my excitment.