Rogers/Fido To Lower SIM Card Prices?


SIM Cards, or Subscriber Identification Modules, are the small smart cards that sit inside our iPhones and give us our connection to the cellular network. SIM Cards also come free with a phone/device purchase.

Normally SIM cards have a long life, usually in excess of five years, but sometimes they “burn out” or are defective. When the SIM card does not work, this usually requires a trip to the carrier store to buy a new one.

In the last few years, SIM cards have slowly been rising in price, starting at around $25 a couple of years ago and maxing out at around $40 recently. Some people have even reported paying as high as $45 or $50 for a single SIM card!

While Rogers/Fido have been charging about $40 or higher for standalone SIM Cards, the price of SIM Cards has begun to drop recently with TELUS SIM Cards costing $10 and Bell SIM Cards costing $5.00.

Well Fido has now made their SIM cards $10 (their cost is $2!) when purchased standalone and free when a phone/device is activated on a 2/3 year term (which is rather standard across carriers). This is good news for Fido customers who may have to replace a SIM Card, since paying $10 is much better than paying $40!

On the Rogers end of business, while they have not announced $10 SIM Cards yet, the company has released a $30 SIM Card Starter Kit that includes one SIM Card, a $20 airtime voucher, and a tourist guide for Vancouver. This is essentially an Olympic promotion. The point to note is $30 for the package less $20 airtime is $10 for the SIM Card. So let’s hope that after the Vancouver 2010 Olympics, the $10 Rogers SIM card stays true.


  • In Europe you get SIM cards with EUR 10 air time for EUR 5. So a SIM card costs -5 euro. But then again, there is competition in Europe unlike in Canada with its loooong contracts.

    BTW shouldn't you make a comparison matrix about the different carriers.

  • MWatcher

    Does this mean that we can use these SIM cards on the upcoming iPad? And therefore, we would be able to use our current iPhone 3G data plans on it as well?

  • mingey

    i paid 4 argentinian pesos for my SIM card here and that is like 1.25 cents

  • No

  • They might be lowering the SIM card price because they will be selling Micro-Sims soon and might want customers to buy up all the old sims…..Just a guess

    Once Rogers lowers there SIM price I might switchover to them

  • As usual, it seems that Rogers is one of the last ones to drop pricing.

  • The iPad uses a “Micro-SIM” card, also referred to as the 3FF SIM – not the same size as the SIM card in the iPhone (actually about half the size).

    The Micro-SIM is purported to have more memory and better data security – but frankly I wonder if it wasn't selected for the iPad so that users would not be able to do what you're suggesting (i.e. swap the card in your iPhone into an iPad).

  • hylowyoh

    If you buy a new sim, does Fido “cancel” your old one or can you continue to use both?

  • Vancouver Boy

    SIM Cards should be free. If they want my business, the least they can do is give the simple means to pay them $$$.

  • sdf

    rogers sucks those companies are robbing people. sometimes as a customer I feel so lack of power and helpless

  • sdf

    rogers sucks those companies are robbing people. sometimes as a customer I feel so lack of power and helpless

  • DBY

    They not only suck in that aspect they are ALWAYS trying to charge me extra. last month i was charged 120 dollars all deducted from my credit card!! And when i called in they said, oh it was a mistake. It has happened 3 times now and I'm pissed off becuase i use online billing, they always take the money first and then i get it back in quite a while. Sometimes it makes u think what the hell the canadian government is doing with all these extremely low production rates on roads, etc. Letting the insurance gough u whatever they want and taxing you all ur money without giving much at all. And not letting these companies essentially STEAL money.

  • neropl

    Just returned from Poland where I got SIM card with local number 70min talk time and 1GB Internet access just for EUR 5. When recharge for EUR 20 I could get 344 min talk time and 6GB Internet for 5 months that is something we will get in Canada maybe next century.