Rogers/Fido Update My Account iPhone App


Update 1: Thanks to Jakub S for the email! 🙂

Recently, Rogers/Fido completed an update to their free “My Account” iPhone applications.

The “My Account” apps allow Rogers/Fido customers to view the amount of minutes, data and messages that they have used so far in the month, the amount of remaining usage for the month and how many minutes/data/messages their plan includes per month.

The app further allows users to view the amount of their current and last month invoice and also pay for the current invoice via credit card.

More Tab

The app has now been updated to include new user interface enhancements and a new “More” tab that that includes “Device Delivery Status” updates for purchased devices and “Local Calling Area” information if you are unsure if the area you are in or number you are calling is long distance or not.

The other user interface enhancements can be seen in the “Usage” and “Balance” tabs.

Usage Tab

Under the Usage tab, the “Voice” view now shows your current subscribed monthly plan at the top and new two options to view Long Distance usage and Roaming usage.

The “Data” view also shows your current subscribed monthly plan at the top and shows US and International Data roaming usage.

Lastly, the “Messaging” view shows your current subscribed monthly plan at the top and shows US, International, and Roaming usage.

Balance Tab

The Balance tab now shows the users account number at the top and if you are subscribed to Fido, the account’s accumulated Fido Dollars are shown.

Oddly enough, I did not see an actual update in the App Store. But the apps have definitely been overhauled.

Overall, a pretty good update.

A few things to note:

1.) The apps do not support Corporate Paid/Reimbursed Accounts.

2.) The apps do not support Prepaid accounts.

3.) You must have a data plan with Rogers/Fido, whether contracted or not.

4.) You must be on 3G or EDGE for the apps to retrieve your account information. If you are on WiFi, you will have to turn WiFi off and connect to 3G or EDGE.

Both of the Rogers My Account and Fido My Account apps are available on the iTunes App Store for free.


  • Anonymous

    > Recently, Rogers/Fido completed an update to their free “My Account” iPhone applications.

    Are you positive about that? Unless you are seeing an update I’m not seeing, the latest Rogers My Account app was posted July 27th, 2010. Not exactly recent.

    I got all excited because I thought they had finally posted a retina display update.

  • Ex

    Go look.

    Open the app!

  • Anonymous

    Oh yeah, good catch. I thought it was against Apple’s rules to bypass the App Store update system like that, but I guess there is nothing they can do if it’s just a shell for a webapp, which is what I’m assuming.

    Thanks for the heads up.

  • Anonymous

    Does this allow for business plans? It wasn’t available previously. Always came up blank.

  • Test

    Business lines work for me, but mine is not a corporate account.
    Further, you don’t need a data plan to use this, if you download the app via PC or over wifi, the actual operation of the app works just fine and displays data, even without a data plan.

  • Chris

    The app is just a container to display a webapp. They updated the webapp not the actual downloadable container used to house the webapp.

    Similar to the itunes and app store. Apple can upgrade those without a need to push a new app.

  • delayed

    Has anyone ever noticed that it doesn’t update every 4 hours? I have a 6 gig data plan, and towards the end of my billing cycle (a week left) i tethered hardcore. it did not show up for more than 4 days. After my billing cycle had ended, I received text msgs saying I had used 80% of my usage, then 100% of my usage… and then than I had gone over my plan by over $50.

    Anyone else have similar issues? I relied on its representation in the app!

  • Wuju

    Download the update. Great stuff.

  • iphonelover

    I got the same thing. 2 days after the end of my billing cycle my usage had still not updated and I started getting text messages about my usages hitting 80% etc.

  • Murvin

    I had the same issue. I called to complain and got the overages removed. There is an issue with the data reporting. It is happening days after in some cases.

  • delayed

    When I called, they said they’d put the overages in half. I still think it’s bull though. they fully removed ur overage? how high was it?

  • Digital Native

    The long-distance calling thing isn’t working. It says that calls I receive from my local area are considered long distance…

  • Suman

    It’s also good to note that the use of this app does not use up any data in your allotted usage.

  • Anonymous

    I love the new features. Great work.
    The long-distance part is very handy

    Rogers has updated their MyAccount app this way in the past without pushing an iTunes update. This type of update forces everyone to use the new features

  • it doesnt work all that great for me, try telling it your location, and then choose incoming call, it should say, that it won’t be long distance, but instead mine says that it will be. And I am in the city limits so its weird.

  • Anonymous

    Excellent update. I like it!

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  • sky_n3t

    The exact same thing happened to me and I also got charged $50 for going over on data usage.