Rogers’ Shomi Launch on Xbox One Coming May 3


Rogers has announced shomi will launch on Xbox One, next Tuesday, May 3rd. The company says the shomi app on Xbox One will have all content in HD quality.


“We’ve heard from many shomi members and Xbox One users that this launch is something they’ve been waiting for. We’re thrilled to have shomi available on this popular platform,” said Ann Tebo, Senior Director, Customer Experience & Insights, shomi. “We continue to work tirelessly to make shomi available everywhere our members are looking for great entertainment.”

Shomi members need to first download the new app on Xbox One, get their shomi member activation code from the app, then head to, to authorize and login to their Xbox One, to begin streaming.

On top of availability for Xbox One, shomi is available online, on select tablets, mobile devices, set-top boxes (Rogers Channel 300 or through the Shaw On Demand menu), Xbox 360, Apple TV, Chromecast, and PS4 (announced in January), for the price of $8.99 per month.


  • KIII

    It’s kind of funny how Shomi is free if on a retentions, does anyone know what it’s like for quality of shows?

  • Shomi is not bad, they do have shows Netflix doesn’t have, thanks to their aggressive bidding on content. There is a free 30 day trial so you could check out what’s available at no cost.

  • KIII

    I did try that when they first launched as beta but suddenly had IP issues not long after. Do they still ask for your passwords if connected to Shaw or Rogers services?
    Would be nice if there were a service with older US shows and newer movies combined.

    Found out yesterday that Netflix doesn’t seem to be the only one cracking down on regions. Have listened to a US radio stream for some time but now “there seems to be an error”.

    That should be our banner to hang proudly here as seems applicable to the bank/Apple pay situation also.

  • Michal

    i get shomi free with the internet package (250 u & 100 u ones include it)…
    to sum up my shomi experiences :
    -signup is PAINFUL, adding it to any device is painful
    -interface is … not great
    -shows seem old, and boring
    -even my 6 year old doesnt want to watch any of the kid content
    -so for me, useless.

  • KIII

    Thanks Michael, I had a feeling it might be like that.