Sportsnet for iOS Updated to Launch NOW Live Streaming Service


Rogers has launched Sportsnet NOW today, after sharing details of the new service yesterday. The service brings standalone live streaming of sports to your iOS device and the web, for $24.99 per month, contract-free. The streaming service will soon come to Apple TV as well (you could AirPlay in the meantime).

Essentially, you’ll get to watch Sportsnet channels on the go, with no need to subscribe to cable, which is definitely appealing to TV cord-cutters.

Sportsnet for iOS has been updated to support logins for the NOW streaming service, which is included for free if you’re an existing subscriber of the channel. Nice to see this is integrated into the Sportsnet app and not another app.

The app update also redesigns navigation and eliminates the expanding floating menu ‘button’, to now a fixed bar along the bottom (below on the right).

IMG 0284 IMG 0285

Also, the Customize Scores view brings more flexibility on the Home – Scores page, while league listings have been updated plus the favourite section menu is now sortable.

If you’re pondering Sportsnet NOW, read Peter Nowak at Alphabeatic’s excellent breakdown of the pros and cons of the service here.

Click here to download Sportsnet for iOS in the App Store.


  • Bafoon

    does this allow for PiP on the ipad?

  • I haven’t tried it, maybe someone here can confirm.

  • Matt

    yes the PiP on iPad is available on supported devices.
    – Matt
    [I work for Rogers]

  • Thanks for confirming Matt!

  • Corey Beazer

    $25 a month? They think they are three times more valuable then netflix? Keep dreaming rogers, its a great add-on for current customers but nobody in their right mind will subscribe to that.

  • ticky13

    Especially when there appears to be zero on-demand features for replaying shows or games.

  • Corey Beazer

    Theres no special features to it, just a straight up stream of the channel. They are still making money on the ads, they should just be grateful for the extra eyeballs on the screen.

  • Mikef2007

    I have been using the pip for sportsnet app. Works like a charm!