Rogers Sportsnet NOW Sees 205% Jump in Paid Subscribers in Last Half of 2016


Rogers has detailed some year-end stats for Sportsnet, in what the company is claiming to be the the country’s “#1 sports media brand” for the second straight year.

Sportsnet reached 30 million Canadians in 2016, with the prime time edition of Sportsnet Central being the most-watched sports news program of the year, seeing an average minute audience 70% higher than its nearest competitor.

Scott Moore, President of Sportsnet & NHL Properties, Rogers Media, said in an emailed statement, “Canadians have a deep passion for sports and we look forward to bringing fans the stories and games in new and exciting ways in 2017.”

For Rogers NHL GameCentre Live, paid subscriptions increased 11%, while Sportsnet NOW, the online-only live streaming service geared towards ‘cord cutters’ saw a 205% increase in paid subscriptions in the latter half of 2016 (the service launched in April 2016), but declined to mention actual numbers.

The jump in Sportsnet NOW subscriptions suggests ‘cord cutters’ want live streaming sports, as that’s one of the hardest to find consistent ‘streams’ online. At the cost of $24.99 per month with no cable subscription needed, Sportsnet NOW definitely appeals for sports junkies as it can be viewed from Apple TV, iOS and the web.

Are you a Sportsnet NOW paid subscriber?


  • Corey Beazer

    How many of those new “paid” subscribers are just people that forgot to cancel after that free month promo they offered?

  • Eric Van Aerde

    Meanwhile TSN/Bell can’t even get an Apple TV app together.

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    I have the standalone version of Sportsnet app and love it during the baseball season. Huge bug though, no captioning on Apple TV but on iOS devices and Rogers does not seem to care to fix it. I wish Bell would enter the 21st century and offer standalone TSN and an Apple TV app. They have Bell Fibe app so we could use that to watch TSN but you need that stupid box of theirs and subscribe to channels you do not want nor need then add TSN subscription. $60 a month for ONE channel?!?

  • Smacs

    Hi Geoffrey – CC *is* available on Apple TV, but has to be enabled through the device settings at the moment (i.e., still to be added to the user interface of the player itself). It’s definitely a priority!

  • Geoffrey Spencer

    I have CC turned on my Apple TV. I watch movies and TV shows through iTunes with CC on. I have Amazon, CraveTV and Netflix and captioning works. It does NOT work with Sportsnet.