Rogers Sportsnet NOW Apple TV App Set to Go Live for All Subscribers


Back in April, Rogers launched a new streaming sports option for cord cutters, dubbed Sportsnet NOW, available for $24.99 per month. The streaming option allowed access from a dedicated iOS app and on the web, while noting Apple TV 4 support would be coming soon.

Starting this week, Sportsnet NOW for tvOS is set to launch, according to Peter Nowak from Alphabeatic:

Subscribers to Rogers’ service will soon be able to log in via the Apple TV app, on top of streaming through their computers, tablets and smartphones. There currently is a Sportsnet Now app for the Apple TV, but subscribers have only been able to activate it if they had a corresponding cable subscription.

As emphasized, previously subscribers to Sportsnet NOW required a matching cable subscription to access the tvOS app and get live streaming, but that is changing very soon.

Scott MacMillan, Rogers’ vice-president of NHL integration, told Alphabeatic the final version of the tvOS app is being submitted to the App Store this week, and “should be live within two to five days”, depending on Apple’s turnaround time.

If you’ve cut the cord and want to stream live sports such as the NHL, NBA, MLB and more, paying $25 per month might be an option now, especially since Apple TV integration will make for a seamless viewing experience.

Rogers previously noted Chromecast and gaming console support will be coming soon for Sportsnet NOW as well.


  • Steve

    Hey TSN where you at?

  • Mark Holoubek

    Yeah, Bell has really lagged behind on Apple TV apps, other than Crave.

  • Jon

    Is this any different than the Sportsnet app that has been on tvOS for a while now?

  • Jon

    TSN has really struggled on iOS relative to Sportsnet – poor AirPlay support, poor support for bigger screens, etc. I prefer TSN (mostly due to nostalgia) but without the tvOS app and having a poor iOS app I find I rarely use TSN.

  • Mike

    I cut the cable cord a few years ago. No regrets, not going back. There are some services that I would happily pay for, and live sports is one, but $25/month is way too much. $9.99 is my tipping point, and then only during hockey season.

  • Kellidotca

    I paid $25 for the entire mlb season. $25 per month is insane.

  • Spark

    Well, at least they didnt over price it by at least three times its
    worth… only 2.5 times! Come on you guys, no wonder people buy those android boxes…

  • Michael De Jong

    So we downloaded the SN app for the Apple TV and paid $25 for the subscription to mainly watch Raptors games here in Calgary. What a joke this service has been in 2 days. Only 50 % of the games are on this service, the other 50% has to go to TSN. There is no schedule of upcoming games on this app. You have to go to a website to do that. What???? I checked with SN online tech support and their suggestion was delete the app and reinstall… get bent. That is not the answer. Support did not seem to care to follow up after that suggestion, they simply hung up. We will disconnect from this service right away. Waste of $25.00. Trying to cut cable for sports is still a joke in 2017!