Rogers’ Suretap Mobile Wallet Debuts Reloadable Prepaid MasterCard


The Rogers-backed Suretap mobile wallet has announced a new prepaid MasterCard for its customers, that is reloadable plus comes with a no-monthly fee as part of a ‘limited-time promotional offer’.

Jeppe Dorff, President of suretap, said in a statement “We want suretap to meet the digital payment choices of all Canadians,” highlighting growing use of prepaid cards in Canada and worldwide.

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Back in June, suretap launched a new mobile wallet app, backed by Bell and TELUS, plus their discount brands Virgin and Koodo, along with financial backing from CIBC. Dorff noted at the time suretap’s adoption would be popular enough that, “we are certainly going to beat Apple,” in regards to Apple Pay, which has yet to launch in Canada.

In order to use the mobile wallet–which launched in the Spring of 2014–users must have a specific Android, BlackBerry or Sony smartphone, along with a specific carrier-issued suretap LTE SIM card, the suretap wallet app, plus a supported credit card. Suretap is unavailable for iOS users.

A recent prepaid study commissioned by MasterCard Worldwide pegged prepaid card use in Canada is set to grow to $19 billion in 2017, from $2 billion back in 2010.

Anyone using suretap on one of their devices right now?


  • Yearoftherat

    When I had my Samsung S4, I tried multiple times with a Rogers CSR to get suretap working ie: could never get it to register. I gave up.
    Once Apple Pay is up and running in Canada,I’m sure it will kick suretap’s butt.

  • Sterling Archer

    Like with “bad guys” if they didn’t believe this, they wouldn’t even attempt it.

    That said, the thought that they could compete with a product that works with absolutely no additional steps beyond adding your card in is ludicrous.

    It’s as dumb as Apple thinking Ping would work. If it’s not quick, simple or intuitive, forget about people adopting it. There’s no way I would go out of my way to get a SIM card just to use my phone as a payment option.

  • Jamie Stein

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  • Shawn Zeek Clarke

    Let’s look at this… So sure there are probably a handful of
    supported phones but given the number of Android phones out there most people
    are going to be completely unaware of their devices compatibility… Then
    assuming you have (and know you have) a compatible device you need to have some
    ridiculous SIM which is issued by the carrier which surely involves going into
    a store and a pile of headaches because the high school kid behind the counter
    has only had to activate this new kind of SIM once before and just doesn’t give
    a shit to begin with… Then you’ll need to go get what will surely be a cumbersome
    app and the icing on the cake, forget using your existing cards you need to go
    get a pay-as-you-go money-mart degenerate credit card that you’ll need to then
    add to your online banking to reload and for all we know it’s going to be like
    Presto and take 24 hours (or longer) before the amount is loaded onto your
    welfare-esque pre-paid card… And let’s not forget the obvious ensuing
    point-of-sale headaches that you’ll deal with because the cashier will be in
    the same position as the useless Rogers employee as they will see this once
    every 4 months and won’t have the first idea how to deal with it…

  • This is too good lol

  • hub2

    Silly claim. I haven’t seen anyone, *anyone* use an Android to pay over NFC, despite NFC being available on Androids longer, there already being banks that support it, etc etc. Despite (often valid) claims of being more on the leading edge of technology, Android users rarely actually use it.

    And on top of that, they think they’ll somehow overcome the stigma of the prepaid credit card scam? Just because it’s fee-less during their “limited time offer”?