Ted Rogers To Be Honoured with Bronze Statue at Rogers Centre July 23


Ted rogers LRG

Rogers has announced it plans to honour its founder, Edward S. “Ted” Rogers, with a 12-foot bronze statue to be unveiled at a dedication ceremony outside Rogers Centre on July 23. The following people will be in attendance:

Rogers family, Rogers Communications President and CEO Nadir Mohamed, The Tenors, close friends, and dignitaries pay tribute to the iconic business leader.

Ted Rogers brought excitement to Canadian wireless enthusiants when his company was the first to strike a deal with Apple to launch the iPhone in Canada, back in spring of 2008. He passed away later that same year on December 2. The former CEO was succeeded by Nadir Mohamed, who was appointed president and CEO in 2009; he is set to retire in 2014.


  • Mark Holoubek

    I’m sure it’ll be equipped with 24/7 security cameras to deter irate Rogers customers…

  • Anthony

    Is there a need? What sick mind would do that?

    Ted Rogers was a great man and did lots of good things for Canadian telecommunication. At least he had a vision to keep Rogers as a Canadian company. His family kept his vision and not outsourcing and hiring third world country employees.

  • MleB1

    Oh, there’s probably several million ‘sick minds’ (most of them Rogers subscribers or sports fans) out there who would happily deface / throw eggs – or worse – at a statue of Ted Rogers.

    Negative billing, contracts that can be changed – but only by Rogers, contracts that do not oblige the company to provide a service while regardless requiring you to pay, etc.

    Rogers’ only “vision” was to maximize his own income and ego at all costs – there was no longterm value to him at selling it off to foreign interests and why worry about outsourcing when you pay the locals so very little?

    I wonder what the going rate for bronze by the pound is?

  • Tim

    I have no praise for this man or any other telecommunications mogul of the Canadian industry past or present. These were simply people with money who followed models elsewhere. They weren’t innovators. They were/are capitalists that have bilked every last dime from us to the greatest extent that market conditions would permit. Not saying we haven’t benefited at some level despite this Canadian wireless cartel, but to suggest Ted Rogers of all people was a visionary, makes it hard not to spit out my water.

  • chickeee

    can’t they find an empty Rogers Video store to put this in?

  • kld

    Hi “Tim” Obviously you don’t know much about Ted Rogers, or his family. Please research what he and his family accomplished first before you comment so ignorantly, then I’d love to hear back from you!

  • kld

    It is embarrassing that people have no idea what this man has built from the ground up or what he has done for our community!! Read people before you comment!!
    He and his father were innovators! ….and when everyone is done reading that, read up on his father’s legacy he left behind that our Mr. Rogers, years later brought to life:,_Sr.

  • kld

    Seriously “Tim”? Please read up on this increadible man before you put him and his family down. His father started and increadible legacy and our Mr. Rogers, many, many years later once he was old enough to understand what his father started, continued that legacy and worked hard to build what Rogers is today, and proudly probably one of the only Canadian companies built from the ground up!!!! People with money??? Weren’t innovators?? Not even close to the truth! And on top of that he supports our community and still does today. The amount of money he has donated has been increadible to help support faculties at UofT and Ryerson. It sounds so ridiculous that you would say he was not a visionary?? I don’t even understand, but that is probably because I know the history. So, please do yourself a favor and educate yourself before placing assumptions on an increadible man who has worked hard to build this Canadian company that he was so proud of.

  • RogersSarahM

    Thanks everyone for your feedback about this.

    The Blue Jays have a Level of Excellence, which recognizes outstanding individual achievement, with names on banners in the 500 level. Carlos Delgado was the latest person added to the Level of Excellence at this past Sunday’s game, where a pre-game ceremony honoured the former Blue Jay and his name unveiled on the Level of
    Excellence. Along with veteran players and management, broadcaster Tom Cheek is
    also honoured on the Level of Excellence.

    Also, Ted Rogers is not the first baseball team owner to be honoured this way at a ballpark.
    Additional MLB ballparks to have statues of team owners include Milwaukee (Bud Selig), Los Angeles/Anaheim (Gene Autry), Minnesota (Calvin Griffith, and Carl and Eloise Pohlad), Kansas City (Ewing and Muriel Kauffman), Philadelphia (Connie Mack – owner, player, manager), and Texas (Nolan Ryan – owner, former player).