This Guy Suffered from the Rogers Outage and He’s Not Even a Customer


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During yesterday’s Rogers cell network outage, one man suffered the most from the downtime. The worst part? He’s not even a Rogers customer.

Glenn Rogers is an Aussie living in Brooklyn in New York who happens to have the Twitter handle @Rogers. So whenever there is an outage or issue–he’s always the first to know, he tells CTV News:

“I think I might have known (about the outage) before Rogers did,”

“It started with nasty messages for the first few hours and then people started figuring out what was going on here,” he said.

“I had just as much support from people who were happy to help redirect traffic (to the company).”

Last night, during the peak of the downtime, Rogers tweeted “The wrath of a thousand Canadians is a mighty sight”:

This morning he went on to thank the kind Canadians who tweeted him support opposed to angry messages:

Rogers says his phone was buzzing for two hours before the battery died and when he later powered it back on, more angry tweets had come his way. He says he’s been bombarded with angry Rogers network tweets before but “never to this scale.”

Rogers was able to acquire his Twitter handle before the wireless carrier started on Twitter. He said Rogers Communications approached him years back about acquiring his username but he hasn’t heard from them since. At the time he believed it was “quite an odd request.”

The official Rogers twitter account is @RogersHelps. This afternoon the company said the root cause of the outage is still being investigated but it wasn’t due to an outside attack, rather a signalling traffic surge.


  • Chrome262

    Should see about selling it again

  • Mikef2007


  • Jesse James

    That what i was thinking, and im not even American.
    Give the guy credit, he’s either stupid or a really nice guy (if there is a difference) seeing he didn’t try and capitalize on a major corporation like most Americans would.
    I mean if this was Apple..,

  • Martin

    Maybe that’s because he’s not an American. He’s an Australian living in the USA.
    In any case, he should still look into selling his Twitter handle. I know I would, specially since Rogers approached him first years ago.

  • Jesse James

    Missed that part explains everything now

  • Arcsvibe

    Rogers should send him a new battery lol

  • Lee

    Another article I read said that Rogers asked him to “donate” the Twitter handle to them. In my mind, it means they wanted it for free. He should keep the Twitter handle and if Rogers wants it that bad, then cough up the dough.

  • Chrome262

    I think he was interested at first, but Rogers never got back to him

  • Jesse James

    Haha donate.
    Rogers needs handouts that for sure lol

  • ward09

    If they had the money for the stupid Fair for Canada campaign, then I’m sure they could pay him if they wanted to.