This Promo Code Allows Switching to Rogers LTE 6GB/$30 Data Plan


According to a thread over at RedFlagDeals, a unique promo code has been able to offer users the option of switching their ‘normal’ 3G data plans over to the 6GB/$30 LTE data plan without a 3 year commitment renewal. Rogers has continued to expand their LTE coverage across Canada, and with rumours of an LTE-capable iPhone ‘5’ debuting this Fall, the switch to an LTE plan would make sense for many.

By calling into customer care (via 611 or 1-888-ROGERS1) and talking to retentions (and regular CSRs), some users have been able to successfully make the data switch over to LTE by using the code SHSSRA025.

I just attempted to verify the promo code by calling in myself via dialing 611, but the CSR told me the code wasn’t recognized. I didn’t have the patience to wait and deal with retentions. Either it has expired or it requires retentions to implement the code, but people have had success as of yesterday evening.

As they say on RFD, your mileage may vary (YMMV) as those who jumped on this a few days ago experienced success. Give this a shot and let us know if this works for you.

Thanks Cody for the email!


  • Matthew Couto

    Typical Rogers, making customers jump through hoops for the smallest things.

  • Rogers

    Actually, that code above is a “SOC” code for the essential/data. It’s not something Rogers has put out for people to use as a “promo”. They’re not making anybody jump through hoops. That data plan is discontinued and it is unavailable so therefore it can only be an error in the system.

  • Dan

    I’m still on my iPhone 4… if I switch to LTE, will my 3G still work normally until I get a LTE capable device?

    I’m also not too worried since I have a retention plan, so they will likely make the switch for me once I get my hands on the iPhone 5. Otherwise, Rogers will get an earful… 😉

  • Rogers

    iPhone 5 doesn’t exist. Lets wait till that’s announced to determine who gets an “earful”. As well as, do you still want the 6GB now even if theirs something better available whenever “iPhone 5” comes out. Why not wait till its announced.

  • j

    worked for me. thanks.

  • Dan

    If you are really Rogers.. it was merely a joke.. and I obviously am waiting.

  • Eee

    Just called and was told the code expired already. Was offered it for $60 LOL I hate Rogers

  • VNM

    is there any way to tell that you already have LTE data plan?

  • Rio

    This is one thing I am disappointed about. Rogers is charging a premium on some of their plans for LTE. Bell simply gives you LTE if you have an LTE phone, not matter what plan you have.

  • Bruce

    I actually just got it switched for my account that is under a corporate plan. Now I am sharing my 6 gig LTE plan between my iPhone and iPad!

  • Cool!

  • PejmanK

    I’m still on my iPhone 4… if I switch to LTE, will my 3G still work normally until I get a LTE capable device?

  • Danny G

    Just called retention, guy was super nice, swapped my plan no questions asked, he did mentioned that my iphone 4s ISN’T an LTE phone… but I told him to go ahead anyways.

    I was getting 14Mb download with 3G plan, now I’m getting 6MB… 🙁
    I reset network settings on the phone.. rebooted it a few time (been about an hour now).. still getting worst service. balls.

  • tried using it. CSR retentions said that Red Flag is not a Rogers supported site but the code is a valid code, but has expired. Oh well.

  • John

    Use this code today. It worked. Rip had no idea about the offer but when she imput the code the deal came up.


  • Thanks for the feedback!

  • Tony

    I worked for rogers as csr and you have access to all retention offers too in Vision21. So if he couldn’t find it it probably doesn’t exists and without a 3 yr commitment on their 6gig plans that would be a first. I spoke with retention 2 weeks ago to get my bill lowered and they said they don’t offer the 6gig plan anymore. I love lte thou get 25mbs down, 15mbs up!

  • Manitoba

    I called in this evening to cancel my current 500MB Data Value Pack that was $40 (total rip eh? and I only just swapped it out haha :-S) and the CSR offered me the $30/6GB deal over the phone. They canceled my rip of a value pack and swapped in the 6B deal with no contract renewal!! I didn’t mention the code but the 6GB/$30 deal is still in their system clearly. Good luck!