SaskTel Loses $184,000 After Employee Steals Over 235 Cellphones


According to Saskatchewan’s quarterly ministry and Crown loss reports, SaskTel took a $184,000 loss after it was discovered an employee stole 235 cellphones, according to The Leader Post:

According to the reports, sometime around the middle of June a SaskTel worker was found to have stolen 22 cellphones from the company. SaskTel said that as it looked further into the matter, the employee was also found to have been “fraudulently obtaining cell phones through other means and selling them to third parties.” The Crown said a further 213 phones had been taken by the employee, for a total of 235.

SaskTel spokeswoman Darcee MacFarlane said internal processes and checks uncovered the thefts, made by a female employee who worked as a customer service representative at SaskTel’s Regina store.

According to MacFarlane, the $184,000 number is the value of the phones stolen. “It’s a variety of phones with a variety of different values. They’re not recovered, she actually re-sold them.”

“We likely will not ever see the phones again,” added MacFarlane. “But what we will be doing is seeking restitution for the value of the phones … and we’ll do that by way of a civil suit or, if the police determine to take criminal action, we’ll actually ask them to ensure that restitution is included in the criminal action.”

The employee was suspended without pay, but before further disciplinary action was taken, the employee resigned.


  • Bill___A

    The serial numbers of these phones should be put on the stolen phones list.

  • FragilityG4

    Was this employee stationed at a store or head office? Don’t they have an inventory system?

  • Bill___A

    Obviously not a good one….

  • Farids

    Something strange going on here. Something is missing from this report. The company has put the employee under suspension(!?) instead of reporting the crime to the Police for employee’s arrest. The employee has resigned properly in the daylight, instead of being underground and on the run. Sasktel is not sure if the Police may or may not take criminal action!!?? If someone stole 235 phones from a store, or $185000 from the bank, the Police would be chasing his or her behind right up to the border, why not now? Something odd is involved here that we are not being told about.