SaskTel Changes Wireless Plans, Some Now Have Unlimited Minutes


SaskTel has made changes to their wireless plans today, adding unlimited minutes to select plans. Here’s what’s new:

  • Ultimate 70: gains unlimited Canadian long distance minutes (previously 150 mins)
  • Talk 35: gains unlimited daytime minutes (previously 400 mins)
  • Talk & Text 40: gains unlimited daytime minutes (previously 400 mins)

Screenshot 2015 11 05 14 02 09

Screenshot 2015 11 05 14 02 15

If you were on any of these plans before these unlimited minutes changes were made, make sure to call in and switch over to the updated plan.

Thanks Bill!


  • Jesse

    That unlimited 70 plan….! I wouldn’t mind that.. <3 or even unlimited 100 for that matter!

  • MGSayah

    100$ for unlimited. Wowzer

  • Zeke

    I’d rather Skype to Skype for free worldwide. It’s another advantage of using a data only iPhone in Canada.

  • awkpain

    I’m curious if the people who take those plans know that both Bell and Telus have access to Sasktel’s towers but their plans are much cheaper.

  • Rafael

    so the 100 plan is roaming unlimited inside canada? no roaming charge?

  • Andrew

    Seems like the Talk Plans & Talk Text Plans include unlimited Long Distance now. similar to the Ultimate 70 plan.

  • Andrew

    Here is a pic to show the change in the updated plans for sasktel Talk & Talk & Text Plans.