SaskTel and MTS Launch iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c Sales Today [u]


SaskTel and MTS announced they would be launching sales of the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c on October 1 and that day has arrived.

MTS has updated their website to list iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c prices, which as expected, are in line with Rogers, Telus and Bell on two year plans. The prices are as follows–note a minimum $45/month voice and data plan is required:

Screenshot 2013 10 01 09 24 15

  • 16GB iPhone 5c – $129 ($599 outright)
  • 32GB iPhone 5c – $229 ($719 outright)
Screenshot 2013 10 01 09 24 27
  • 16GB iPhone 5s – $229 ($719 outright)
  • 32GB iPhone 5s – $329 ($819 outright)
  • 64GB iPhone 5s – $439 ($919 outright)

SaskTel has not updated its website but sales are live at SaskTel stores we spoke with. The SaskTel Store in Saskatoon confirmed both models are in stock, but iPhone 5s units are limited with only space gray available. Update: SaskTel prices now below:

  • 16GB iPhone 5c – $128.99
  • 32GB iPhone 5c – $228.99
  • 16GB iPhone 5s – $228.99
  • 32GB iPhone 5s – $328.99
  • 64GB iPhone 5s – $438.99

Let us know if you are going to jump on any of these new iPhone models.

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  • MTS is the same – only 16 GB Space Gray for the 5S, about 50 total in Winnipeg available as of this morning.

  • A.

    Bullshit launch by MTS. I had been placed on a list to get the 32GB Space Gray and called yesterday to confirm that I could come today only to show up and be told they had no idea when they’re getting it. Everywhere I called had a different story including MTS who first said the 32 GB must have sold out and then said that they didn’t receive any from Apple. What a waste of time. I would switch to any other carrier but I’m a slave to my existing 3 year contract.

  • Mike

    Just picked one up at IDC. They only have grey 16GB models. They said they had about 30 at that store and 50 in total.

    That’s fine by me since it was the grey 16GB I wanted. The sales rep figured they’d get the other models in a month or two. I assume it’s not and decision by MTS to only carry those models. Apple must be prioritizing the national carriers.

  • Mts joke

    Joke launch by mts. As others have stated 16 gig is all that is available. 32 gig maybe this week. 64 gig in a week maybe. Later launch than bell, telus, Rogers and once again MTS customers are left waiting longer and with less options. Not the first time will not be the last. They are a complete joke to deal with.

  • ScrewMTS

    It’s total BS that they advertise all colours and capacities online when they only had the space grey and only the 16 GB phones… such a disgrace.

  • mtsjoke

    To update. MTS still only has the space grey phone. They did get it in, in 32 and 64 gig. They have no other color of phones. Way behind Rogers, Bell and Telus. MTS is very lucky they are the incumbent in this area.

  • Jer

    So what would the monthly cost be with sasktel?