SaskTel Launches New Monthly Plans, Including Unlimited Data for $100/mo


SaskTel has launched new monthly wireless plans ranging from $60 to $100 per month, with the latter offering unlimited everything including data. Below are the new plans:

Ultimate 60

  • $60/month
  • Unlimited evenings and weekends
  • 400 daytime minutes
  • 1 GB of data
  • Unlimited SMS/MMS
  • Call display and mini mail
Ultimate 70
  • $70/month
  • Same as Ultimate 60 but…
  • Adds Unlimited local minutes
  • Adds 150 Canadian long distance minutes
  • Adds 10 GB data
Ultimate 13th Man
  • $85/month
  • Same as Ultimate 70 but…
  • Adds Unlimited local and Canadian long distance minutes
  • Adds 13 GB data
Ultimate 100
  • $100/month
  • Same as Ultimate 13th Man but…
  • Adds Unlimited data
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SaskTel has some fun describing its new $85/month plan: “Just like the extra player on the bench, the Ultimate 13th Man plan gives you everything you need — unlimited talk and text, plus bench support with 13GB of data.”

For those outside Saskatchewan on the ‘Big 3’ (aside from Quebec and Manitoba), to get a plan with 6 GB of data costs $140—whereas here for $85 you get 13 GB. Wireless competition is alive and well, folks (if you’re lucky to be in a province with a regional carrier that is).

SaskTel recently admitted it may not be eligible to bid for set-aside airwaves in the upcoming AWS-3 wireless spectrum auction due to its high provincial marketshare.

Let us know if you’re going to be switching to any of these plans.

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  • Erik Kappel

    Does Sasktel throttle past a certain GB cap on their unlimited plan like many other carriers do? If not, I may just have to move to Saskatchewan 😛 In all seriousness though I’d love to live a more mobile/nomad life, but I use an enormous amount of data, which is ok on a home connection, but would be impossible on a wireless network (other than with a truly unlimited/unthrottled plan).

  • FamiGami

    Honestly it doesn’t matter. The fact they offer unlimited data at all is a great start. The next step would be getting others to do the same and have a price war. At that point throttling will become and issue to attract users.

    It’s promising.

  • Gravlore

    It does matter when wireless is the only means of DECENT internet speed (Explornet and alike both blow and suck). The ultimate 100 brings rural customers to the 21st century.

  • FamiGami

    No it doesn’t. You’re proposing that an ISP that has a 6GB cap at high speeds is better than an ISP with unlimited internet that throttles after say, the same 6GB.

    The 21st century doesn’t stop at 6GB. I’d rather be in the 21st century for 6GB and drop to the 20th century than be in the 21st for 6GB and then drop to the 19th century (nothing at all).

    That said, I believe you are agreeing with me. The point of my initial reply was that the fact the ultimate 100 offers unlimited internet at all (regardless of price) is a great thing eve if it means being throttled after a certain marker – it still is internet that is included without extra charge. Would it be better sans throttling? Yes. But should you avoid this plan because it might throttle? No, because you’d be playing into the hands and explicitly telling them that caps are better than throttles.

  • Gravlore

    I have hit the throttle before and it is nowhere near 256k. I have a 51dbm and 31 asu on the phone. I would like an unlimited internet without throttle but would like it to come with what they consider an appropriate price.

    My problem is that when something is advertised that the biggest negative be clearly seen on the ad. In this case it is the throttle since they advertise the high speed and not ’15 gb high speed’ then unlimited turtle speed. Unlimited internet yes but it is somewhat misleading. It would be the same as going to an all you can eat buffet, the first plate is normal sized and then every plate after is 1 french fry at a time. It is all you can eat but after the first plate it isnt even worth bothering going up for. Would that make you upset and say it is misleading or would it technically be accurate? It is both IMO, but there is a slimy salesman feeling to it.

  • FamiGami

    I entirely agree with you and wish the laws were such that you cannot advertise a speed faster than the slowest attainable. That said, if I have a choice between 60$ for a hard capped 6 GB or 60$ for unlimited with a 6GB throttle limit, I’ll take the latter. It is added value even if that value is pitiful. It tells ISPs that unlimited is what you want – it tells them that unlimited is the bar. It tells them to compete on the throttle limit. To not choose that option is to tell them that unlimited is not needed. It tells them that caps are good. It tells them to compete on caps.

    Keep the momentum going. Choose the throttle over caps. Then choose higher throttle limits. Eventually, one of them will offer throttle-less unlimited internet.

  • FamiGami

    Anyone notice that the price to data/voice ratios only prove that the more you use, the cheaper it is?