People Selling Toronto’s 416 Phone Numbers for Hundreds to Thousands of Dollars



The 416 area code immediately lets people know you’re from Toronto and right now, according to Metro News, people are willing to pay hundreds and even thousands of dollars to nab a number with the area code.

In particular, businesses want the 416 area code to ensure they appear established to customers, instead of newer numbers with the 647 and 437 area code.

Georgio Pappas is a 416 phone number broker who searches for creative numbers throughout the city assigned to various wireless carriers. Once he acquires numbers, he’ll continue to make minimum payments to hold onto the number until he finds buyers, then transfers them over.

He says the minimum rate to purchase a 416 number is $99, but some of his previous sales have been up to $2,000 for one number, as businesses desire the city’s oldest area code which launched in 1947:

“They feel that a 647 number makes them feel like they’re not established. Let’s say you need a lawyer. If you call a 647 number, how credible is that lawyer, how many years has he been in business for?”

Glen Brown from the Canadian Numbering Association, is in charge of assigning numbers to carriers. He notes 416 numbers are no longer being handed out, but there are 2,010,000 647 area code numbers left to be assigned.

As for 437 numbers, only 260,000 have been assigned since March 2013. Brown says “It’s conceivable you could get a 416 number; it’s probably difficult.” The project manager also noted the last batch of 416 numbers were assigned to wireless carriers was back in 2006.

According to Telus spokesperson Chris Gerritsen, “People don’t give up their numbers as often as they used to because of porting,” which means 416 numbers only free up for customers when they have been reassigned.

Gerritsen says customers still call and ask to get a 416 number, but he says they are only able to accommodate if one is available, which isn’t very often.

Would you ever pay for a 416 area code? I guess it’s the equivalent of having a 604 phone number in Vancouver or 250 in Victoria.



  • Chrome262

    Wow, all my numbers are 416, should sell some lol.

  • bionicmonk

    Save them for your retirement.

  • Time to make some cash money

  • peters78

    After reading all the press last week about this, I decided to list my 416 number for sale on Kijiji.
    I got a grand total of zero inquiries.
    This is bogus.


    When you post a car,or even a number,its NOT about only the “416” it must flow,and sound good,and look good. To each their own,and for the Mr.Zero Inquires,you not going to sell it in the same week,it is finding the right buyer! ..Take a chill Pill ! …Some people!

  • I have a hard time believing “416” numbers are worth so much, but when demand is high, people will pay.

    Also, not all “416” numbers are created equal. You’ll find the 416-920 or 416-364 (I understand these were downtown-based numbers) are probably going to be more in demand. I’ve kept a 416-920 number for more than 10 years.


    I buy from The Classifieds on The Toronto Star,but to think I would purchase a 416 number from kijiji or Craigs list is nuts! There are to mant scams,and I myself, as just like Reza, just bought a 416 number for $700 from Georgios @ ViP416Numbers website. ….All went smooth as pie!


    I have never had any luck with KIJIJI & Craigs list, in facct, I got scammed! Your best bet is just be patient. I bought my 416 number for my Real Estate Business,and it flows very nice,and is not an average 416 random number. Georgios found got me a Cool & Groovy 416 number,and I love it! Sure I paid $700 but well worth it! Good luck on kijiji!,jusy be careful out there.
    Maybe Georgios of ViP416Numbers can help you sell it,he was very helpful with me, and together over a coffee, we I found a VIP 416 number I fell in love with. Good luck!! …and chin up,its not bogus,it simply depends on finding the right buyer , for the right number. Takes time,most kijiji users love to waste your time. In my opinion I never use kijiji or craigs list,to shady,but thats because I got scammed. Just google kijiji 416 scams and you will see what I mean. Be smart!


    So true,its not just because its a 416 number,but also depends on the person,and how one perceives it. Finally some smart people do exist.

  • 01011001001

    lol, just found out that my two spare 416 numbers are worth hundreds if not thousands! wow, people will buy anything these days.

    If anyone is interested I have two for sale 416 9** **** and 416 5** **88 – serious inquiries only.

  • Please be aware of kijiji scams happening with in the GTA! Someone bought a 416 Number off kijiji ,and found out later it belonged ,and was taken by someone else. The buyer lost out on $140 and the nmber was sent back to the original owner. Its a sad World we live in!


  • Evelina Hryniewicka

    I have a 416 number up for sale, it starts with 402. If interested email me please, I want to sell it ASAP

  • Sanyok

    Your shilling is a little too obvious. There is no reason not to buy from any other source, including Kijiji or Craigslist, as long as you take reasonable precautions. Oh, that website of yours looks like it was designed by a 10-year-old in the 90s.

  • Sanyok

    Another VIP416Numbers shill. Please don’t do business with spammers from that site.

  • Sabrina Johnson

    Are you a scammer? A criminal? Why are you so angry? ….Hmmmm?

  • Sabrina Johnson

    YaY! …We have the same name,wow a small World endeed,or to many Sabrina Johnsons out there. That is why “Majic” Johnson changed his name.

  • Sabrina Johnson

    For VIP416Numbers worked out for me,to each their own. I read a article here as well as the Star,and Global, and this story on iPhoneinCanada Com helped me make a decision that was informative. If those who wish to take a chance on Kijiji and Craigs list have fun! To each their own,I just find kijiji somehow shady,because they have no info on them.

  • Anna Annak

    I LuV the website! What is a matter with you? Straight to the point,no B.S two contact numbers.
    Love its vintage ViP “4!6” look,but none the less,what do you do?
    Daniel and I run the i-MarK group,we have purchased over a dozen of numbers,that all end with 1OOO as said in The Toronto Star, can you read?
    Think what you want,,as I think of you as a fully grown adult that her own kid,let alone family cant stand you,then who can? Go to McDonalds and say Super Size Me! That is all your good for, FATTY!

  • Anna Annak

    Sanyok,you should do something about that hate you have deep inside you.
    I am so glad that Ruzzo or Georgios is no esponding to your silly remarks! Always THREE (3) steps ahead of you! Have a wonderfull afternoon,and do not forget to SuperSize yourself,then again you always do!

  • Do you really think your little voice is heard? You are silly,and I also purchased a number only because he had great word of mouth,and was on TV and every paper in the city,so goodluck in life hater! Your a waste of time,get a life! 🙂

  • I am part of the sales team for Georgios,and when I see how you all try to wste time because we praise or mention a website , funny how you react to it. Really GET A LIFE,GET A JOB!

  • ViP416Numbers & 416Numbers says have a great Pride Weekend! From all of us to 416 Toronto Thanks for making us the number 1 Trust and Respect to Exceed all your Expectations. 416-333-8200 to Keele Dental Clinic We wish you the best of luck!

  • ……keep trying! It takes a while on kijiji,but it does sell

  • 416 Numbers in The Toronto Star was a very interesting article, I myself enjoyed it.
    True is when you look into the yellow pages of Toronto , business such as law firms and so on all have the Original 416 Number that looks good on paper,and ads,cards,and so on. 416 will always Represent Toronto

  • Richard

    I am selling 416 numbers on Toronto Kijiiji for $50… I have a limited supply right now for $20 (very few). I ONLY do transactions via PayPal which is GUARANTEED because the buyer can request refund directly from PayPal. I have sold dozens of numbers and never had to do to a refund EVER.


    …..And you are Sanyok? Who the hell are you to pass judgement on someone that figured out a brilliant way to make $$$ not like some people hate Apple I get that,because they make money.
    Do something with your life,maybe take care of your own,or are you so negative, no one cares for you,because you are just another troll.


    I also tried to get a 416 number,but to start an account it costs a minimum of $25-$40 to start a prepaid,so how do you sell numbers for bellow the cost?
    A) SCAM
    B) THEFT


    Wow! You really do have issues of people making money, since I am a Criminal Lawyer I guess that must really piss you off that I make close to $500,000 per Year! You are such a Pear Shaped Loser!


    Thinking like that will not be a healthy retirement. It will be a sad one!


    No one in their right mind would buy a number or a cell phone from any buyer on kijiji or craigs list. To shaddy,not reliable,and that is why you do not get calls!