Share your iPhone 5 LTE Speedtests from Rogers, Bell and Telus


The iPhone 5 now supports LTE networks, and Rogers, Bell and Telus have done their job in setting up LTE networks coast to coast, with ongoing expansions currently underway. I asked you guys to send in your screenshots to us, and here are some randomly selected tests completed on Rogers, Bell, Telus and Fido.

Want to share your LTE speeds in your area with us? Download in the App Store (free), run the test over LTE, then share your download/upload speeds (you can also take a screenshot by pressing Home then Sleep/Wake quickly; for evidence) with us in the comments using this format:

  • Network: _____ (ie Telus)
  • Download: _____(ie 22.59Mbps)
  • Upload: _______ (ie 6.54Mpbs)

Thanks everyone for sending in your screenshots. The fastest screenshot we have received was the Rogers network in Brampton, Ontario.


Below: Left: Brampton; Right: Downtown Vancouver


Who’s going to the be the LTE speed champion? GO!


  • Sean

    Fastest I’ve seen on Rogers

  • prab

    Network: Rogers
    Location: UBC
    Download: 52.02 Mbps
    Upload: 18.98 Mbps

  • anonymous

    Location: UBC

  • Wish I could still waiting for Rogers LTE to come to Hamilton :S second biggest city in Ontario and were last on the list it seems

  • Network: Fido
    Location: SFU
    ownload: 52.02 Mbps
    Upload: 29.81 Mbps

  • kyuusei

    Can’t get on LTE right now, but when I tried the other day it was:

    Coquitlam (I seem to be in a weird ‘between LTE and 3G’ zone)
    Download: ~22Mbps
    Upload: ~20Mbps

  • Fab

    Networks : bell
    Location : downtown gatineau Qc
    Down : 15.83 mbps
    Up : 13.82 mbps

  • Fab

    Where is ubc ?

  • David Luu

    i feel that Hamilton is so small compared to other cities. like the mississauga seems bigger don’t you think? and Hamilton just feels compressed.

  • Oli

    Net : Telus
    Loc : Ottawa
    Down : 11.32
    Up : 11.12

  • Chris Hansen

    Location Montreal
    D/L 43.33
    U/L 3.43

  • Teesang

    TELUS in Markham

  • Teesang

    49.98 Down
    17.83 Up

  • Eszai

    Just did it

  • Eszai

    Forgot pic

  • Here’s mine:

    Photo Sep 21, 7 58 51 PM.png

  • Peter M

    Vancouver, BC

  • badrogers

    just 3?

  • alxjdn

    Network: Telus
    Download: 9.68Mbps
    Upload: 8.48Mbps

  • Guest

    Network: Rogers
    Download: 59.40 Mbps
    Upload: 25.49 Mbps

    Location: Toronto (Scarborough Town Centre)

  • Where in Montreal !? I get average of 17~20 download and 13~15 upload

  • draz

    Network: Rogers
    Download: 59.40 Mbps
    Upload: 25.49 Mbps

    Location: Toronto (Scarborough Town Centre)

  • Tyler

    Network: Rogers
    Location: Halifax, NS
    Download: 24.38 Mbps
    Upload: 11.05 Mbps

  • My best so far:

    33.94 Down
    12.68 Up

  • draz

    Try again! Go to Results tab in the app. Tap the test result. Tap the envelop near the top. Your e-mail will open, scroll down a bit and you will see a speedtest link ending with 123456.png copy that into your browser. Save the image and when you post a reply here click the picture frame right below the text on the left to upload!

  • Guest

    Best I got so far:

    Download: 61.75 Mbps
    Upload: 23.17 Mbps

    Rogers in North York

  • Greg

    Broadway and Granville. Vancouver, in an underground cafe

  • Greg

    Didn’t attach

  • draz

    Depends on congestion, more people means slower speeds. In my office I average those speeds, but at night when nobody is around then it up to 50+ (Toronto)

  • draz

    Paste the link the mods will approve 🙂

  • Drkpassengr

    Best I got so far:

    Download: 61.75 Mbps
    Upload: 23.17 Mbps

    Rogers in North York

  • Husein S.

    Mississauga, Ontario last night.

  • Husein S.

    Forgot to add that this is on Rogers

  • Yan

    Network: Rogers
    Location: Burnaby, BC
    Download: 58.64 Mbps
    Upload: 20.72 Mbps

  • Network: Fido
    Location: Downtown Toronto
    Download: 45.30
    Upload: 22.62

  • Just sucks I have a LTE phone an cant use it to its potential .

  • pure_4

    I haven’t seen anyone mention problems with their LTE
    service. I’m in Edmonton and about 95% of the time I get 3G even though
    I’m in the claimed coverage zone for LTE. The other 5% of the time I get
    LTE but have to be in a different are of town. I see speeds of 25 to 40
    Mbps and I’m with Virgin. This is so disappointing I feel like Bell
    (Hell) is at it again with their false and misleading advertising that no one
    is holding them accountable for… F$%*ING BASTARDS!

  • djepsilon

    Network: Rogers
    Location: Kensington, Calgary
    Download: 22.50 Mbps
    Upload: 21.95 Mbps


  • Telus
    Download: 19.21
    Upload: 21.34

    Wierd or no?

  • Keith Fernandes

    Network: Rogers
    Location: Mississauga
    Download: 63.98 Mbps
    Upload: 22.76 Mbps

  • jsnides

    Network: Rogers
    Location: Mississauga
    Download: 33.62
    Upload: 29.92

  • draz

    Rogers is the same. At home I get full 3G and 1 bar of LTE so my phone keeps changing networks and draining the battery. And this in Toronto where LTE is suppose to be everywhere!

  • Husein S.

    Weird – no picture!

    – Rogers in Mississauga, ON
    – 57.32 Down
    – 25.74 Up

  • Got a brief connection to Rogers LTE in Victoria today on my new iPad! Hope that means coming to Victoria any day now.

    Network: Rogers
    Location: Victoria
    Download: 45.46 Mbps
    Upload: 6.17 Mbps

  • tm

    Network: Fido
    Location: Victoria
    Download: 21.17 Mbps
    Upload: 18.91 Mbps

  • Network: Fido
    Location: Downtown Toronto
    Download: 50
    Upload: 25

  • Nice–whereabouts did you get the LTE connection?

  • Fastest speedtest result I’ve seen

  • Nice!

  • JW

    I’m with fido in downtown Vancouver. I never get more than 8.5 download on my unlocked iPhone 5…how are people here getting such fast speeds??

  • pure4

    What can i say we are at the mercy of the canadian telecom co’s who eliminated all competition and are now operating as a monopoly.. an oligopoly if you will

  • tm

    I got the LTE connection on iPhone 5 at Tim Hortons on Gorge road and it lasted almost to the causeway, where it switched in front of the Empress to 3G. Unfortunately I can only get 3G at home in James Bay, so hopefully they will extend it, since it’s not even officially out in Victoria.

  • bell has the worst coverage and speed, my iphone 5 keep bouncing to 3G network

  • thinkdontpray

    Oshawa, ON

  • Richmond, BC (Sexsmith and Bridgeport Rd)

  • John S.

    I made a mistake going with Telus…. I wish I chose Rogers instead

    Network: Telus
    Location: Wilfrid Laurier University, Waterloo, ON
    Best download: 14.22 Mbps
    Best upload: 9.58 Mbps

    Can people share more Telus results please? I mainly see Rogers in the list below.. thanks 🙂

  • Mirth

    Not sure why it says this is so far from me. It is one of the close severs. Oh well, here it is on fido in Richmond.

  • Koodo LTE in Calgary

  • Holly

    Network: Telus
    Location: Toronto
    Best download: 31.03 Mbps
    Best upload: 16.80 Mbps

  • J

    I was getting just under this on Rogers in Halifax, NS too. Although sometimes my upload is only hitting 3 Mbps. Why do you suppose Rogers seems to be slower in NS than ON?
    Network: Rogers
    Location: Halifax, NS
    Download: 17 Mbps
    Upload: 9 Mbps

  • Nah I thought it was gonna convert it into a link, as in my text editor it was blue text with an underline, but after posting it was only text. I quickly corrected myself 3 minutes later with Dropbox below.

  • draz

    Finally a decent speed result from Telus

  • Network: Telus
    Location: Montreal
    Download: 10mbs
    Upload: 8.03mbs

    Not so fast.

  • Randy Ritraj
  • Edmonton, AB
    on Virgin Mobile

  • Gordo

    Ottawa – Kanata
    DL – 19.36 Mbps
    UL – 20.48 Mpbs

  • My speed test at Kipling and lakeshore in Etobicoke

  • Dustin

    Rogers Toronto
    Down: 60.49
    Up: 28.91
    … I love LTE

  • : Telus – Downtown Calgary Download: 11.72 Mbps Upload: 10.98 Mbps I can’t get over how much faster most of the other results are!

  • shannb

    I rarely have full reception bars… Anyone else having this issue??

  • Same with my phone on Telus

  • Mike

    There’s a known issue on the Bell/Telus/Virgin network with the iPhone 5. Lots of reports of no LTE connectivity or sparodic connection. A master ticket has been opened but no ETA.

  • Yimmay

    1st is Rogers in the Beaches Toronto on a weekend. 2nd is Yonge and Bloor at 2PM on a weekday (lots of people out and about). Impressive.

  • bdox

    Network: Rogers
    Location: Downtown Toronto (indoor, 3rd floor)
    Download: 52.54
    Upload: 19.42

  • Shawn

    I would love to share, but LTE hasn’t hit Edmonton on Rogers yet, unfortunately… Supposed to be October 1st, but I guess we shall see!

  • Screename

    Should I switch to Rogers right now? Can anyone confirm that Rogers has better LTE than Bell/Telus in Toronto?

  • Frank

    When I’m on LTE I rarely get more than 2 bars on Rogers and yet the Download & Upload are in the D30 / U20 area? Very strange….

  • Screenname

    Can you let us know where we can find more info about this? Is it official somewhere?

  • Frank

    Wow lucky you! In my building we hardly get 3G, I’m normally on E (Edge) it’s brutal….

  • Simon

    Rogers in downtown TO

  • fab

    I just talk to the teck service at bell and he said that is a canada wide problem.The problem with the lte network regarding internet speed and antenas bars are not normal and they working to fix that in the next couple days.He said that the problem is beetween the new iphone 5 and the bell lte network.I hope it will be fix soon because its not what i expect with the lte !

  • Connection Type: Cellular
    Server: Burnaby, BC
    Download: 21.86 Mbps
    Upload: 19.87 Mbps
    Ping: 78 ms

    This was around Canada way & Wayburne

  • Colin

    Network: Rogers
    Location: Downtown Toronto
    Download: 27.09mbps
    Upload: 27.05mbps

  • David Luu

    That’s really low. are you sure that’s LTE speed?

  • anonymousguy

    48 down, 28 up with Fido near Royal York Subway station in Toronto.

    I find it hilarious (in a sad way) that our phones come with much faster upload speeds than our wired home connections now.

  • Gp92

    Beat the telus one!

  • Gp92

    I got 26 down

  • draz

    Yea it’s sad.. The fastest package from Rogers is only 10Mbps upload! Their most popular ones are 1Mbps or 512Kbps upload.

  • draz

    Cheater! You were right beside the tower weren’t you!

  • Guillaume

    Network: Bell
    Location: Montreal
    Download: 43.42 Mbps
    Upload: 22.70 Mbps

  • jpm79

    Network: Rogers
    Location: Mississauga
    Download: 61.57 Mbps
    Upload: 25.41

  • Jm79

    With Rogers in Mississauga

  • Gp92


  • Michael

    Network: Bell
    Location: Milton, ON
    Download: 30.28 Mbps
    Upload: 24.25 Mbps

  • John S.

    I’m crying with my Telus iPhone 5 speed…… 🙁

  • John S.

    which city?

  • John S.

    what’s the location?

  • Fab

    Where in Montreal ? I only get 15-20 mbps with bell in Montreal.

  • Gp92

    I hit
    Network: telus
    Location: on, Toronto
    Down: 31.24
    Upload: 12.16

  • Network: Rogers
    Location: Brampton
    Download: 63.71 Mbps
    Upload: 27.23 Mbps

  • anon

    Network: Fido
    Location: Toronto
    Download: 59.02 Mbps
    Upload: 22.40 Mbps

  • guest_ab_edm

    Downtown Edmonton
    D: 21Mbps
    U: 10Mbps

  • pItch

    Network: Rogers
    Location: Montreal
    Download: 14.42 Mbps
    Upload: 9.88 Mbps

  • Dave

    Network: Fido
    Location: Scarborough, ON.
    Download: 70.76 Mbps
    Upload: 50.58 Mbps

  • sam

    yeah where in montreal???? i am in downtown by the way!
    Network: bell
    Download :15mbs
    Upload: 21mbs

  • Andrew

    Telus 4G LTE Area in Ontario, Canada, but still only registering 3G. Guess there maps are wrong. WIsh I new that before i upgraded my phone! I can’t even get normal 4G service!

  • Thomas

    Rogers Brampton Ont

  • Carrier: Rogers
    Location: London, White Oaks area
    Up: 21.98
    Down: 13.70

  • Sylvain

    Oakville, LTE is not there everywhere. I have both iPhone 5 and New ipad and only get LTE In certain area but not in most places. Very disappointing. I will post my LTE times once I reach an area that actually works.

  • Kyle

    Network: Rogers
    Location: London (Downtown)DN: 21359 MbpsUP: 11934 Mbps

  • FragilityG4

    Take a look at the posted speeds … Looks like Rogers blows Bellus away …

  • Good for -109db

  • LTE is on Fido here in Victoria this morning
    Download 18.43
    Upload 7.89

  • Must have been a practice run as we are now back to 3g

  • Blair

    London ont

  • rlittle

    Victoria BC
    down: 45.63
    up: 25.31

  • sjfbarnett

    Fido, Toronto:

    Ping: 25 ms
    Download: 14.51
    Upload: 7.53


  • Rogers
    Downtown Montreal

    Best results
    Download: 15.54 Mbps
    Upload: 11.44 Mbps

    Download: 12-13 Mbps
    Upload: 8-9 Mbps

  • sharx88

    Network: Virgin
    Location: Montreal
    Download: 45.47
    Upload: 22.70

  • bradg17

    To tell you the truth I’ve been lookin into the same thing and either bell/telus’ network is screwed or it just shows 3G in the 4g phones because the phones are configured to do that. With hspa+ on the old iPhones, it would say 3G, maybe it’s just labelled the same way even when you’re on DC-HSDPA or whatever the hell it’s calle lol 😛

  • Telus
    Mississauga, ON
    53.35 Download
    17.53 Upload

  • Schnibs

    Pretty good with tells. Was able to get to 42mbps but didn’t take a pic. Near mont royal in Montreal

  • topsophans

    Montreal, QC

  • Zack


  • flynnsarcade

    Network: Telus
    Location:Ottawa, ON – Dow’s Lake
    Download: 36.7
    Upload: 13.5

  • Thomas

    Rogers Network in Brampton Ontario

  • victorellas

    Telus LTE Montreal

  • George

    BELL LTE is nonexistent anywhere in Edmonton or Calgary with an iPhone 5
    They need to cease advertising LTE capabilities.

  • dee

    Fido LTE Hamilton: Down: 11.8Mbps Up: 25.80 Mbps

  • LTElack

    I’m currently with Rogers right now LTE exists only 10% of the time I’m thinking about switching to Telus but reading this seems like it’s the same for everyone. Does Telus have more towers then Rogers?

  • Matt

    Network: RogersDownload:19.9 MbpsUpload: 9.62MpbsDowntown Montreal

  • Network: Telus
    Location: NE Calgary
    Download: 34.12
    Upload: 12.45

  • squidler80


    Down 41.19

    Up 17.24

    Kanata , On

  • Stud

    Brampton, Mississauga, etc are technically Toronto so wouldn’t count. As it stands, Hamilton is 3rd largest popultation in Ontario.

  • First test on LTE with my just received iPhone 5.

    Network: Telus (Scarborough, ON)
    Down: 46.85
    Up: 15.79

  • fag

    that’s why you go to school.

  • scross86

    North end of Barrie Ontario with Rogers LTE was;
    118ms ping,
    41.16Mbps download, and
    26.84Mbps upload

  • Eve

    Telus -Edmonton; Central
    18.82 down
    20.40 up
    On 3-4 bars LTE

  • Eve

    Edmonton Whyte Ave area
    47.42 down
    16.19 up

  • marorun1982

    I am with Telus on an Optimus G.
    Down i got 69.31 mb down and 47.83 mb up.
    But its all dépend on where you are.
    Sometime my friend on rogers got faster than me and other time its me thats is faster.
    But my average speed is usualy higher than him and i get better reception too.

  • Oli

    Horrible Rogers LTE in Downtown Montreal (4 bars!)!
    Download: 11.79
    Upload: 8.57

  • Holly

    Telus in burnaby, bc. No LTE coverage here, so 3G.


    And I’m not surprised. Telus is complete garbage and an expensive wind mobile. But I keep re-signing with them because my plan is pretty good…

  • Alok

    London, ON

  • Joe Buckle


    DAMLOAD: 137.4mbps
    UPLOAD: 112.2mbps
    PING: 157

  • Joe Buckle

    I am the same person i am with the iPhone 5 64gb white with ROGERS!

  • Matthew

    Here is my speedtest results on the rogers LTE network in edmonton!

  • JohnG

    Toronto (near Scarborough Town Centre), iPhone 5 Telus [2/5 bars LTE connection]
    Down: 14.68 Mbps
    Up: 12.26 Mbps

    Took the highest from 4 attempts over 3 days. This is awful compared to the other responses here and it’s 2014! I believed that LTE would only improve with time. I’m thinking of moving to Rogers now as this is something I appreciate especially when using my phone as a hotspot.

  • gg

    Network: FIDO
    Location: Montreal
    Download: 3 Mbps
    Upload: 0.08 Mbps

    My stats would look way better in Kbps, using bigger numbers…lol
    Thanks Fido for stealing my money 🙂

  • d4v3

    Well, it’s 2 years later, and mine is:

    Network: (Fido Rogers)
    Location: North Burnaby
    Download: 104.30 Mbps
    Upload: 28.14 Mbps

    on a OnePlus One.

    Looks like speeds have improved over the past 2 years.

  • Okay those are crazy download speeds. Were you able to get them consistently over 100Mbps?

  • Mike Maloney

    LTE on the left, 3G on the right. Rogers wireless, iPhone 5s, July 26, 2014
    13.8 LTE Speed
    12.99 3G
    Disappointing results.
    My photo wouldn’t attach or upload. I tried.
    London, Ontario

  • Bob Ranch

    Portage & Main!
    29.2 Mbps down
    8.4 Mbps up
    62 ping