Shaw Explains Why Price Hikes Coming for TV, Internet, Phone on Aug. 1


If you’re a Shaw customer, price increases are coming on August 1, 2016, across the board for TV, Internet and phone.

The company explains they started informing customers of the impending price increases at the beginning of June, but have not detailed the amounts of increases. In a FAQ document, Shaw explains why they are increasing prices.

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As for why they are increasing prices, Shaw said it’s “so that we can continue to provide our customers with access to the quality products and services they value most while introducing new experiences and technology that will address their current and future connectivity and content needs.”

Shaw also notes “The CRTC is not involved in the setting of Shaw rates. Shaw is solely accountable for any and all changes made to our pricing.”

As to how Shaw will use these extra “funds” from customers, they explain “we plan to invest in the development of exciting new technology, including industry-leading next-generation video services and plans that provide higher Internet speeds at affordable prices.”

How can Shaw justify raising prices during these economic times? The company clarifies it is “due to both rising operational costs and investing in our network and technology advancements to ensure that we continue to meet the growing needs and expectations of our customers.”

Shaw repeats they are committed to working with their customers on a one-on-one basis, based on “their own unique needs.” So does this mean you can call in an negotiate a better plan?

The company did note they are postponing rate increases for Fort McMurray region customers, “until at least the fall.” The company has been providing one month credits to those affected by forest fires.

A lot of you are probably thinking these rate hikes are going to help fund Shaw’s acquisition of WIND Mobile last year, a $1.6 billion deal, which will help the company jump into the wireless market, finally.

What do you think about Shaw’s plan to increase prices across the board?


  • tomm

    We should start looking for cable internet alternatives. Is $73/month for 30 mb download not enough for them? Do they need $730/month? I wonder who offers better rates for cable internet or even DSL here in Victoria? Gary, I am sure that an article on ISP providers on the island would be highly appreciated. thanks

  • Hi Tomm, good question about DSL options here in Victoria. Last year we switched to Telus from Shaw. Speeds went down a bit despite being on 50Mbps plan, and overages are charged by Telus, whereas Shaw is much more lenient. At the end of the day we are very limited with our Internet options, sadly.

  • Babbitt

    I’ve been using TekSavvy for years now and couldn’t be happier. Way cheaper than anything I’ve seen elsewhere for internet.

  • Jay

    All providers every year do rate increases. Telus, Rogers, Bell do theirs in the Spring, Shaw does theirs in the summer. No matter which company you run to you cannot avoid rate increases.

    For Shaw I do appreciate since last Aug 1 they have not done a rate increase. Launched the new TV everywhere, launched a new PVR, launched more Go Wifi locations, new TV plans, great internet speeds, and no penalty charges for data.

    If $3 to $7 a month more breaks your bank then adjust your plan and avoid the rate increase. Or pay the few $ more a month and move on until next Aug when the next rate increase comes……

  • Shaun Middleton

    I use Novus. Best internet hands down. I pay $100 a month and get 300mbps down and 1000 gb’s a month. Downside, it’s only available in condos

  • tomm

    they don’t have cable service in my area, only DSL, I’d have to buy or rent their modem, they have dry loop monthly charges and activation fee and dry look activation fee. I don’t see it being cheaper with all these extras.

  • tomm

    This place has cable service, but their prices are not much cheaper than Shaw’s, perhaps they won’t have the price increase.

  • djepsilon

    Shaw has been increasing their fees on an annual basis for the last several years. It is REALLY starting to get on my nerves! The crappiest part is that there just isn’t a good alternative at this point, so I may have to continue taking it up the butt from Shaw.

  • Jason

    Im moving to teksavvy sometime in July, Ive had enough of over paying for internet and hearing BS excuses on why rates are going up. I remember back before internet was a huge thing, Shaw would charge a decent amount but also provide good discounts, Now discounts are hard to come by and rates are increasing faster then ever.

  • 1His_Nibs1

    Guess they gotta pay for their WIND acquisition some how.

  • BigCat

    I do understand your main point where if you are unhappy with the rate increase then you are free to change how you spent your money.

    The problem is living in Canada where we still have Canadian protectionism of our markets. More times than not you are left with the choice to either pay or go without. I believe that companies like Shaw, Rogers, and Bell no longer need to be protected. But these companies invest greatly in their lobbying efforts in Ottawa and as a result profit greatly.

    For the last 2 years my Shaw bill has increased 8-12% annually. I called to complain asking not only why, but what else in life increases at this rate? Shaw told me I was incorrect and that their rates were not increasing this fast. Long story short, after a review Shaw found that I was correct and as a result gave me a monthly credit for the next two years to help counter the increases. Too bad for those that do not call-in to fight it out.

    As for those new features (Go WiFi, Free Range…) they are great. However, I have no interest in paying more per month, so that these features are available for other. Users pay, nonusers do not, works for me. The new Gateway PVR system is also great, but cost me it also cost me $600.

  • ipostic

    On my $94 Internet 60 invoice this month I see a note about my bill going up $2 starting August 1. $2 doesn’t break a bank by any means just feels shitty that they don’t work like cell phone plans where it’s grandfathered unless you change something.

  • Anon

    What city do you live in, and what Internet/TV/Plan are you on? How much total monthly do you pay? I would like to call in and also claim this discount.

  • BigCat

    My city is Vancouver and my plan details are:

    – Basic cable with HD Plus.
    – Broadband 100.
    – Shaw Phone (Basic)
    – Three Specialty Channels

    I am not sure if my plan actually has a name or not. Some of my items are now considered legacy. The plan details and my location really did not make any difference in my case

    My basic argument to Shaw was that a year after putting out cash to purchase all new Gateway gear they started jacking up my bill. After two years of big increases I decide it was time to have talk. I asked them to justify these large increases after I had made an investment in their services. After Shaw reviewed my price increases they agreed to a $25 monthly credit for two years plus I received $150 hardware credit/refund.

    In order to get meaningful results you will need to get past the main Customer Service call centre so that you can speak to people that are tasked with retaining accounts. There are only two ways I know of to do this. A) Be creative or B) Be prepared to cancel your account.

    Hope that helps

    One last thing. Don’t be surprised if the process requires you to take a couple of runs at them.