Tbooth Wireless Taking Unofficial ‘Call Back’ List for iPhone 5s Launch


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Apple has not offered pre-orders for the iPhone 5s, which is set to launch this Friday at 8AM local time. Despite Apple and local carriers such as TELUS and Rogers (and dealer stores) taking iPhone 5c pre-orders, the iPhone 5s is only going to be first come first serve on September 20.

That is unless you are able to get on the “call back” list at Tbooth Wireless. According to some iPhoneinCanada readers, some locations are taking names for the iPhone 5s launch, giving them access to stores at 8AM instead of the usual 9AM opening time. This is not an iPhone 5s pre-orders list–no deposits are being taken–but rather just a call back list. We confirmed this is indeed true as we called local stores in our area and they did say an unofficial “call back” list was being taken.

So if you have a Tbooth Wireless in your area, give them a call or visit in person to get your name down for an iPhone 5s “call back” this Friday (the RedFlagDeals slang YMMV applies). It might save you some time waiting in line. Let us know if you’re successful in the comments.

Thanks Varman!


  • iphonelover

    I work until noon and can’t get to a store before then… :/ My local Future Shop told me to call before I leave work and they’ll put one aside for me them so I don’t go down there for nothing… I know the Bell Store and the Rogers store both have signs advertising an 8:00am opening time on the 20th…

  • Try calling Tbooth Wireless

  • Nafizur

    it’s true, i guess. I just called and they took my info n said will call back in the evening to confirm. I did another location 15 min away and they are not taking any call back list. I guess it varies store to store

  • Thanks for sharing. Yep, YMMV as stated.

  • Daniel

    Got my name in to 3 different locations . Thanks for the tip .

  • macmurray

    Ha! 2 for me!

  • macmurray

    Good thing I got on the list before the news got out! I’m first on the list for my preferred model (32GB, Space Grey, Rogers), and about 3rd or something at another TBooth. If I get a call great, if not I’m going to be lining up at Rogers in hopes that I’ll have a better shot at a carrier than an authorized retailer (Best Buy, etc.). One of our malls here in Red Deer has 4 stores opening early (8AM), Rogers, Best Buy Mobile, TBooth and Wireless Wave. I find the 3rd party stores, may not so much Best Buy, are more forthcoming with information. Best Buy, Future Shop and the carriers treat iPhone launches like top secret, classified black-ops or something. It’s just a phone guys! So scared of “the wrath of Apple”.

  • iphonelimbo

    I was at Tbooth wireless this morning just after 7AM. I was the only person. At 7:50AM the gentleman seemed to be finished his opening routine. I asked the time and we started discussing the iphone 5s. He didn’t have any and said he didn’t expect any, that Apple shipped them all to China.

    I bought the iphone 5 less than 2 weeks ago out of necessity. My old phone finally bit the dust and I needed a phone for work. Their buyer remorse policy says that if my usage is under 30 minutes and within 2 weeks I can exchange my phone. I put the iphone 5 back in the box at 11 minutes of usage, paused my phone plan and showed up early today to be turned away. Awesome, Apple and tbooth, thanks.

  • Damn that’s disappointing. Try Future Shop or Best Buy for a reservation.